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Originally Posted by fedjak
First: Your solution did not help. And the phone was not damaged by me, but by another dude that used freia_ufs to kill it.
Second. MY SILLINESS? Maybe you should read the posts. Then you will se it is not my fault that the phone was dead. As for it NOT being a SST support section. My bad sorry
Third: Did not insult you. Just sayd my opinion. If you were insulted then its your problem. The fact is that your tool didnt fix the phone and didnt even wanted to boot it. I know how to respect ppl who I wish to respect. Unfortunotly for you, you are not one off them. Dont really think that you care, but then again. Its just my opinion.
4th: Is you may have noticed, I wrote that I am no fan off cracked sw. So I didnt want to use it. The SST copy I used was valid. I only borowed it from a friend who purchased it. I didnt CRY for support. I asked and was hoping you would help. Yes, my bad. Asked in the wrong section. But then again. I also wrote that I usually dont handle Siemens and was not well known with the products and sections and all that regardings siemens phones.

And as promised. I purchased the tool that fixed the phone. If it nags on your nerws that your tool didnt, again, YOUR PROBLEM!

Br fedjak
Dear friend,
I do not want to argue with you!
This post was just to inform you and people that have the same behaviour like yours that it is not the way.
Our customers have our support area at and also can use our support forum at and also our support e-mail if they have any problem .
We cannot read all the threads of this forum and we do not have product support section on this forum so why did you expected any answer from us?
Also to inform once again the users of the "cracked version of SST"
Please do not send us e-mails asking how to revive dead phones killed by you !
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