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  1. P8 Lite 2017 PRA-LX1 flash done by eft dongle
  2. LG-D325 Restarting Problems Done By Flashing EFT Dongle
  3. Want To Remove Screen Lock Frp Success Bt Still On
  4. help me please
  5. intex aqua lions n1 faild info , frp
  6. SM-A310NO FRP reset done
  7. Cun-u29 files
  8. ...{Lava Iris 50 Remove Screen Lock With Out Loss Data}...
  9. Samsung g750a mega2 at&t translate to arabic by eft
  10. Alctel ot8050d remove screen lock done
  11. kiowa A5 frp done
  12. Condor p6 pro frp done
  13. Archos 70 xenon frp done
  14. Flashing Oppo F1 By EFT Dongle
  15. Flashing A2020a40 By EFT
  16. lenovo A2020a40 ♥frp
  17. Honor 5c pro (dli-l42) reset frp frp offline mtp done by eft
  18. Frp moto xt1676 done
  19. SM-N920C FRP_RESET_UFS_By_EFT_1.40
  20. Mi xiaomi mi mix account +google account
  21. Repair IMEI Redmi Notte 2 ♥
  22. Alcatel 5010U ♥FRP By EFT dongle
  23. Remove FRP Lenovo Tab 7 TB-7304I Tablet - 7 Inch
  24. Huawei_RIO-L03 Huawei GX8 Flashing Done by EFT DONGLE
  25. SM-G935F U2 FRP And Screen lock without lose Data
  26. SM-G925W8 samsung account
  27. Huawei Y6 Prime 8.0 ATU-L22 FRP Fix
  28. Redmi 4x pattern lock remove without date lost done
  29. samsung root.eft problem
  30. Cant edit any img
  31. G532f frp reset done by eft dongle
  32. J106h frp reset done by eft dongle
  33. Nokia 1 ta 1066 bypass frp done with eft
  34. LGM-K120L firmwer need
  35. need A720F U4 combination neded not found on suport help
  36. LDN-L21 remove lock
  37. A730F combination firmware
  38. lenovo A2016A40 FRP SUCCES
  39. Neffos X1 v-7 Frp done by EFT Dongle
  40. Hello eft team
  41. Screen lock reset Lava iris 50
  42. LG_D325 Factory Reset And Dump Saccessfully Test by EFT Dongle v1.4.0
  43. Reset FRP LG K8 2017 LG M200E Android Version 7 0 With EFT Dongle
  44. nokia ta-1056 frp help
  45. Samaung S7 Edge G935F/FD 8.0 Oero G935FXXU2EREM FRP FAILED!!!
  46. Samsung j701f Android 7 bianary 3 frp lock remove done
  47. Casper E1 google eft done
  48. Casper m1 google done Eft
  49. sm-g925v screenlock Reset without Data
  50. restore backup with eft ?
  51. J700F 6.0.1 remove screen lock with out data loss done
  52. ...Hope In Next Update...
  53. OPPO A3S CPH 1803 demo Unlock ?
  54. ...{Infinx X559C Remove User Lock With Out Data Loss}...
  55. Frp mt6737m hyundai
  56. Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Dual LDN-L21 FRP remove done
  57. Not a good use of Eft dongle.
  58. today buy a eft doungle some questions
  59. Oppo R11 Question
  60. htc d820u file needed
  61. Redmi 3s remove pin lock without data loss ?
  62. Sm-a320f frp v 7.0
  63. cun-u29 da file
  64. ...{Sam S7 Edge G935F Reset (FRP) UFS Done By EFT Dongle}...
  65. ...{Lenovo A2020A40 Remove Screen Lock With Out Loss Data Done By EFT Dongle}...
  66. EF tool v1.0.3 login erreur
  67. Tecno K7 Reset FRP done using EFT
  68. wiko lenny2 Frp Done With Dongle
  69. Possible Way to Wrtie Cert on Sm-g610f Nougat Urgent??
  70. Infinix HOT 4 FRP RESET... [FRP] .....OK
  71. Huawei KIW-L21 Reset FRP in MTP mode using EFT
  72. mi note3 pro flash tool
  73. please server failed
  74. A520fd u5 7.0 frp
  75. sm-g955f u3 root fail
  76. Qualcomm flashing
  77. CLT-L29 Frp MTP Done With EFT
  78. Remove Screen lock without lose data lava iris 50
  80. mt8127 fail
  81. Sgh t-399
  82. Note5 N920P Root and Translate to French Successfully done
  83. HUAWEI Honor 5C Pro DLI L42 Pattern lock remove with EFT
  84. J320f imei repair after change emmc
  85. reset frp j5 prime SM-G570F 7.0 LATEST UPDATE ONE CLICK
  86. SM-G610F G610FDDU1BRD1 Reset frp by chosing SM-J200G Using EFT
  87. reset frp condor a8 done
  88. UMIDIGI A1 Pro 8.1.0 frp Done ❤️
  89. Flashing Oppo F11f Done By EFT
  90. Nokia 1 ta-1047 frp reset done
  91. Dongle Not Found
  92. dongle not found
  93. UMIDIGI A1 Pro 8.1.0 FRP RESET Done
  94. Xaomi device support list
  95. j7 maxx g615f patern unlock
  96. G935f 7.0 FRP (SOLVED)
  97. Huawei Psmart (FIG-LA1) FRP lock Remove Done With Eft Dongle
  98. EFT Dongle MTK6580 root android 7.0 Fail
  99. moto xt 1716 frp ned help
  100. Z982 FRP Help
  101. vestel google security done ;)
