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SLIKv56: Flash patches

I thought it would be great to list all the flash patches discussed in this forum. Some people have been doing some excellent work and it would be a shame to see it forgotten in a few weeks time.

We could keep the first post as a table of content, and each further post as an individual patch. Here are the first patches:

[list=1][*]Create new shortcut for Inbox SMS (located on the SIM card)[*]Create new shortcut for Outbox SMS (located on the SIM card)[*]Eliminate the additional "_nnn_nnn" string when moving SMS to the archive folder[*]Get access to "SIM Location" directly using front UP Arrow key[*]Add "Send via IrDA ..." options in CardExplorer[*]Overwrite "VoiceDialling" shortcut with "Display" shortcut[*]Overwrite "VoiceDialling" shortcut with "Illumination Toggle"[*]Use # short button to release the key-lock[*]Use * [GREEN] as an Illumination Toggle shortcut[*]Disable "Do you want to copy all SIM Card content to the phonebook" message when change SIM Card[*]Use * 0 and # followed by [GREEN] button as shortcuts[*]Use LEFT Arrow key as a "SIM-Location" shortcut[*]*NEW* Long press of left side [+] button for "Illumination Toggle" and its short press for IrDA[*]*NEW* Overwrite selectable "User Group" shortcut/hotkey with "Archive"[/list=1]

Instructions for fast modification without full-flash:[list=1][*]The patch shows at which address the bytes need to be changed. Each address is in the form: 0xYYZZZZ[*]Download the flash from address 0xYY0000 with a size of 0x10000 (use UniSiemens or other suitable software)[*]Save the downloaded block as a local file, name it sl45_YY.bin (use the actual digits instead of YY)[*]Open the file in your favourite hex editor (I use UltraEdit)[*]Navigate to address 0xZZZZ[*]Verify that the bytes to be modified have the correct value; if they don't, do not perform the patch: you might be using a different firmware version which requires a different patch or location[*]Modify the bytes as intructed in the patch[*]Save the modified flash file as sl45_YY.bin[*]Repeat the operation for any other location that needs to be modified until all the bytes have been changed. You might end up with more than one file[*]Upload the modified sl45_YY.bin file(s) to the phone at address 0xYY0000 with a size of 0x10000[/list=1]

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