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If you want to see new model supported or if you are not satisfied with updates

Dear Friends,

As you know, Infinity-Box programmers has big many-years experience.
During last several years it was done a lot of research and now we have big experience with different types of CPU and hardware configurations.
As a result of previous hard work in many cases we can make support for new models quite fast.

1. If you do not know is your model supported or not:

Check supported models list here: Infinity-Box - About

2. If you have new phone that you want to see supported by Infinity-Box:

Follow the next procedure and we will try to make this phone supported:

3.1. open phone, find CPU chip and Flash chip
3.2. send e-mail to [email protected] with the next info:
3.2.1. CPU chip name
3.2.2. Flash chip name
3.2.3. phone bottom connector type (photo, if available)
3.2.4. Gnd, Charge, +Battery pins location on phone connector
3.2.5. full text from phone back label (label under battery)
3.2.6. phone photo (or link to phone photo)
3.2.7. is it sp-locked or simfree phone
3.2.8. is it exist original data/com/usb cable in phone package
3.2.9. is it exist CD with original drivers in phone package
3.2.10. estimated phone price
3.2.11. any additional information

We will check your information and will tell you is it possible to make support for this model or not.

4. If you are not satisfied with Infinity-Box updates and with list of supported models you have the next options:

4.1. If you are a serious man: check previous advice in current thread and help us to support new model
4.2. If you are a serious man: If you see that we have no support for required model but you still want to serve your customers with models that is not supported by Infinity-Box yet - you can think how to buy additional tools for your shop.
Why we gives you this advice ?
Answer is easy: Yes, Infinity-Box support more that 5,000 different models, but we can not cover 100% of all World models.
If you are serious man - you already understand this, but if not - we have one more advice below.
4.3. If you are not serious and if you have a lot of time for useless discussion and you do not want to help us to make new models supported - you can make repeated posts with useless posts and advices like "we need more", but the only answer for this kind of posts will be a link to current thread.
Infinity-Box managers and programmers is really serious people and we prefer to talk seriously with people who understand real life and we have no reasons to fight with 13-years old boys in wars like "I am not a fool but you are a fool".
If you are a serious man - you are able to understand my words, in other case we have no reason to talk.

So finally, boys, let's think in positive direction, let's be serious and smart and let's make one big work together instead of spend time in stupid discussion.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation !

Yes, I understand that many people can not understand main idea of this thread, but let's hope that rest people will helps us to improve our software and it will be really positive and useful work for all respected Infinity-Box users.

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