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How to repair dead C65!

-Make a SW-update.

-Write x65 full-EEprom with EPROM Tool(3.15) and click on "ignore" when this error message appears:

""Error ?15(WBlockInfoQuery) while writing block? 5008...5009...5077"", till Program finish writing.

1-Run EEPROM Tool.
2-Load full EEprom of x65(file extension *.eep).
3-Click on "Select all" (left).
4-Move selcted to Phone area(left to right arrow).
5-Click on "Select all" (right).
6-Click on "save Selected" (left) and ignore all errors.

-Run Papua Utiliy

1-Choose "Replace 76,5008,..." on "FLASH"-Bar and click "DO JOB" and wait till program finishes.
2-Power on, phone should now be working,....

thanks to Skylord, Angele & Zycho and all who supports.

*-phone turned off when connect TP due to incorrect Battery voltage(>3,5Volts)!
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