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Originally Posted by oOXTCOo View Post
if you get enugh sl3 phones to recover your investment, then i would say go any buy it.
on other hand, sl3 unlocks are now as cheap as 9 dollar per phone.
(we even pay more for our enegry used to bruteforce it)

anyway, cards are still good selling.. but calculate demaged cards if you use dual gpu´s without watercooling...

we had a half year all working very well, after a half year many of our hd5970 died..
shure more then 20 hd5970 are demaged.
you need extra fan if you cooling it with air.

we are now undervolted and underclocked our cards and use extra fans, since then no more death hd5970...

dont start with overclocking!
the more speed you get, the more you pay after when cards are demaged.. belive me.

and dont care too mutch about GPU temps, care more about VRM temps...
cause GPU´s can work with 90c and dont die, but VRM´s die on 120c!

its hard to get this VRM chips from volterra... i needed to beg saphire with many many emails to get some hundred VRM chips..
but atleast, sapphire was the only company how was ready to sell this chips to me.

i contacted volterra directly, i whanted to have 1000 vrm chips, but they only sell the manufacturer..
i contacted msi, xfx and all the others for the vrms.. only sapphire was ready to give me some.

I have a question.
I've got a HIS HD 7970 (H797F3G2M) but it has a blue PCB.
HWInfo64 reports a Volterra VT1165 VRM. Many programs do not support this VRM, and I would like to overvolt the card to continue my overclocking.
The creator of MSI Afterburner said I was able to add a 3rd party VRM if I knew the strings to the VRM <- Whatever that means. My aim is to unlock voltage control and voltage monitoring for this card.

Could someone help me please?

Thank you!
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