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This thread is a bit "unfair", because in my opinion, rizapn has discovered mostly all knowledge about C166 and Siemens firmware, so that other people hardly are able to post their own new experiences. But because this is also a discussion thread, we might exchange some ideas how to get this and that possible or find entrypoints in the firmware.

I have some questions about handling with strings and with menu structures. Of course I can disassemble some patches from rizapn, but they're not commented, and the only example sl45.asm has just a few patches with few documentation. The file is helpful, but there's unfortunately not described what registers are used (and what content?) for and what return values involve.
Maybe someone call tell me some of the values and I make a documentation file for all other C166 programmers?

To the string handling routines: I'd like to know how to manage the routines like strCopy etc. I even don't know if words or bytes are used for the strings.
Also I ask, whether it's possible (and discovered) to put at string at a specific position/line on the display. I have played around with date/time string routines (beginning at 0xDB0082), but only could change the position left/center/right, not the line of it.

A third question is a bit tricky. I tried to get a routine called after several seconds when a phone call is running, e.g. after 10 seconds dictRecord() should be started. I compared the time string that is displayed, but there's a problem: I started playVMOFile() after started phone call, and then no time from the call is displayed - therefore (that's my suggestion) I can't call dictRecord() anymore. So, is there maybe another routine that can tell me how many seconds are passed?

@lalo.lerry: Can you read out an existing text ID? If so, you can do this, add your variable numbers and then make it as new text ID. I think that's a solution (but I have yet no idea how to do this).
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