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  1. New User, Not Enough Credits
  2. Huawei p9 return 1.0com after asking for upgrad mode
  3. hello interested to gain this tool
  4. Huawei Honor 9 Lite LLD-AL10 Unlock error
  5. Huawei Honor V9 NOT SUPPORTED
  6. Huawei lua-l21 imei repair done
  7. "Phone not Found" problem
  8. Huawei scl-u31 frp unlock done
  9. Huawei GR5 2017 BLL-L22 Unbricked & Color Screen Fixed
  10. Huawei vns-l21 imei repair done
  11. HUAWEI VNS-L21 frp unlock done
  12. Huawei Honor 9 Lite bricked condition.....
  13. Unlock bootloader p20 and p20 pro
  14. Mate 10 alp-al00 no GSM signal after unbrick
  15. Huawei pra-la1 frp unlock done
  16. Huawei tit-al00 frp unlock done
  17. frp
  18. Huawei trt-l21a frp unlock done
  19. Huawei g630-u10 dead boot repair done
  20. need help hua team..pls check
  21. About hua team online support... TIME & DATE
  22. please check hua team....
  23. Huaweig8 rio l01 in 9006 mode
  24. Huawei g8 rio l01 screen color after flash
  25. At first time Remove Demo p10
  26. BKL-AL00 How change model and vendor?
  27. Huawei fig-la1 android 8 frp unlock done
  28. i have a problem
  29. HDE FLASHER Version 0.57.1 Released Fix Color screen problem for hisilicon phones
  30. huawei lua-u22 frp reset done by hdetool
  31. Huawei cun-u29 frp unlock done
  32. Huawei g630-u10 dead boot repair done
  33. PRA-LX1 board software
  34. Huawei mla-l11 imei repair done
  35. psmart fig-la1 frp Done
  36. Huawei g630-u10 ( dead boot ) full repair done
  37. Huawei Honor 7s DUA-L22 MTK Imei Repair?
  38. Huawei g6-u10 imei repair done
  39. Mate 10 Pro not supported after B147 Firmware upgrade
  40. Huawei y300-0100 imei repair done
  41. Huawei cam-l21 frp unlock done
  42. Huawei g630-u20 imei repair done
  43. Huawei trt-l21a frp unlock done
  44. not responding hde tool
  45. Huawei tit-al00 frp unlock done
  46. Unlock Lua-L03
  47. Honor 6A DLI-TL20 no flash ?
  48. Huawei g610-u20 enabling all language done
  49. Y6 SCL-L01 frp and imei done
  50. help i forget password hde tool
  51. I want to buy HDE tool
  52. Huawei tit-al00 imei repair done
  53. G630-u10 dead bot repair done
  54. Huawei g510-0200 imei repair done
  55. P20 pro remove demo mode??
  56. First huawei "trt-l01" imei repair done with full success
  57. about HDE?
  58. Huawei g630-u20 imei repair done
  59. HDETOOL Version 278 Released Add Read FRP Code
  60. Hde tool please not make new update read frp code..
  61. huawei chm-u01 imei repair done
  62. HDE tool,Application error please help
  63. problem in my new HDE 2year account(SLOVED NOW)
  64. Huawei rne-l21 frp unlock done
  65. Need Nv.dgtks Was-Lx1 -Was-L21
  66. Huawei rio-lo1 frp unlock done
  67. pleas help hde
  68. Huawei g730-u10 enabling all language done
  69. error in converting demo mode to normal mode
  70. cro-u00 & cro-l22 frp problem
  71. Huawei g8 rio-l01 flash done
  72. p8 2017 Board Software fail
  73. hde ebook !!!!
  74. Huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  75. HDETOOL Version 272 Released REALLY huawei update
  76. Huawei Y625 - unlock
  77. Huawei was-lx1a frp unlock done
  78. Huawei g630-u20 dead full repair done
  79. Huawei y530-u00 imei repair done
  80. Huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  81. Huawei trt-l21 frp unlock done
  82. Please ceck my HDE account
  83. HDE Flasher HUAWEI P10 Flashing Error (done)
  84. Honor 4x CHE2-UL00
  85. HDE TOOL(Flasher Ver 0.57)Rleased add New Phone models
  86. Huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  87. P8 lite bricked (done)
  89. Huawei g6-u00 ( dead ) full repair done
  90. Huawei pra-la1 frp unlock done
  91. Huawei g630-u00 flash done
  92. Huawei mt7-tl10 (mate7) imei repair done
  93. Need help
  94. Huawei g8 rio-l01 imei repair done
  95. Huawei g730-u10 imei repair done
  96. Huawei ascend GX1 sc-ul10
  97. Huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  98. hi team. i want buy hde tool. please guide me
  99. problem with HDE tool
  100. Huawei crr-ul00 imei repair done
  101. Mate 10 Pro Demo unit always recovery after country change
  102. Software locked to other PC! how to reset password?
  103. active is done after 1/24 hrs
  104. huawei y360-u61 imei repair done
  105. P20 EML-L29 frp support?
  106. Honor 9i RNE-L22 Test Point
  107. huawei tablet KOB-L09 unlock
  108. Huawei rne-l21 frp unlock done
  109. MHA-L29 boot repair. How ?
  110. 2 years active on hua tool infinite box What do I need to do for the hde tool?
