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Alcatel 306 after unlock dead

Alcatel one touch 306 after unlock blinking
COM4 [VCP5] selected
module  v4.00
Device: Alcatel-306X, 306A
Checking data, wait...
advanced flash detection enabled
Action: rebuild security area
====>  Boot ...
Press and HOLD Power button now !
19200 fixed
Connecting, wait...
Initializing [6223:8A08]...
CPU: MT6223
high speed boot On
chip: 0011:9023:A00C
status: 01
boot packet size: 0400
Release Power button now !
Boot Done
====>  Initialize ...
detecting chip #00 in region #00...
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
flash: Samsung K5L2833ATA T 16Mb
otp offset: 00FF0000
number of flash chip/regions detected: 01/01
Initialize Done
====>  Set baud ...
Set baud Done
====>  Initialize bootcode ...
interesting cpu type found
Initialize bootcode Done
====>  Check firmware integrity ...
usb bootloader detect...
usb bootloader detect (phase #2)...
usb bootloader (chip) is absent
searching rom info...
search rom info finished
rom info structure: [protected] type (05), 1 record(s)
TCL-ID is present
startup code area #1 is Ok
startup code area #1 backup saved: D:\GSM\Infinity\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\id.A6DEDDF2.[JRD23_08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36_SP1_V34.BIN_55D17EE9].rpl
rom info detection finished
TCL-ID detection...
TCL-ID detection done
device-id: A6DEDDF2
rom info ver: 05
sw version: JRD23_08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36_SP1_V34.BIN
project-id: MAUI.08A.W08.36.SP1.V34, E97ED155
code offset: 00000000
ffs offset/size [01]: 00C00000/00400000
TCL-ID identification
version: 964
provider: 306X-2BBGGE1
customization: CI96CW14
customization: XI96CW14
TCL-ID identification done
rom info structure: [protected] type (05), 1 record(s)
TCL-ID is present
ffs/eeprom address assigned: 00C00000
startup code area #1 check...
startup code area #1 fixed
sec info (detailed) detection...
searching sec info#1...
search sec info#1 finished
sim-lock status: disabled
area1 is valid
area2 is valid
area3 is valid
area4 is valid
searching sec info#2...
search sec info#2 finished
security area (sec info, cust) calculation...
identification header detected
customization: XI96CW14
customization name adjusted
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
Write: security area (sec info, cust)
security area (sec info, cust) calculation done
security area (sec info, hash) calculation... area (sec info, hash) detecting size...
security area (sec info, hash) detecting parameters...
security area (sec info, hash) encoding...
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
Write: security area (sec info, hash)
security area (sec info, hash) calculation done
Check firmware integrity Done
====>  Check firmware content ...
Check firmware content Done
====>  Backup required data ...
original imei: FFFFFFFFFFFFFF
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
Backup required data Done
====>  Patch required data ...
Patch required data Done
====>  Special operation ...
Special operation Done
====>  Write ...
Write Done
====>  Finalization ...
ffs formatting...
flash: EC240200010000:2BEA0000000000
Finalization Done
file saved: D:\GSM\Infinity\InfinityBox\MModule\backup_security\Alcatel-306X,306A_JRD23_08A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.MAUI_08A_W08_36_SP1_V34__system_log_A6DEDDF2_55D17EE9_20110817-122909.B0X.bin
Finished, time used: 2 min 49 sec
Remove/Install battery now !

File system has been modified !
It is need to press and HOLD phone "Power" button
during long time (up to 1 min) to make phone Powered-On !
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