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Originally Posted by SpoOnx View Post
I always enjoyed the hard work of your team, always non stop updates, always good solutions, but I do not think this is the best move for your team, I told all my friends that all teams should be as professional as your team, but not now! you´re charging an activation from other team work to use in box right after you're you started to charge an annual tax to use you're own software and support! can you tell me why should I pay an annual fee to use infinity software if the team instead of adding those models and brands to you´re own software started to charge an activation from other team work?!
Is it fair for us (infinity box users) pay the annual fee and pay again for an activation of gb-key software?

please do not consider this as an insult to your team, it's just my opinion as a user of your box


There is no any relation in our support area charges and other team software activations.

Story #1: charges for Infinity-Box support area and software updates:
As we told many time, we do not insist. You can renew support/updates and use latest software only if you will find that our new software updates in useful for you. You can use old Infinity-Box software w/o any limits.

Story #2: Software activations for Infinity-Box smart-cards
It's just an ability for other teams to sell their software to people, who do not want to pay for physical dongles delivery.

Tell me, please, what is the relation in "story #1" and "story #2" ?
Yes, exactly... No any relation.
If you want to buy GB-Key and if you do not want to pay for physical dongle delivery via DHL - you can use my nice offer and you can activate more software for your existing smart-card. Also, you have cables already, if you do not need new 5 kg of the same cables (that you already have) why not use software activation ?

Please, let's divide software and updates by Infinity-Box Team and just a friendly cooperation of two teams who helps each other to server their customers better than before.
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