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K750i CID 52 Target CPU mismatch

System diagnostics passed.
Version 12.02 ready!

[ --- Attach to Phone --- ]
Connecting via Fighter USB Cable...
Powering on the phone...
Baseband chip ID: 0x8040
Protocol version: 3.1
Baudrate = 460800Bd
Booting via ROM...
Sony Ericsson phone detected.
Phone CID: 52
Phone color: Red
Flash certificate: A1_DB2010_52_RED
Trying Red CID52 flash applet...
Sending applet prologue...
Sending applet body...
Time spent entering bootstrap: 1s
Initializing phone hardware...
Applet ID: 070129 1112 NGUCXC125872_DB2010_PRO...
Flash manufacturer: Intel
Flash ID: 0x890D
OTP Security Level: 1 (Retail)

Phone type (from GDFS): K750i
CXC article: R1CA021 prgCXC125952_EU_1_CL
CXC version: R1CA021
Language package: EUROPE_2
Operator: Generic
CDA article: CDA102337/10
CDA version: R5A
Default article: cxc125953
Default version: R1CA021

Phonecode: 0000

Sending applet...
Applet ID: 061205 1354 HAN_DB2012_FLASHLOADER_...
RSA protection state cannot be determined for this CID.
Phone hardware initialized OK

[ --- Flash Main Firmware --- ]
Flash file: "K750i_CXC125952_EU1_R1CA021_Red49.ck75sw"
Waiting for flash file to load...

Somebody please Help

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