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Hi there !<br />Once. i think in last 6 monts, i also have problem like you ...<br />And, carefuly repeated this steps:<br />--------------------------------------------------<br />"<br />1.RUN program "GD50 repair&unlock by viknet v1.0 " "set test mode" and ON goes test mode..<br />you will see IMEI and can enter any ...<br />for example

IMEI : 555555555555555 (you don't need change original IMEI)<br />SERIAL:IIIIIIIIIIIIII ( this is important only 14 "I")

3. press "Repair and Unlock"<br />you will see again warning message..

repeat this steps Until you see (~ 11- 13 x Unlock & Repair)


that is very important..<br />at this point you will enter

IMEI : 449121882548521<br />SERIAL : 125005687236501

and press "Repair and Unlock"<br />phoen lights will up..and nothing on the screen..

Phone is dead now & you can repair this with NEO Unlocker & Restorer v7.3

Phone is LIVE & Unlocked but have another IMEI.

If you need original IMEI , you must Flash this phone with version a09<br />& change IMEI with NEO's soft.

Regards, <br />Zippo."<br />-------------------------------------------------<br />And, nothing hapened...<br />So, there is solution:

You just need to do this:

1.RUN program "GD50 repair&unlock by viknet v1.0 " "set test mode" and ON goes test mode..

enter this numbers in progy,<br />IMEI : 449121882548521<br />SERIAL : 125005687236501<br />and then, when phone restart and display something like "unaut..."<br />start NEO Unlocker & Restorer v7.3...<br />Regards !<br />PS I'v fu**** up my phone with Andromeda soft !
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