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Originally Posted by arsh0r
thanks guys! "&& *(unsigned short*)cFileOutput != 0xFFFE" works, but i can't increment the cFileOutput pointer, f.ex. "cFileOutput += 2;" or "cFileOutput[2]". should i use a const char* instead? i need to access the data that are copied to ram. compiles correctly, but phone crashes with Data_abort. maybe the compiler messes something up...
You can read it into stack if It is a small file.
char buf[1024];
fread(iFileHandler, buf, iFileSize, &iError);
because i don't known something about X65 memory map, like some can access at 1-byte allign, another must be at 2-byte or 4-byte allign.

Originally Posted by arsh0r
another way: does any of these functions return a pointer to the beginning of the file in FFS? single said it won't be fragmented for small files. then i won't have to copy it into ram...
you should not access file skip system file process!
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