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Originally Posted by BesfortShalaTec View Post
hi , over 600 gb i think its not a problem,
we have a lot a members here were actually will donate if they want so that
we can bulid our private server,one of the members here will bulid a pc with 1tb Hdd
and host it to his house with his fast network speed we can custimize ftp upload etc
i think it need time but it worth


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Hi Bro,
Belive me: don't put any hope on the donations.
I even removed the paypal address where doing them as in one year I got only 3 donations for a total amount of 30$ neither enaugh to pay one of the hosting services we been using.
I'm not missing here the hardware to build a dedicated hosting server (Have a couple of nice beasts just getting dust) but I well know there is no way I could ever get enaugh from the donations to pay the 130 pounds per month needed for a line with the needed bandwidth to support the 1000+ download that are going on contnuosly from the website.
The only help we get in the expenses comes from the advertising but even there, whatever every day over 6k people use the website, we don't get more then 120-130 click on the banners and considering 92% of the users are from India, they are paid not more then 5 cents each.
Just to have a laugh I get more support from French users cos of Viko and acer (2 brands) then from India with over 30 brands fully supported.
Anyway, considering how the users are moving (Just taking without giving any support like opening a banner) we reserve the right to put the website time to time in maintenance so, at least, the users who really support us can use the resource without being forced to wait for the file cos 100 people per minute doing absolutely no effort overload it.
Just to understand how it works:

The page views in India (the country which uses for the most this website) been 15.185 today but only 60 clicks been done on the banners so the country which benefit for the most from the support area doesn't get bothered to support it at all.
Better result do other country, whatever using the website lot less then India Like Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and even Kenya!!!
As someone once said: "If you don't give water to the tree soon or later it will stop giving you fruits"



Note : Opening a banner costs the users nothing but help us to stay on line

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