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Originally Posted by drkcobra View Post
These programs are for both 32 bit Windows and Windows Mobile 5 and 6.x smartphones. It also converts standard ESN formats from Dec to Hex and vica-versa.

I also threw in the ESN checksum calcultor too.

================================================== ====
More for Reference:
================================================== ====
How to do ESN conversions with a simple hexadecimal calculator. This is very easy!
Contrary to urban myth, you can convert an ESN from hex to decimal or from decimal to hex easily with a standard programmer's calculator that hex and decimal format inputs. It is pretty simple in reality. Here's how:
First -
All ESNs in hex are exactly 8 characters with 0-9 & A-F only being valid.
All ESNs in dec are exactly 11 digits with only 0-9 being valid.
The conversion is simple hex to dec or dec to hex except that it is done in 2 separate groups rather than one. It works according to this format:
HEX - ccnnnnnn
DEC - cccnnnnnnnn
c = company assignment ID
n = aerial number
The first conversion is using the first 2 hex characters or 3 dec numbers.
Just take the first 2 hex characters and convert them to dec.
If the dec number is under 100 you must add a leading zero.
The dec part here is always 3 digits no matter what!
This portion of the ESN is referred to as the company ID assignment.
(for example: a hex ESN beginning with 27 is equal to 39 but must be displayed as 039. 039 will be the first 3 digits of the ESN in dec.)
The second part of the conversion uses the last 6 hex characters or 8 dec numbers.
Take the 6 hex characters and convert them to dec.
If this dec number is less than 8 digits, add enough leading zeroes so the dec is displayed with exactly 8 digits always!
(for example: a hex ESN ending with the 6 characters of 109AFF, would be equal to 1088255 in dec.
As this is only 7 digits, you add 1 leading zero to have exactly 8 digits. - 01088255

Now if you take these two parts of the ESN in hex in this way (27 & 109AFF) and want to get it's equivalent dec ESN, you would find it looks like this (039 & 0108255).
So the hex ESN of 27109AFF equals the dec ESN of 0390108255 and visa-versa.
The first 3 digits of a dec ESN can never be more than 255 (FF in hex).
THe last 8 digits of a dec ESN can never be more than 16777215 (FFFFFF in hex).
Written by drkcobra.
(April 27, 2008)
link is dead.. can you repost..THX
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