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  1. Huawei Nova 3 "PAR-AL00" Rebranded "PAR-L21"+"HUAWEI ID" REMOVED + DOWNGRATED
  2. is there any way to downgrade MAR-L22B to MAR-L22B (C
  3. P20 lite ane lx1 version 9.1 downgrade to 8.0 + repair imei success !!!!! 11
  4. JSN-L22 Bricked . oeminfo not exist in flasher
  5. DUB-LX1 IMEI /BT / WIFI (Empty Board Repair) done may be world first
  6. Device with unsupported security patch
  7. Cannot get info from device Mate 9
  8. Huawei SCL-U31 Imei Repair Done HDE Tool
  9. Huawei SCL-L31 Unlock Done HDE Tool
  10. Frp p20 lite ane lx1 9.1.0 removed with success
  11. help- cannot dectect device in upgrade mode
  12. firmware downloading error
  13. Mt6739
  14. Huawei Mediapad BAH2-W09 Converted to International version
  15. Important: Huawei firmware version + all regional code
  16. Honor Play COR-L29 OEMinfo
  17. I Have HDE Tool 2 years but when Erase FRP HDE inform Insufficient Credit Why??
  18. Help, Bricked Nova 2s HWI-AL00
  19. i need fla-lx2 oeminfo
  20. Nova 3 PAR-AL00 Huawei ID Remove Successful
  21. huawei bla al00 9.0 id remove done
  22. Huawei P8 Lite 2017 PRA-LX1 Repair Done
  23. Hde tool(flasher ver 115)released bugfixing and improvements
  24. please help firmware huawei p10
  25. Always show New version available
  26. Honor 10 COL-AL10 Huawei ID removed
  27. Hde tool(flasher ver 112)released add new method for flash
  28. Cannot get info from device stop here
  29. P20 lite,(ane-lx1) downgrated from v9 to 8, imei repaired
  30. MATE 20 LITE update oem info
  31. huawei fig-la1 recovery mod
  32. huawei p10 plus vky-L29 dead after downgrade
  33. Y7 prime 2018 edl mode
  34. HDE TOOL Software too old, please download the latest version!
  35. IMEI 000 vtr-l29 And mha-l29
  36. gra-ul10 huawei p8 lite pinout need
  37. Insufficient credits!
  38. Plz help debrand dub-al00
  39. Anyone help me Fla-lx2 dead After write wrong board software
  40. hde packs
  41. Huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  42. Huawei ShotX - Honor 7i (ATH-UL01) DEAD FULL REPAIR DONE
  43. Huawei g630-u10 dead boot full repair done
  44. can unlock huawei id
  45. what is diffrence if want to activate??
  46. VTR-AL00 rebrand problem ,now is bricked
  47. FLA-LX2 y9 2018 dead after board software file flash
  48. huawei u8510 unlock
  50. Pra=lx3
  51. Hde tool and mrt
  52. INE-lx1 Unbrick help
  53. hde tool link
  54. SLA-L22 oeminfo
  55. How to flash INE-LX2
  56. HDE TOOL(Flasher Ver 105)Released Hello To Android 9
  57. Can not open hdeflashtool
  58. plz help me hde tool team
  59. how bnd l21 downgrade 8.0 to 7.0
  60. How can i read IMEI from new huawei?
  61. Hde tool 2 year activation not active since bought
  62. how dra-lx5 imei repair through HDE
  63. problem activation HDE
  64. Honor 9 lite lld l21 frp
  65. New Activate HDE Tool 2 Years Pack,i do any operation says insufficient credit
  66. Dear team col-al10
  67. chc-u23 Error writing Bootloader
  68. After buy hde tool not working...
  69. huawei e5577c unlock problem ......
  70. error flash firmware mate 10 pro
  71. World First BLA-L29 FRP Success TP Method By HDE Tool
  72. HDE Tools Time License 2 Year Access wrong password
  73. huawei atu-l21 pin lock
  74. please fix my problem....
  75. hde tool flle not found. not download any file
  76. P20 pro, (clt-l09), v.9 + screen lock +frp + flash failed, all repaired by hde
  77. not oeminfo file
  78. i need firmware LND-L29
  80. can i remove huawei mate 20 lite and p10 demo firmware?
  82. EVA-TL00 Oeminfo File not Found
  83. Huawei P20 EML-L29 Stuck on Erecovery Flash Done
  84. Lld-l31 oeminfo
  85. huawei ctl-u29 demo fix solution need
  86. How to register hde 23 year on hua dongle?
  87. Huawei Nova 3 "PAR-AL00" Rebranded "PAR-L21"(hw/eu) +"HUAWEI ID" REMOVED + DOWNGRATED
  88. please fix my id password
  89. hde tool error
  90. hde tool download
  91. hde tool link
  92. P10 dead after downgrad
  93. need test point DLI-L22
  94. Hde tool(service tool ver 1.0.3)released add repair network for hisilicon phones
  95. I need you to support the hde 2 year tool
  96. Information About the NEW Online Support and Time...
  97. mate 10 Pro BLA-AI00
  98. Information About the Online Support Time...
  99. kirin 710 980 support
  100. hde not dectect mobile in upgrade mode
  101. HUawei DIG-L22 P9 Lite Smart Test Point needed
  102. can we write board firmware of Qualcomm with hde flasher ?
