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Hi luuk,
Looking for other hex file for the serial
is useless. Everybody in this forum using
the word 'check sum' protected.
Thats not correct and that make us so many
problems. Some parts of the program are 'CRC'
protected. CRC means - Cyclic Redundancy Check. Thats the think that you cant change
with simple calculations.
If you ever cheked what IMEI5161 or other
programs are trying to do is to - change the
IMEI and keep the same or acceptable checksum
value. That is the way they never work.
If you change IMEI like this you can see that the phone is seems to be workin' but can't
log to the network. Run the WinTesla and test
transmiter and receiver. You can't get RSSI value out(Receive Strenght Signal Indicator).
CPU in the phone reads the checksum - OK, but
the CRC value is different and barr the receiver.
Luuk if you can make HEX calculations and if you have good EEPROM programer you
can restore your phone manualy.
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