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frp_usf s7 g930f

Using Version...
Selected Port USB Serial Port COM7
Selected Model SM-G930F

Searching phone...
Device Found..
               ■          ■ ■     Verify_Binary_Si gnature 0x90c20120 3838S’└Ş‚‚š800( 2–┴x90c20020

Kernel Image
Device not found..0000

Originally Posted by Faisal_Computer View Post
GcPro Total update count 69 release date 08-01-2018

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0061 released.

  • Added Sprint S9(G960U),S9+(G965U) Rev 1,Rev 2,Rev 3(via combination modem) sprint direct unlock.(use sprint unlock)* beta
    Note:You must enable diag for such phone via ##3424#.

  • Added G892U,S8(G950U),S8+(G955U),S9(G960U),S9+(G965U) Rev 1,Rev 2,Rev 3(via combination modem) application locked direct unlock.
    Note:You must enable diag for such phone via *#0808#.

  • Added MSL ID,IMEICERT check,IMEI CERT CPID Read over adb.
  • Added MSLCERT base device over uart You must have valid MSLCERT in cert file. * beta

  • Improved qcom code reader.
  • Improved samsung frp_ufs.
  • Improved comport faster then before.
  • Improved applocked unlocking.
  • Improved J327P U3 temp unlock.
  • Improved smartcard manager.

PS. you will be charged 4 credit each time you use even same phone.

Strongly recommend to use latest version. all old version will stop working soon.

Big thanks to all bug hunters who helped to improve GCPro software.

GCPro Credits Resellers visit

GCPro Credits Consumption visit

Download Links...!1pxHgTBA!P7owR-MlJxD-r0_N6o0xWQ
frp_usf ....G930FXXU3ERIC_UWT3ERJ1 no work
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