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ok, thanks for guide but....;

Version 9.63 ready!

attaching Phone:

Sending applet...
RSA protection state cannot be determined for this CID.
Phone hardware initialized OK

attaching ok!!!

Programming flash...
Time: 00:00:01
Flash process done.
Phone automatically detached.

Please remove battery from the phone...
Remember to restore the main firmware in the end.
Unlocking RSA damages first 128/256KB of main FW in red CID49 phones.

Unlocking Rsa Ok!!!

re-attaching (removing battery.....) Ok!!!

Security RSA Tab-->Restore Firmware

Baudrate = 460800Bd
Sending applet prologue...
Sending applet body...
Waiting for acknowledge...
!! It hangs there and;
Invalid response
Please turn the phone off and then unlock RSA!
You have to reflash main FW.

i tryed to flash main fw but same it hangs on Waiting acknowledge...
So i try to change phone color to brown --> cruiser says changed but when i re attach i can see its red
so i tryed to change phone color with tp... but when i changed the phone color i cant flash main fw or raw fs cause cruiser says repair erom but repairing erom impossible .. am i right?

i try all combinations but i cant get the phone alive...
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