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Originally Posted by lugnut2099 View Post
For some reason, this doesn't work for me, but my situation is weird in general. I've basically given up on this phone long ago, but I decided to mess with it one last time. If anyone has any ideas that'd be most appreciated.

So I have "radio off"/no service. I also can't enable NFC, which may or may not be related. And to add to the fun, my MEID displays as 0000000000001, which is probably where my problem lies. It has no trouble reading SIM cards from all carriers, however, and even displays the correct carrier name as though it was connecting to the network.

So this is the info that displays in fastboot:

On the barcode screen, I have:

And after booting up and going to Settings, I have these key entries:

So I know much of that is redundant or useless, but you notice the discrepancies? Why does the bootloader/fastboot detect the "R" change caused by changing the permissions, but I still get the "U" once booted? And perhaps more importantly, why is the IMEI still present on the barcode screen, but not when booted up? If memory serves, I had once wiped out the IMEI altogether while messing with it months ago and found it missing from the barcode screen as well, so I don't think it's just a static image that would show the original IMEI no matter what or anything...

So yeah, I'm stumped. It's almost like changing the permission did work as far as the bootloader is concerned, but for some reason the system when booted isn't reflecting it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
were you maybe trying the method where you flash some .bat files to unlock the phone? before you erased the IMEI
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