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  1. Samsung J5 Prime (SM-G570F) FRP Unlock | Google Lock Remove With Eft Dongle
  2. g935t dead after combination
  3. How To Salve Make Root Problem I9082 Eft Dobgle
  4. j327t after flash go to recover mode
  5. How to fix play store n9006
  6. Huwaei Mate 10 Light Frp Remove BY Great EFT Tool
  7. EFT MTK write flash
  8. SM-G920T1 S6 DRK Repair Done with EFT Dongle
  9. SM-N900V -> ATT with EFT?
  10. Motrola xt1254 flash done by eft dongle
  11. sm-j701f flash file neeed
  12. n950f RMM state: locked
  13. g570f not power on after frp [Answered]
  14. Dear Team Please Rad It
  15. Hi Eft i hope to added Sm-G9550 U2 unbrike boot
  16. EFT Team.
  17. A310F frp succès Raport
  18. Desire 728 A50CMG_DWG flash Done by EFT Dongle (secureboot)
  19. Desire 526 Flash ota Done by EFT Dongle
  20. Activation EFT Dongle to Other Dongle!!!
  21. samsung A310F 6.0.1 FRP REMOVE BY EFT Dongle
  22. Lenovo s1la40 mt6753 frp problem [Solved]
  23. EFT Dongle team pleaz add repair huawei imei [Answered]
  24. [BUG] Persian Translation bug since 1.2.6
  25. Oppo a57 root fail via eft dongle
  26. Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570F 6.0.1 FRP Remove
  27. samsung c7000 -7.0 frp slove
  28. I can't find this feature anymore on new update
  29. N920A language Force Close
  30. EFT MDM reset problem
  31. this is the third time software bricked by eft for FRP [Answered]
  32. need sulation for sm-g925a 7.0 root
  33. Sm-n950n 7.1.1 how to arabic?
  34. مشكلة فى n915v
  36. EFT concern about cable chinese copy what solution next
  38. Samsung g920w8 traslated done
  39. Language Disappeare G935V
  40. Important Lesson About removing screen lock If Frp is ON Or OFF
  41. VERY Important EFT users !
  42. Eft support to install gapps in oppo a57 ????
  44. Eft setup error
  45. can i get
  46. How to Connect and Remove Frp Huawei MTK based phones... [Answered]
  47. need help with note 8 custom blocker
  48. EFT fake or
  49. eft team plz help me for g950u/g955u/n950u?
  50. Posh x551 FRP and Flash Done By EFT Dongle
  51. Please add huawei boot loder unlock
  52. How to use this recovery file.
  53. eft question
  54. Hi Im New i buy Eft Dongle
  55. N915V to N915F Convert Possible With EFT Dongle?
  56. Reset FRP MOTO xt1750 By EFT DONGLE V1.3.1
  57. EFT Dongle Version 1.3.1 Is Released 17/02/2018
  58. HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10 AGS-L09 FRP Done
  59. How To Root Any Samsung Mobile With EFT Dongle
  60. G935U Screen Lock Remove Problem!
  61. Lenovo K6 remove FRP with EFT Dongle
  62. Root And Arabic Sm-j320W8 7.1.1 By EFT Dongle
  63. Root SM-J701F U3 7.0 Done By EFT Dongle
  64. Read successfully but writing error
  65. Dump Samsung Rom method 2 by EFT Dongle Successfully.
  66. How to Dump Samsung Rom Using One Click method by EFT Dongle
  67. how unlock j510f/ds with eft dongle
  68. sm-g935f lates firmware badly need
  69. Leagoo M9
  70. SM-J200H frp on screen lock remove done no data loss!!!!!
  71. SM-G930V google account ?
  72. EFT cables
  73. Asus phones not connecting
  74. RedMi Note 2 MTK Imei Repair Done
  75. server error [ Answered ]
