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Originally Posted by zabbour View Post
COM7 selected
module v3.26
Périphérique: Alcatel-505X
Contrôle des données, attendre ...
détection avancé de flash activé
Action: rebuild security area
====> Boot ...
Appuyez et restez appuiez sur le bouton "Power" dès maintenant!
19200 fixed
En route, attendre ...
Initialisation [6223:8A05:8A00]...
CPU: MT6223
chip: 0011:A349:A00C
status: 01
taille de paquet de démarrage: 0400
lachez bouton d'alimentation maintenant!
Boot Done
====> Initialiser ...
detecting chip #00 in region #00...
Flash 98000300000001:2BEA0000000000
Flash Toshiba AMD/Fujitsu std [T 0008x004000 007Fx020000] 16Mb
otp offset: 00FE0000
le nombre de puce flash / régions détectés: 01/01
Initialiser Done
====> Ensemble bauds ...
Ensemble bauds Done
====> Initialiser Démarrage ...
Initialiser Démarrage Done
====> Vérifier l'intégrité du firmware ...
usb bootloader detect...
usb bootloader detect (phase #2)...
usb bootloader (chip) is absent
searching rom info...
search rom info finished
rom info structure: 2nd [enhanced] generation
TCL-ID is absent
startup code area #1 is Ok
startup code area #1 backup saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\id.3D77E B81.[JRD23_08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36_S P1_V34.BIN_650494BC].rpl
rom info detection finished
New firmware detected (v.3.26, database date: unknown):
JRD23_08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36_S P1_V34.BIN
This firmware is missing in support area. If this phone is good and working:
- download latest software from support area and try again, probably this firmware already supported in latest software
- make "Lire full flash" operation
- send flash backup files to support: [email protected] or upload files to RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting or - free file sharing and storage
- include in your e-mail full text from phone back label (phone name etc.)
device-id: 3D77EB81
rom info ver: 05
sw version: JRD23_08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36_S P1_V34.BIN
project-id: MAUI.08A.W08.36.SP1.V34, BC940465
code offset: 00000000
ffs offset/size [01]: 00C00000/00400000
rom info structure: 2nd [enhanced] generation
TCL-ID is absent
ffs/eeprom address assigned: 00C00000
startup code area #1 check...
startup code area #1 fixed
sec info (detailed) detection...
searching sec info#1...
search sec info#1 finished
sim-lock statut: enabled
area1 is valid
area2 is valid
area3 is valid
area4 is valid
searching sec info#2...
search sec info#2 finished
security area (sec info, part #2) calculation...
identification header detected
Customization XP23CQ30
erreur: customization name is unknown
Can not calculate required data !
Find original simfree model, read full flash and send to support
Flash 98000300000001:2BEA0000000000
Flash 98000300000001:2BEA0000000000
écrire security area (sec info, part #2)
security area (sec info, part #2) calculation done
security area (sec info, part #1) calculation...
use default security area (sec info, part #1) pattern
max address is too big, should be recalculated: 08BF8000->086C1620 area (sec info, part #1) detecting size...
erreur: security area (sec info, part #1) size is incorrect: 01C0 instead of 0374
fichier sauvegardé: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\Alcatel-505X__system_log_3D77EB81_650494BC_20100321-144130.B0X.bin
Terminé, temps utilisé: 3 min 41 sec
Retirez / remettre la batterie maintenant!
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