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  1. moto xt1022 pattern lock
  2. Lg V10 H960 Frp REmove Done
  3. Samsung sm-g615f/ds frp
  4. Google Pixel
  5. cun-l21 not supported
  6. consult
  7. moto xt1550 how to flashing eft
  8. j327p
  9. G530h display problem??
  10. samsung j106f FRP REMOVE DONE
  11. A320F lock screen Done Without Lose Data
  12. n900v reactive lock on
  13. n900v can't root (solved)
  14. Samsung j700t root done
  15. Tornado 348 add Arabic Languges Done by EFTT
  16. G870a add arabic done
  17. MTK Tablet Kulala M600 IMEI repair done by EFT Dongle
  18. HTC Desire 820G+ repair IMEI Done by EFT Dongle
  19. Huawei P10 Plus Frp Done By eft
  20. Repair Imei Samsung G531H BY EFT Dongle
  21. P8 Lite Bootloader Locked Flash done EFT Dongle
  22. Add farsi n920v without root by eft dongle
  23. Add farsi n920a without root by eft dongle
  24. One Click Reset FRP Huawei ATH-UL01 BY EFT
  25. Huawei Honor 4C downgrade from OS 5.1.1 to 4.4.2 by eft
  26. Samsung J105H Root & enable all Languages by EFT Dongle
  27. reset factory huawei rio-l02 by EFT Fastboot
  28. Erase frp HUAWEI LYO-L21 Done By EFT Dongle
  29. Erase frp HUAWEI TAG-L21 Done By EFT Dongle
  30. Reset FRP Huawei P8 Lite 2017 BY EFT Dongle
  31. samsung S8+ G955U sprint 7.0 And add Arabic Languges Done by EFT
  32. Add Arabic Samsung S5 SC-04F BY EFT DONGLE
  33. Root And Add Arabic G530W Done By EFT Dongle
  34. Make recovery To Remove Screen Lock G955F Done By EFT
  35. Add arabic j700m done by eft dongle!!
  36. Remove Screen Lock G928P 7.0 decrypt storage EFT Dongle
  37. Reset FRP SM-G532f By EFT Dongle
  38. Root SM-G920w8 7.0 By EFT Dongle
  39. Plz ineed good stock rom FOR huawei p8 gra-l09
  40. sm-j730gm dm verifiction fail need help
  41. First World SM-G955F Reset EFS Download Mode By EFT
  43. Plz we need this
  44. plz help me huawei p8 gra-l09
  45. my EFT Dongle Problem (solved)
  46. how to remove frp htc 626s
  47. G925F - Make Recovery To Remove Screen Lock... ERROR !!
  48. Moto XT1254 FLASHING DONE
  49. Exclusive:FixRebuild dm-verity and convert device to official after translating N910P
  50. Remove Screen Lock A720F decrypt storage EFT Dongle
  51. huawei nexus 6p 8.0.0 frp lock
  52. Remove Screen Lock A720F decrypt storage EFT Dongle
  53. eft Log
  54. attila i8 unlock with eft
  55. why this tool is fixed with only one user?
  56. How To Make Recovery By EFT Dongle
  57. Remove Lock Screen On G935F 7.0 Without Lose Data
  58. First In The World - Remove Lock Screen On A520F Without Lose Data
  59. Exclusive:FixRebuild dm-verity and convert device to official after translating N920T
  60. First In The World - Remove Face Detection Lock Screen On S8 Plus Without Lose Data
  61. EFT Dongle version 1.2.6 is released 19/11/2017
  63. Galaxy J320Fn Unlock Done In 1minute by EFT Dongle!
  64. Moto xt1562 how to flashine eft
  65. Huawei cro-l22
  66. EFT Dongle Gmail FRP Reset Done Fo Samsung Note 8 (SM-N950N)
  67. Problem root g925a 7.0
  68. Problem Invalid sim in Huawei Honor 4A SCL-CL00
  69. SM-G900w8 pattren remove
  70. sm-a520f frp how to solve
  71. remove FRP lock Hwauei LUA-U22 done
  72. a320f 7.0 frp
  73. Help Me
  74. im wanna purches EFT dongle
  75. SAMSUNG SM-G935A Died
  76. Eft dongle haedware
  77. g6000 crom locked
  78. S7562 Not write Gapps . pls help
  79. [NOTICE] Before Buy EFT Dongle And Register it Check This !
  80. HOW to flash HTC
  81. motorola xt1609 frp done
  82. huawei GR5 2017 (BLN-L21) FLASH DONE By EFT
  83. SAMSUNG NOTE 5 ( N920P ) (FRP-OFF) Remove Screen Lock Without Remove Data
  84. huawei GR5 2017 (BLN-L21) FRP DONE By EFT
  85. Galaxy N910T root and Add Arabic Done by EFT Dongle
  86. Huawei P9 Eva-L19 Frp Done By EFT Dongle
  87. problem with login (solved)
  88. CAM-L21 frp DONE BY EFT Dongle
  89. Pra-la1 frp done by eft dongle
  90. Need root file samsung j710f 7.0
  91. Moto xt 1643 imei null
  92. Samsung G570f Upload 7.0 Combinatin
  93. root and add arabic for note4 N910T done.
  94. flash HTC_D820N_A51_UL_OPFJ40000 Done By EFT Dongle
  95. Is It suported Model Phone: HUAWEI CRO-U00 Frp
  96. Samsung sm-g610f frp
  97. All Samsung FRP Success Reports Here Done By EFT Dongle
  98. XT1622 network not working after reset frp
  99. unlock network samsung SGH-t399 success
  100. Cant Remove Frp
  101. Lg call owner
  102. j700p Mobile network only LTE cdma ???