  102. huawei mate 10 lite FRP REMOVED SUCCESS BY EFT 1.4.0
  103. Huawei Cro U00 Frp Remove One Click By Eft
  104. Please help team
  105. help team huawei p8 lite flashing not done
  106. Tablet A2 Reset Screen lock with out lose data
  107. Read Flash Dump-7.27 GB ((LG K-120F)) 100%
  108. Root And Arabic sm-318mz By EFT
  109. Lenovo K10a40 frp reset done by eft 1.40
  110. Alp-l29 (mate 10) frp offline mtp done by eft dongle
  111. FRP Micromax Q353P Done By EFT Dongle
  112. SM-G611f FRP done.
  113. frp reset n920v 6.0.1 By EFT dongle
  114. Reset FRP UFS Galaxy S7 Edge G935F/FD 8.0 Oero
  115. FRP MOTO G5 Done By EFT dongle
  116. What is meant by disabling RMM STATE by EFT Dongle
  117. Root oppo f7 cph1819
  118. j701f rmm state bypass not work
  119. Read Flash Dump-7.27 GB ((LG K-120F)
  120. What hepend EFT Dongle ???
  121. pleas help for EFT Dongle Expaired Serial
  122. ZTE Z855 7.1.1 how to root?
  123. Huawei SCL U31 Y6 Full Flash By Eft Key
  124. EFT support not working
  125. HUAWEI lua u22 frp don just in 2 sec
  126. CRO-U00 HUAWEI Y3 2017 FLASH Within 3 minutes BY EFT DONGEL
  127. g9200 play store
  128. Sm-g920t mdm security help
  129. ZTE-NX573J error
  130. G935 U1 Remove Screen Lock Problem
  131. EFT Team Plz Add This Model & Option
  132. MTK Preloader Mode App Manager [Feature Request]
  133. Huawei Y3(2017) CRO-U00
  134. Dear team,i have question
  135. i bought this dongle specific for huawei
  136. Huawei frp not done 14 hurs waste
  137. Reset frp done g532f by eft dongel
  138. Micromax-q4261 lite ds reset frp by eft dongel
  140. Lenovo C2 (K10a40) FLASH DONE BY EFT DONGEL
  141. Huawie rne-l21 mate 10 lite reset frp by eft dongel
  142. OPPO F1 Hard Reset BY EFT DONGEL
  143. G5528 7.1.1 root and add google services and add all languages by eft dongel
  144. Symphony i10+ secure phone frp reset done
  145. Samsung g935f mdm bypass
  146. samsung N915PVPU5DQI5 how to ROOT ???
  147. Huawei P10 lite Frp Bypass Google Account Any Android 7.0 With EFT Dongle
  148. PRA-LA1 Blinking After Rest FRP [Answered]
  149. How to repair security error?
  150. sir i need help Password Change
  151. symphony p6 pro flash done eft dongle
  152. Archos 50f helium 4g bakup flash done QUALLCOMM BY EFT DONGEL
  153. Root samsung sm-g950f 8.0.0 done by eft dongel
  154. Moto xt1723 reset frp by eft dongel
  155. Alcatel 0t5056d remove lock done by eft dongel
  156. meizu m721Q M6 note flyme account and Flash done
  157. Vivo V5 Plus hard rest Send boot.....Fail Help me
  158. Hi neSw user to EFT cannot register for first time !
  159. Huawei Cam L21 Frp Reset DONE By EFT Dongle
  160. add Hide Root Access option
  161. ..Gionee P5W Flash Done By EFT Dongle..
  162. Samsung sm-n920t reset frp by eft dongel
  163. EFT Dongle activation possible on inifinity best?
  164. Oppo A73
  165. G925F Samsung_account_Reset By_EFT DONGEL
  167. HUAWEI Y3 2017 CRO-L22 Screen Lock Reset Done By_EFT_DONGEL_1.40
  168. Reset frp bll-l21 gr5 2017 done by eft dongel
  169. N920k add arabice done with eft dongle
  170. HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro bla-l29 8.0 RESET FRP BY EFT DONGEL
  171. Huawie honor 5c reset frp by eft dongel
  172. Huawei frp reset problem Connecting Server
  173. Alcatel A576RW how to get rid of FRP?
  174. Lg v35 thinq
  175. How to flash eft
  176. How To translate
  178. HUAWEI P20 Pro firmware?
  179. Revived after death Lenovo A319 USE EFT DONGEL
  180. Huawie y7 prime ldn-l21 reset frp done by eft dongel
  182. hard reset (normal mod ) GT-S5570I DONE BY EFT DONGEL
  183. Infinix x557 reset frp ♥ done by eft dongel
  184. Restore original imie device number samsung n9005 note 3 4g by eft dongel
  185. Samsung j710k korea 7.0 root & add arabic by eft dongel
  187. Huawie mate 10 lite write flash done by eft dongel
  188. RESET FRP euro star ONYX2 BY EFT DONGEL
  189. Reset frp black view e7s by eft dongel
  190. Reset frp g570f 7.0 by eft dongel
  191. LENOVO TAB 7 TB-7340I Delete the pattern Without deleting data BY EFT DONGEL
  192. Reset frp samsung a520f u4 by eft dongel
  193. First EFT CPU read/write testing
  194. Doogee- X20-android 7.0 RESET FRP BY EFT DONGEL
  195. J710k frp reset done by j200g model
  196. Remove screen lock without lose data LG D690
  197. Asus zb551kl sending boot problem
  198. EFT G935V 8.0 Translate problem
  199. Remove Google Account Frp Bypass In One Click Mediatek ic With EFT Dongle
  200. Htc d 820 flash done by eft dongel