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Originally Posted by orx View Post
yes if we have to weigh on the scale the various implementations of the two tools I can say that easyjtag plus has interesting functions that as you say are user friendly as, version EMMC Tool suite has Explorer to analyze and recover the partitions without external tools and above all the support for download for flash files, repair data etc with easy access.
Same file explorer is available in UFI as well. I think it was implemented there even before easy-jtag. I still prefer dumping whole userdata partition or even whole eMMC an scan it with 3-rd party tools as this sometimes allows to also recover deleted data.
If comes to “more user-friendly” i meant that it's logs are easier to process for me. In easy-jtag i saw current voltage when connecting to eMMC via ISP and based on that i could find out if i soldered the wires wrong or if it's a short on the mainboard. UFI just returns CMD error + some number which and i can't find any information on what each number means. I've no idea if this a problem with my soldering, with wrong voltages picked up, with CMD not soldered properly etc. Maybe it's just my bad experience with ISP connection and UFI but there are other users posts on UFI forums with same issue as well. I had some initial issues with easy-jtag and ISP connections as well, but in the end solved them by changing type of wire i used for soldering to the board, yet i can't seem to get it working with UFI. chip-off and adapters works great tho ;-)

for UFS data encrypted :
S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 are not encrypted by default but others like g930 / g935 , g950 etc yes , you have right this is a important thing.
That's correct and in case of data recovery, most of the time i get them with damaged screen. For S6 and S6 Edge i can just flash custom recovery and dump data without any other tools (no FRP on those devices). UFS support would help in case of damaged device but then it's limited only handful of devices due to encryption. I would like to have UFS supported and not invest into readers like nuprog as there's massing price difference but it'll have limited use compared to eMMC support. It could be usefull for FRP removal on some stubborn devices.
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