  111. New india reseller for buy hde tool
  112. cun-u29 frp erorr
  113. Huawei chm-u01 imei repair done
  114. Huawei y360-u61 imei repair done
  115. hde flasher latest version need
  116. Vky-al00 test point need?
  117. Huawei GR3 2017 PRA-LX2 FRP Unlocked With HDE Tool
  118. p10 demo remove problem
  119. HDE Tool can fix error mode huawei nova youth?
  120. first reset factory Fixed this problem Thank You Hua Team
  121. hi HDE Team need some information
  122. Huawei mate 10 pro (demo) "bla-l09" converted to "eu" original
  123. Ebook paswword?
  124. Huawei p9 lite (vns-l11) imei repaired with success
  125. Huawei p10 plus (vky-l09) imei repair success !!!
  126. Huawei GR5 2017 Honor 6X BLL-L22 Unbricked Successfully
  127. clt-tl01 p20 pro unlock bootloader
  128. Huawei mha-l29 frp removed in one click
  129. cun-u29 frp and bootloader
  130. huawei p8 flashing failed
  131. Huawei g730-u10 imei repair done
  132. huawei g610-u00 imei repair done
  133. HUAWEI CRO-L22 frp fail
  134. bossible change KNT-AL20 country CN
  135. Huawei g610-u20 & g610-u00 imei repair done
  136. hde flasher
  137. Huawei g610-u00 imei repair done
  138. hde flasher for mate 10 pro debranding fixed with free solution
  140. Huawei gra-ul00 imei repair done
  141. Huawei y360-u61 imei repair done
  142. p20 & p20 pro demo mode
  143. Need unlock pattern nova plus
  144. HDE Activation problem (new User) DONE NOW
  145. huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  146. Hua + hde have flash file
  147. special thanks goes to Allumts that always enlightens us with its fantastic and resol
  148. Need extra activation?
  149. cun-u29 imei repair done
  150. Buy huapro HUA + HDE activation on infinity products WITHOUT BUY NEW DONGLE
  151. How to remove DEMO MODE from Huawei Phones With HDE?
  152. hde tool sucess frp report cun-u29,lua-u22,mya-l22
  153. Huawei trt-l21a frp unlock done
  154. FIG-AL00 hde flasher with test point not done!!!
  155. Huawei ane-lx1 firmware need hde support side
  157. Buy hde tool from worldwide sales (user and resellers)
  158. HDE PRO buy from gsm server account
  159. Huawei h30-u10 imei repair done
  160. Huawei g610-u20 imei repair done
  161. What is hde tool credit system sir?
  162. which is latest version of hde tool and flasher?
  163. hde log file??
  164. Problem with renew activation
  165. insufficient credit(FIXED)
  166. y300-0100 restart
  167. Huawei Y3-2 LUA-L22 imie repair Done by HDE Tool
  168. Huawei SCL-L21 FRP RESET SUCCESS by HDE
  169. New user, not enough credits
  170. New user, not enough credits. After 24 hours, same
  171. Huawei p20 lite ANE-LX1 debranding demo version
  172. Huawei g750-u10 imei repair done
  173. Huawei pra-la1 frp unlock done
  174. Huawei Mate 10 Series support for Board Software???
  175. New hde official reseller in pakistan and dubai
  176. mya-l11 unlock network support?
  177. scl-u31 after flash show green display auto on off
  178. hde tool activation
  179. 018-04-28 18:50:30.782 Connecting to server... 2018-04-28 18:50:31.384 Connected! Cl
  180. Rebranded honor 8 china (frd-al00) to universal (frd-l19)
  181. huawei maya-l22 imei repair done
  182. Need help..huawei p7-l10 problem..the sim card you inserted doesnot support 4g networ
  183. about activation?
  184. help to flash rne-l01(solved)
  185. IDM can't download
  186. Working Now Thanks Hua Team Write Imei Mate 9
  187. Working Now Thanks Hua Team Write Imei Mate 9
  188. Huawei WAS-LX1AC652B101 Firmware Needed
  189. RIO- L01 Rf nv data file need
  190. How FRP huawei mtk?
  191. H1711 not suport unlock
  192. HDE Insufficient credits!
  193. huawei y550-l01 flash done
  194. y530-u00 imei repair done
  195. Testpoint Honor 6x
  196. Huawei Mate 10 (ALP) showing as Huawei USB COM 1.0?
  197. ************************ buy hde tool + flasher ***** worldwide *********************
  198. Huawei P10 -- VTR-L29
  199. Huawei g630-u10 flash done
  200. Hde tool list models 2018/04/19