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World Ist Invild Imei & Basband Unkown Solved With Merapi Tool Other All Again Faild.

phone come in invild imei and basband unkown.
i try with abc tool but not done and end i try with merapi tool and reall again merapi tool again world ist tool solved my problem.

Now I Also Try With Miracle Box

Now in the end i try with merapi tool.
ist write firmware with merapi tool

Phone must be off with battery inside. 
 Please insert USB cable now...
 Detected : PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM5)
 Phone detected...Please wait
 Sending DA agent, please wait...
 BBCHIP MT6582_S00
 EMMC: (28Gb+8192Mb) HYNIX 0x483447316404 
 EMMC FW VERSION: 86:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
 Detecting high speed port, wait......
 If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
 Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port (COM9)
 Starting flash.
 Detected partitions count: 19
 FORMAT EMMC FLASH :  BEGIN:0x1500000        - LEN:0x300000        
 FORMAT EMMC FLASH :  BEGIN:0x1d00000        - LEN:0xa00000        
 FORMAT EMMC FLASH :  BEGIN:0x2700000        - LEN:0xa00000        
 FORMAT EMMC FLASH :  BEGIN:0x55180000       - LEN:0x7e00000       
 Error FlashTool: Invalid begging and end addresses are given for read operation on Flash. Please check your start address and length again.
 Format adress not detected, aborting!
 Send preloader...
 Download firmware to flash now...
 MBR checksum is executing ...
 EBR1 checksum is executing ...
 UBOOT checksum is executing ...
 BOOTIMG checksum is executing ...
 RECOVERY checksum is executing ...
 SEC_RO checksum is executing ...
 LOGO checksum is executing ...
 EBR2 checksum is executing ...
 ANDROID checksum is executing ...
 CACHE checksum is executing ...
 FAT checksum is executing ...
 Wait untill phone will start charging.
 All done.

now final result

merapi tool reall magic tool.

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