  103. HDE and Flasher List Models & features(2,6,2019)
  104. P30 Pro dead after flash
  106. Huawei p20 pro scren lock reset with out lost data
  107. huawei p smart imei repair
  108. HDE FLASHER VERSION 0.79 link are broken
  109. mate 20 pro downgrade pls help,.
  110. Teacher, does HDE TOOLS support Huawei Hisilicon Kirin 710 processor?
  111. INE-LX1 unbick solution
  112. an important announcement by the HUA TEAM...
  113. Honor P8 Lite Remove FRP Done Just One Click
  114. Where can I buy HDE Tools time license (2 Year Access)?
  115. Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L29 Demo Remove
  116. How to change hde tool Password
  117. CHM-U01 restarting, pls help team,.
  118. huawei p20 lite unlock solved with downgrade ane-lx1
  119. DUA-L22 imei repair
  120. Y6-2018 ATU-L31 dead
  121. Honor Play COR-AL00 Huawei ID remove Done
  122. huawei p smart dead after flash
  123. hte tool server error ?? AT command error
  124. huawei p10 plius vky-al00
  125. hde error 0xc0150002
  126. i need download hde cline tool
  127. P10 board sw
  128. p10 dead help
  129. Hde cannot connect to server
  130. Hde tool(hde service tool 1.0.2)released add erase for huawei phones
  131. Lld- al20 colour screen problem
  132. i cannot find scc-u21 huawai 1.0 mode test point
  133. HDE activation problem
  134. hey supporter need one answer
  135. alp-l29 Huawei ID please help
  136. Dra-l21
  137. PRA-LA1 need firmware
  139. write new imei for HUAWEI VNS L3 DONE
  140. Hde Flasher Login Problem
  141. HDE tool resolution problem
  142. Hde tool 2 year active done but wrong user id password show
  143. chm-u01 can't flash
  144. Honor 8x jsn-al00(and all Kirin 710 devices) be supported????
  146. huadongle
  147. frp problem mtk cpu another tool is done 30 sec
  148. Honor 7X hang logo
  149. when i flash show this
  150. hde tool 2 years activation done but tool not working
  151. Question BKL-AL20
  152. RNE-L21 Frp Remove by HuaPro
  153. huawei mate 20 HMA-L29
  154. RNE-L22 flash done but huawei logo only
  155. Huawei P20 EML-AL00 EMUI9 Huawei ID removed
  156. Access denied
  157. Hde smartcard not found
  158. Honor 9N(LLD-AL20)FRP unlock Done By HDE Tool Tp Method[SUCCESS REPORT]
  159. Mate 10 Pro EMUI9 Huawei ID Permanent Removed
  160. Mate 10 Pro EMUI9 Huawei ID Permanent Removed
  161. How to reset frp huawei new security phones(video)
  162. Question to the Dev's...Hua "Multiflash Solution"
  163. Huawei ALP-L29 FRP Done
  164. HONOR 9 LITE can't find model in oeminfo
  165. Honor 7X BND-AL10 frp success with test point
  166. Mate 10 Pro EMUI 8.1 Huawei ID remove done
  167. Honor 9 Lite Chinese to Global done
  168. ane lx1
  169. huawei p10 frp failed
  170. JSN-L22 Imei repair not possible
  171. INE-Lx2 can downgrade ?
  172. huawei p20 eml-l29 huawei id?
  173. JAN-L22 Imei repair not possible
  175. *************About nowruz holiday.....******************
  176. Activation Problem(fixed now)
  177. Insufficient credits! after paiment for 1 year license
  178. nova2 plus frp
  179. insufficient credit
  181. honor 8 FRD-L19 error mode?
  182. Huawei VNS-L31 FRP Done
  183. ane lx1 downgrade
  184. LND-AL30 dead boot repair show 9008 port but cnat boot with hedtool
  185. how to fix huawei all chines model playstore for android 8.0
  186. Software locked to other PC!
  187. DUB-LX1 how to remove demo
  188. p20lite ane-lx2 after update imei 000000
  189. hde flasher credit not enough
  190. HUAWEI P20 LITE HWV32 unlock fail
  191. HDE New User
  192. Huawei g620s fastboot mode and phone locked
  193. mate 20 lite demo
  194. Bll-l22 gr5 restarting,. pls help,.
  195. HDE Tool Enough Credits Issue
  196. Huawei p smart "fig lx1" downgrade frp, imei repair done
  197. Fail! Insufficient credits!
  198. HDE TOOL time license pls help,..
  199. clt-l29 demo remove suport or not
  200. 🔥 HDE TOOL(Ver 1.0323)Released Add Language For New Huawei Phones 🔥