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New Nokia Software!!!!!!!


New Service SW version 2.41 has been released for NSE-1/3, NSK-1/3, NSB-1/3, NSM-1, NSE-6 products.

Note 1: You cannot use DLL version 2.41 before WT version 6.03 or later is installed.

This release of the WinTesla DLL is Y2K compliant

Changes made from version 2.05 to version 2.41:

- NT flashing support added.
- LCD contrast tuning support added for Philips LCD.
- Latest driver versions included.
- Help updated.
- Power level check in TX Power level tuning dialog fixed.
- POS Flash support with FLS-1 dongle.
- Flash menu item moved to Dealer menu.
- Added MCU SW version information into sefl-test dialog.
- Added Self-test check after flashing. Following tests are checked;
MCU ROM Checksum, PPM Checksum, PPM Validity and MCU SW Version.
- When flashing dialogs are closed phone is scanned for possible menu change.
- Warranty Date can be also changed with PKD-1 dongle.
- Product codes are updated in TESLA.INI.
- Band change problem is fixed.
- RF Information dialog shows now frequency of the band.
- Tuning problems fixed when it is started from normal mode.
- If TX Power tuning fails to start with EEPROM values, user may continue with factory values.
- Dealer dongle (PKD-1D) specific menu added.
- Call simulation improved.
- Self test result reading improved.
- Installing software improved.
- IWR Swap menu item added to Dealer menu.
- Added Check button to Flash dialog. Used when several phones are flashed without closing dialog.
- Fixed shortcut in Production Data edit.
- Phone Identity Information dialog (if open) is now updated also in Production Data Edit, Phone Identity and dialogs.
- WT Informs user now betters, if (s)he has changed phone without rescan (when change is not allowed).
- Support for saving/loading more VAS settings
- NSE-6 label printing corrected.
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