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gpg ufc pro 2012


i just posted this here to clarify things out (gpg industries took long time to reply so i posted this for others to help me out)

i just bought a gpg ufc pro 2012 a month ago. it was a really great and amazing product but it fails sometimes and those "sometimes" hurts alot in my pocket. i mean i had bricked phones which was in for service but can't be done due to the fact that my ufc cannot detect it or if it detects it it sometimes fails in mthe middle of flashing. my ufc just bricked 2 cellphones this morning and in the past 3 weeks it had me 5 cellphones which forced me to pay other techs because the customers becomes impatient (who would be patient if you bought a cellphone that can be turned on to a shop just to get the "hang" problem on some features or to change language then comes out dead?)

i myself understand my customers that's why i took the responsibility for my actions anfd asked my fellow techs here with fbus cables to flash the phone for me ( i do not borrow because i also don't lend things thats why i paid for their services.)

last 2 weeks i msged gpg industries and he replied and i said everything was ok (cause the ufc was not failing me) but then again i lost profit this morning for 2 cellphones which was bricked again because of my faulty ufc.

for those that will post do this, do that, well i have done alot of things:
1. put power on my ufc (standard nokia charger)
2. re aligned the pins (cause some of them are mis aligned)
3. returned it to the reseller (but my reseller refused to replace it and insisted that it was "working") well yeah it was working but it fails sometimes
4. made a ery sturdy table (composed of steel which is really heavy and unmovable, made a custom holder so that my ufc pro will be on place and the cell phone will not move)
5. and alot more things but still this ufc failed me. (reversed jigs, cleaned the contacts, etc.)

if you do understand my point feel free to express your comments and criticism. i just want to clarify things regarding this product that cost adn would cost me more than i have earned from it.

is it just me or same thing happens to other users?

thank you and best regards,

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