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Create new shortcut for Outbox SMS (located on the SIM card)
Firmware: SL45 v56
Author: RizaPN

* overwrite 'Conceal ID' shortcut
* use your full-flash file

0x18E38A : 49 ==> 92
0x18E3BE : 4A 01 ==> 69 00
0x18E416 : 49 01 49 01 ==> 92 01 92 01
0x3AE308 : DA DA 04 A3 ==> DA D9 F8 0A

0x18E38A is address in the full flash file, 49 is the original value(s), and 92 is the new value(s)...

For fast modification, if there is no full-flash yet, just download the flash from address 0x180000 with size 0x10000 and from 0x3A0000 size 0x10000 (partials).
Name the first one as sl45_18.bin and the 2nd as sl45_3A.bin

Addresses to be modified from file sl45_18.bin is : E38A, E3BE, E416.
Address to be modified from file sl45_3A.bin is E308.

After the modification, upload sl45_18.bin to the phone at address 0x180000 with size 0x10000, and sl45_3A.bin to 0x3A0000 size 0x10000.

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