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Yes, you can use Infinity-Box PinFinder with any phone !

Here is instruction example gow to use it:

Manual pinout selection: example

Known pinout for Huawei-C2285 model:

keyboard top
12: Phone Tx (RJ45 pin-3)
13: Phone Rx (RJ45 pin-2)

1.Connect Power cable to phone instead of battery
2.Connect L24A cable (due to total number of connector pins is 24)
3.Select L24A cable in PinFinder Adapter software (according to connected cable)
4.Set Rx (phone Tx) pin value to 12 (according to known pinout)
5.Set Tx (phone Rx) pin value to 13 (according to known pinout)
6.Press “Power” button to enable phone power

In case of connection problems it may need to change pin numbering mode (reverse pin numbering) due to different phone connector soldering to PCB. To reverse pin numbering mode from 1.....24 to 24.....1 (and vice versa) press “Reverse” button and then press “Set” button.
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