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i've just found emea version...

changelog 4 u!!

Changes/improvements made MCU SW v 4.0623.0.41 to v 4.0632.0.38:
- Additional applications (market dependent)
- Adobe PDF reader (Already in N80 standard)
- QuickOffice (Already in N80 standard)
- Lifeblog (Already in N80 standard)
- Kodak (Already in N80 standard)
- Search (Already in N80 standard)
- Catalogs (Replaced with Download!)
- Anti-Virus (Already in N80 standard but moved to Download! server)
- Download! (New for Internet Edition)
- Internet Telephone (New for Internet Edition)
- Yahoo GO! (New for Internet Edition)
- Additional Services
- Online Album (market dependent)
- Menu structure
- New "internet" folder created and the following applications are
moved/added to "Internet" folder.
- Internet Telephone
- Download!

- Search
- New Support
- HS-69 enhancement is now supported
- Important changes in Video Sharing
- The addition of SIP VoIP means some changes in the SIP
provisioning. The following provisioning information is needed in the
OTA message otherwise Video Sharing will not work:

- Important information when using Backup and restore when moving to the
new Software.
- When restoring a backup image from a previous release of software
the 'Internet' Folder is lost and the applications are moved to the 'My
Own' folder.
- (Pull) is now enabled in most variants
- Audio
- Music Player fails to play .M4A HE-AAC file
- bass boost in equaliser
- Bluetooth
- Improved sniff mode
- fixes audio problems with BT headsets and carkits
- Browser
- Update UA Header for PR2.1
- Browser rendering and wrapping correction for Chinese characters
- Calendar
- Symbian Calendar Interim API does not accept Microsoft's
Recurrence IDs
- Camera
- Improvements in mains frequency compensation in video mode
- Burst mode can take different jpeg quality
- Audio/video missync in recorded video
- Update Noise filter to improve low light handling in still images
- Contacts
- Voice tag issue with phonebook when adding new contacts
- Data
- Phone cannot find other network if you have actived PDP context
- Display
- Correction for miss-read of ASIC version causing pink display
- Camera forward compatibility fix for FOTA update
- Sync agent forward compatibility fix for FOTA update
- UI notifications updated for APAC region
- Gallery
- Change low disk warning to 2.6mb and critical threshold to 600k.
- Gallery crash with slide show and invalid objects
- Icons
- Add new Internet folder icons
- Localisation
- Character conversion methods work incorrectly with some Chinese
- Memory card
- Error when encountering an unknown media with a password
- Cannot boot up with 2GB miniSD which formatted FAT 16 by PC
- Messaging
- Potential crash when re-connecting to POP3 mailbox
- SMS sending delay
- Potential crash when using always online with IMAP mailbox
- Operator
- Indication of the length of the MNC on a SIM - Requirement based on
EarlyIMS with a SIM reads IMSI from SIM but builds the private identity
with wrong domain
- Refresh notification is not received when EF-subscribed-LAC/CI is
updated on the SIM
- Homezone indication must not be shown during 3G PS
connection/download is active
- Operator naming list updated to version 89
- Call diverts not correctly shown for line1 line2 subscription
- RealPlayer
- Audio Streaming problem in UAE
- The SIM Server's fetch control is reset when a refresh is executed
- Startup
- Change default date to 1st Sept 06
- Video Sharing
- Change Video Sharing SIP profile default setting. (See important
notes on Video Sharing at the start of this document)
- UPnP
- Fixes Turning Home network content sharing off forces WLAN
- Fix for UPnP localisation missing strings
- Offline WLAN notification fix
- Registration attempt in weak WLAN fails but WLAN stays up
Needed equipment for software update:
- Phoenix Service Software version 2006.34.2.156 or later
- Product Data Package v15.0
- PKD-1 Dongle & Flash Prommer FPS-10 or
DKU-2 USB Cable
- Product specific service devices
EMEA 15.00 Package:

EMEA 15.01 Update:
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