  103. pashto dictionary problem
  104. HUAWEI KII-L21 FRP Done in 3 Seconds by EFT Dongle
  105. SM-G615 pattern lock without data lose need help
  106. EFT Failed to enable ADB on N9005 4.4.2
  107. Verizon 4g LTE omv7a Tablet add arabic Done By EFT Dongle
  108. xiaomi mi pad 2 Arabic And add google Play Done By EFT
  109. Galaxy J701F FRP easy way by EFT Dongle
  110. sm-a710f logo back file need (solved)
  111. Note3 SM-N9002 Change Boot Logo Done by EFT Dongle
  112. Galaxy I9060I Rooting & Repair IMEI Done By EFT Dongle
  113. huawei cun l21 frp reset success
  114. J110H Flashing & Rooting Done By EFT Dongle !
  115. Galaxy A520F Rooting Done by EFT Dongle
  116. S7EDGE (AT&T) FRP Remove Done Version 7.0
  117. Eft dongle support mtk secure boot?
  118. huawei lua-l23 frp remove done
  119. c5000 pattern screen lock problem??
  120. flash htc one m7 done by eft dongle
  121. Samsung SM-N950U add language Arabic without root success
  122. Samsung SM-N920S add language Turkey success
  123. g531f FRP DONE WITH EFT
  124. Root For G610FDDU1AQE4 6.0.1 By #EFT
  125. Samsung j7008 add language France success
  126. Motrol g 3 frp done in 5 min with eft
  127. Htc D828x Flashing Done
  128. samsung j7008
  129. Huawei y5ii (cun-u29) erase frp with eft dongle
  130. about root mtk base
  131. Huawei lua l01 frp reset done using eft dongle
  132. Remove Screen Lock Galaxy J5 Prime Without lost Data Via EFT Dongle
  133. flash htc one m7 done by eft dongle
  134. how to use hardware 1.0 all model open in 1.2.5 setup
  135. please halp
  136. can't reset FRP nexus 6
  137. HTC Rom Request Here For EFT Dongle Users !
  138. i cant log in pls help
  139. is that EFT server down or new exe problem?
  140. server problem
  141. Huawei LUA L21 frp remove done
  142. lost username and password eft
  143. samsung sc 05d add arabic failed
  144. Huawei Nova Lite PRA-LX2 frp done remove
  145. HUAWEI TAG-L21 (jr3) FRP Done in 3 seconds by EFT Dongle
  146. A55ML_DTUL ONE (E9+) Flash Via EFT Dongle
  147. Entry point not found
  148. Motorola XT1585 FRP 7.0 remove done
  149. how to reset samsung note 5 knox counter
  150. g6000 drk failed ,
  151. reset frp nexus 6 new security with eft done
  152. 1st yes yes 1st add arabic sm-n950u1 7.1.1 without root by eft dongle
  153. Motorola xt1526 restart logo done by e-f-t
  154. sm-G720NO add urdo by E-F-T
  155. Eft flashing huawei h30-u10 (help me)
  156. EFT Dongle V1.2.5 Release MOTO FRP BOOT-LOOP FIX AND MORE 07/11/2017
  157. How to resert frp nexus 6 and new security with eft
  158. How to Install eft dongle Hardware full models show i am new user
  159. First In The World Reset FRP Moto Nexus 6 By EFT Dongle
  160. ready test XT1635-02
  161. nexus motorola Remove FRP By EFT Dongle
  163. Huawei Lua - U22 after frp unlock mobile bootloop & re start
  164. how to remove BOOT LOGO PLZ GUIDE ME EFT TEAM?
  165. Huawei Nexus 6P Frp remove problom
  166. eft dongle not open error incomplete inputs
  167. Can your tool work Xiomi mi lock with fastboot mode and also password lock ???????
  168. Mpvistar July lasted patch DONE !
  169. Huawei Y360-U61 IMEI Done
  170. World 1st nexus 6 p done by eft _bye bye motorala waiting v 8.0
  171. EFT Dongle V1.2.4 Release Updated FRP Motorola Nexus 6 FRP 7.1.1 (N6F26Y) 07/11/2017
  172. Huawei hisilicon supported model list
  173. SONY F3211 android 7.0 unlock frp done
  174. Huawei TIT u02 Frp done By EFT Dongle
  175. XT1254 Motorola FRP Done By EFT DONGLE.....
  176. M8_whl HTc One M8 Sprint Relock Bootloader And Flash By EFT Dongle
  177. Motorola FRP Done By EFT (Success Report)
  178. HUAWEI p10 plus android 7.0 frp Done in one minute by EFT
  179. Lg flashing possible or not ?
  180. samsung sm-n920a root
  181. Motorola xt1622 new security unlock frp done.
  182. How to solve no network and comserver and no charge after frp reset
  183. Confused
  184. Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 hang Logo Done by EFT Dongal
  185. Rooting via EFT Dongle Using New Method v1.2.3
  186. J710FN unlock
  187. J320h repair imei and patch cert by eft Dongle
  188. Samsung 9060i Repair imei and patch cert by eft dongle
  189. SM-J200F flashing problem
  190. Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920V 6.0.1 Add Arabic Without Root By EFT Dongle
  191. Remove Screen Lock G570f BY EFT Dongle
  192. FRP LENOVO A2020A40 By EFT Dongle
  193. N900T ADD ARABIC DONE By EFT Dongle
  194. Root J327P success By EFT Dongle
  195. SM-G360H IMEI Repair Done!
  196. Repair Imei Huawei G610-U20 By EFT Dongle
  197. Moto G5 Plus Frp By EFt Dongle
  198. This time Motorola. XT 1641...G4. Factory reset done. By EFT team....
  199. download issue
  200. Please Add Moto Nexus 6