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Let me check.

- About those games, as far as I know, yes, we need to rewrite all of them, not just activate them. If pctec said that he has another games in his SLIKv56, then perhaps he can upload his BIN to a server, so I can download it and compare it with mine (to make it faster to get the new games stuff).
- In my SL, that text is not "Send Ringtone" but "Send DTMF Tones". Send DTMF Tones is already used in Conversation Mode.
- I use Operator Logo v04 patch, and I have no problem with all midlets. Please recheck your patches.

MP3 Player:

- I don't want to play with MP3 Player button anymore, unless it give totally new. In my opinion, PTT button is used only in unusual condition (when we drive for example), not in a normal condition. If you can touch your phone button easily, why don't you just use a normal button to get your requested function? Again, in my opinion, PTT is better to use only for PAUSE (when we need to hear something else), and EXIT (when we want to use VoiceDial function), other than that, you can use all normal button.

- Like somebody else said in the very beginning of MP3Player discussion, if you don't like the song (so you need to SKIP it), why do you install it? Why don't you just delete it from your MMC to save the space?

- Yesterday, I found a location about 30 songs limit in the MP3Player. Unfortunately, there are so many byte-code need to be changed to get more than that. I can reduce it (for example to become just 5 songs, but of course who want to get less than that?) with very easy, but it is not so easy to increase it. My test is always failed.


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