  76. Tar. can't open (Solved)
  77. N920C remove userlock with userdata save
  78. how i can reset knox for J330fn
  79. Oppo R9S translate into Russian
  80. Question from eft team..?
  81. Request a help to use uart cable ..
  82. Mi max mi account not remove
  83. Htc flashing error (Solved)
  84. SM-G570F FRP emmc method done but still FRP locked
  85. Eft uart cable notice !
  86. EFT Users Stick to our One Rule , Respect !
  87. LG-H901 FRP reset Done by EFT Dongle
  88. Samsung G610f 16gb root problem
  89. Huawei GR3 2017 (PRA-LA1) FRP DONE By EFT
  90. SAMSUNG S8 ( G950U ) NO ROOT Add ARABIC Done by EFT
  91. EFT Dongle Add Language Problem LG K10 K428
  92. VNS-L31 FRP reset Done by EFT Dongle
  93. samsung g935v frp need help
  94. Eft gapps downloading speed too slow
  95. Huawei vns-l21 frp remover problem
  96. Need To know
  97. after flashing
  98. Oppo A71 Cph1801 2018 plz add support remove pin pattern frp and flashing
  99. how to remove lock samsung j730f
  100. lenovo k10a40 factory rest and frp rest don by #eft_dongle
  101. Frp Reset moto E 4 . 7.1.1 . bye EFT
  102. Leagoo MT6580 M8 FRP Done BY EFT Dongle
  103. SM-G5528 install Gapps in 3 minutes by EFT Dongle
  104. Infinix X556 frp reset done by EFT
  105. Enable volte option..?
  106. How remove pin and patterns ??
  107. Make eft flash multiple devices on samsung.
  108. G930a sbl error unbrİck ok after no root turkİsh translate done
  109. C7 pro C7018 manual install playstire done with great EFT
  110. G5528 backup done after add google apps and edit logo by EFT Dongle
  111. J710F Frp Of Without Deta Loss Thanks Eft Team
  112. 1st try for frp mtk 6580 q mobile s6s 100% done
  113. C9000 DRK issue
  114. G610f u1 ..FRP.ON ...FRP OF 7.0 without lose data
  115. a510f 7.0 frp Security Patch Level 5
  116. problem while reset screen lock
  117. how to change flesh file logo
  118. plz add network unlock mtk and qucomm
  119. SM-G925P Remove Hands Free Activation [Answered]
  120. motorola xt 1754 frp [Answered]
  121. Huawei Frd-L09 Frp Reset
  122. Hi eft team i have big problem in samsung SM-G9550 (Answered)
  123. cant flash vie-l29
  124. how to clear frp mtk devices (ANSWERED)
  125. Moto Xt1506 Frp Reset Done
  126. Can directly add language to the flash ROM by EFT (ANSWERED)
  127. G928A root required 6.0.1 (Answered )
  128. j3110 dump backup done....
  129. BG2-W09 FRP Done By EFT Dongle
  130. add arabic Done Device Model: SM-A810S
  131. M8_UL Stuck at logo Fixed by flashing With EFT Dongle
  132. One More Huawei Frp resat Faild
  133. Huawei MediaPad Т3 7 (BG2-W09) FRP Done By EFT Dongle
  134. PRA-LA1 Frp Success but no success
  135. How to disable FRP without losing data in A320F with latest U3?
  136. n910v root
  137. asus zenpad 10 FRP Pass not donne
  138. SM-G570f FRP -OFF without lose data By EFT
  139. Post here!Bypass Screen Locks Without Dato Lost using EFT Dongle
  140. Huawei Honor 4C Flash Done With EFT
  142. Samsung J500H Frp Reset Just One Click Done By King EFT Dongle
  143. g930fd frp combination
  145. Reset FRP G TAB G100I BY EFT DONGLE
  146. Reset FRP sico ssr3 mtk By EFT Dongle
  147. Blackview E7s MTK 7.0 By EFT Dongle
  148. FRP frp huawei CRO-U00 y3 2017 Done
  149. Reset FRP Wiko v2802 MTK By EFT Dongle
  150. FRP posh volt lte l640 mtk by eft dongle
  151. MT6572 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 5036D hard reset Done by EFT
  152. alcatel 5045d frp Done By EFT Dongle
  153. alcatel 5045d MTK Factory Reset Done By EFT Dongle
  154. EFT Team Plz Add This Model Plz Vote ME This Model
  155. G925F DRK Repair
  156. G532F DRK Repair
  157. Repair. DRK SM-G532F Via UART
  158. how unbrick s7 edge ?? ( Answered )
  159. j710fn 7.0 frp not remove by emmc mathod
  160. MT6572 ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 5036D hard reset Done by EFT ♥
  161. How To Repair Imei Symphony W85 With EFT Dongle
  164. plz add This Model LGPM450 FRP Not suport 7.0
  165. about bying ETF dongle? (Answered)
  166. Why this problem ?
  167. eft dongle / easy - firmware dongle
  168. Samsung SCL23
  169. eft dongle unlock s6 sprint ?
  170. samsung j700t unlock done
  171. blu Vivo 5 Mini mtk frp by eft dongle
  172. blu Vivo 5 Mini factory reset by eft dongle
  173. leagoo elite 4 frp MTK By EFT Dongle
  174. leagoo elite 4 factory reset MTK By EFT Dongle
  175. lenovo a20a16a40 frp mtk by eft dongle
  176. about sm-g9550 s8+ edl mode [Answered]
  177. g570f frp error (Solved)
  178. How to Fix This Problem When Try to Update Your Samsung Mobile With EFT Dongle
  179. Huawei Y3 2017 CRO-U00 FRP Done By EFT Dongle
  180. POSH X551 Mediatek MT6580A Frp Done By EFT Dongle
  181. samsung g930v network
  182. change account name on EFT box
  183. EFT Dongle Version 1.3.0 Is Released Update 07/02/2018
  184. Samsung j700t1 root done
  185. sm-j3308 gapps error
  186. Making root karnal fail (Solved)
  187. motorola nexus 6 oct patch frp
  188. frp Huawei y7prime
  189. pls work for downgrade samsung firmwares
  190. Remove FRP Huawei LUA U-22 Done By EFT Just One Click
  191. EFT Dongle not Found Problem (Solved)
  192. ARABIC alcatel 5065N Done With EFT
  193. n920c remove rest frp ufs done.
  194. sony f3111 frp done with adb mode
  195. LG Stylus 2 frp
  196. Redmi 3S
  197. EFT Dongle Latest Version Fix Error For New User
  198. ASUS_Z00AD imei 000 cant repaire with eft
  199. EFT Dongle Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite FRP Support?
  200. G900v Samsung account how to remove (ANSWERED)