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Using Midlet for Screen Saver when Keylocked

*** 43. Using midlet for Screen Saver when Keylocked v03 ***

Firmware : SL45v56
Author : RizaPN
Release : March 29, 2003

Using this patch, it is possible to assign one midlet as a "Screen
Saver" midlet which will be executed automatically after some time (Auto Key Locked options must be set).

0x3B02B2 : DA A3 74 40 -> DA C7 70 D4

0x27D470 : FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF -> E6 FC 60 14 E6 FD 1F 03
0x27D478 : FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF -> E0 1E DA C8 DE 0B DB 00

If you want to use that midlet also for long pressing of button '#' (usually for keylock), enter this data... If you want to keep your long press of # as a normal keylock function, skip this...

0x3AD2B8 : DA A3 74 40 -> DA C7 70 D4

If you already apply "Midlet Shortcut" patch, you don't need to enter these data...

0x27D460 : FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF -> 61 3A 2F 6A 61 76 61 2F
0x27D468 : FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF -> 73 2F 78 2E 6A 61 64 00

Midlet format is same with the one used by "Midlet Shortcut" patch, but this patch use only file "a:/java/s/x.jad" (the real x.jad filename, no need to rename it) midlet caller.



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