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Originally Posted by XARiUS
Hi! I've got 2 8210 that have good tx (at least i think they have), but no RX! I say it has good tx, because when i phones on, and look at the netmonitor, i see in the tx part '* 5', so, it's transmitting, and rx stays in 0! Oh, one interesting thing is that if i remove T700 (see attatchement) i get rx, but now i won't get any tx, and when turn on phone, it gets sinal, and then disapears! I've changed PA (3 times), Diplexer (2 times), HAGAR, CCONT, COBBA! Oh, also changed T700!

What can i do more? What coud be the problem? I'm really pi**ed off with those 2...

Tanks in advance

What program you using to tune the phone? Wintesla? Whats RSSI?
Have you probed the phone at all? RX path going into the Hagar? (using spectrum analyser)
If your still having trouble, change everything on the RX path going into Hagar.
Check Hagar voltages to see that hagar is turned on.
/ or /
probe RX IQ's with oscillosope R530..
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