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Work orders

Some work orders actually indirectly I have written above ... shaped enable regulators. Enable that I have written previously are:

- On-off as to enable the workings of power ic.
During the process of flashing on mobile china, generally we have to press the on off button to respond to the cpu to do the booting process. That is, without pressing the on off well when performing the search process RX / TX and when the flashing, the flashing process itself is not going to happen.
Note Pin PWRKEY D3 point. This path is the path of the on off on off the entrance to the CPU.
Contribute a better translation

- Enable VCO at 2.8v as to enable VRF Regulator
Enable is sourced from the CPU, this command is to order the VRF regulators to begin working out at 2.8v voltage VRF. course to be worked out then the regulator output requires input vbat and grounding. Without both of them then this output would not be out.

- There's one more job orders originating from the internal CPU to CPU itself is reset, this command at 2.8v. This gives the command to reset the CPU to start can work, provided all other conditions are perfect work, both the voltage and clock needed by the CPU.
Note the reset of the scheme in addition to the MTK 6223. Reset pin is at C3. If on MTK 6225 CPU we learned that this Reset ic Power comes from the CPU to the phone because there is no Power Ic, then this command comes from the CPU into the CPU itself.
Measurement of these work orders can be done using avo meter like when you do a voltage measurement. Voltage measurement steps with avometer I have attached the dvd found on every purchase of this comic.

From the above discussion of the working conditions we can deduce some of the main employment requirements CPU chinese mobile phone with MTK CPU 6225, namely:

1. On Off
2. 2.8v FiO
3. VCore 1.8v
4. Vana 2.8v
5. Vmem 2.8v
6. VRF 2.8v
7. Rf 26Mhz Clock
8. Sleep Clock 32.768Khz
9. Enable VXO 2.8v
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