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iPhone Repair Case Analysis Chapter 2

iPhone Repair Case Analysis

Q: After the screen is broken, I changed the new screen. Everything is normal. Only the front and rear cameras can't. Open the black screen, the flash is not bright, and the flashlight can't be used. What happened?

A: It can't be used at the same time. It is the problem on the motherboard. I suggest you go to the professional repair shop for maintenance.

Q: I can't boot after the iPhone 5 replaces the rear case and the boot cable. What should I do?

A: The current English is caused by the motherboard problem. Are you wrong with the screw? You loosen the fixing screws of the motherboard cable holder or directly remove it, and then try to see if the machine is not normal. If it is normal, then the screw should not be tightened.

A: Does the phone have no response after plugging in the charging cable? You are confirming that the battery is not powered, but it can be charged, or the phone does not respond after plugging in the data cable.

Q: There is no sound in the headset, and the other party can't hear me. Can this replacement plug be solved?

A: Only when you plug in the headset, the other party can't hear you. Did you try to change the headset first? Second, if you do not plug in the headset to call normal, then it may be a problem with the tail plug, you can replace a tail plug cable test machine, the third if you change the tail plug is not enough then consider the motherboard problem.

Q: The car is burnt, and then only one side of the phone can be charged, and the tail plug is also replaced. One side can be charged, and the line and the charger head are replaced by n.

A: In theory, the front and back of the charging line are the same. Your situation is quite special. If you want to repair it, go to a professional repair shop for actual testing.*

iPhone 6 Plus does not display no backlight failure repair

Symptom: Change the black touch, causing no display, no backlight.

Remove the black touch, the black touch resistance is normal, the power supply found that +5.7V is only 1.3V, and -5.7 does not. These two voltages are displayed by the tube, and no or no abnormality is definitely not displayed.

These two power supplies are displayed by the IC. The display IC is directly removed, and the foot is measured. It is found that the B2 pin has no resistance value and the inductance L1519. Removed L1519 and found that both ends have resistance values, indicating that the L1519 to B2 feet are broken. Squeeze the L1519 foot directly and the resistance value will come out.

Installed L1519 and display IC, the LOGO appears when booting.

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