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@darshan_ss: actually there are two options for screen capturing of c45; (1) Siemens Screenshot v1.0.2.0 by ACID[mrp] and (2) Screen Capturer v2.0 by Riza. For the first one you need as misko903 stated an open "BFB patch" and for the second one you will need "ATCGSN Patch". The problem is that for version 50 I could not find any "ATCGSN Patch" and "BFB patch" that I obtained according to the instructions of ACiD[mrp] did not work for Siemens Screenshot. Thus, two alternatives gave no positive result but if you can find "ATCGSN Patch" for c45 version 50 please let me know. I have "ATCGSN Patch" for c45 version 38 but it does not work for version 50. In case we have "ATCGSN Patch" for c45, we can also employ ADVANCED AT+CGSN Debugger for Siemens Mobiles v1.5.7.0 that has a Playfield option for screen capturing.

Here are some basic patches for c45 version 50. you will need them before you attempt to capture the screen;

; C45 v50 lg1 T9lg1 - Patch made by "Smelter" avkiev
;************************************************* ******

;Standard patches :

0D7ADA: 3D0A CC00 ; DisableFirstCRC1

0D7AE8: 3D03 CC00 ; DisableFirstCRC2

0DC080: 2D 0D ; DisableSecondCRC

0A19CA: 2D 0D ; EnableDevMenu

341C6C: 3D 0D ; DisableAircraftCheck

07FF64: 01149013D513911302140314 000000000000000000000000 ; OpenHiddenEEPROM

092B24: 76 60 ; Open BFB

;************************************************* ****



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