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  1. GPG Industries Team Wishing You A Very Happy Republic Day !!
  2. GPGIndustries Team wishing you peace, love and Laughter in 2016
  3. GPG Industries wishes You a Very Special Merry Xmas And A New Year 2016
  4. GPG Industries Wishes To All Hindu Friends Verry Happy Di(pa)wali or Tihar
  5. GPG Industries wishes Very Happy VIJAYADASHAMI to all Hindu Brothers and Sisters!!!
  6. Happy Adha Eid From GPG
  7. GPG Industries Team Wish Happy Rakshabandhan to All Hindus !!
  8. === GPGIndustries Wish you Happy Eid ===
  9. Gpgteam wishing you an happy ramadan!!!
  10. GPGIndustries Presents Nokia 220 Fbus Cable
  11. hai gpg team pls slove my problem
  12. Formatted SD card by mistake
  13. Do you have any Cable solution for Galaxy s5?
  14. *** Chinese New Year Notification - GPGIndustries will close 15 Feb to 2nd Mar ***
  15. GPGIndustries wishing you & "Happy New Year-2015" !!
  16. GPGIndustries Wish you Happy ChristMass & Chinese New Year Notice !!
  17. always come to your website "Account Suspended"
  18. GPG Industries Wishes To All Hindu Friends Happy Di(pa)wali or Tihar 2014
  19. GPGIndustries Wish you An Happy Eid-Ul-Adha
  20. Happy VIJAYADASHAMI to all Hindu Brothers!!
  21. GPGIndustries Now on Facebook ! Like us
  22. GPGIndustries Wish you An Happy EID -- Eid Mubarak !!!
  23. ATF EMMC Adaptor You Don't Need To Modify Any Thing... More Details inside !!
  24. GPGIndustries Wish you An Happy RAmadan !! Ramadan Kareem !!
  25. Microbox Htc cable?
  26. GPG EMMC BGA169E adapter pinout
  27. Pls release Lumia 900 TP repair Cable
  28. Confusing
  29. WORLD FIRST !!! ATF 5 in 1 EMMC Cable
  30. Cooming Soon
  31. Gpgteam is back to work after cny break!!!
  32. i8190 emmc
  33. gsm finder login problem
  34. [Request] GPG [ Auto Universal Driver-2014 ]
  35. N7100 boot repair with s-boot cable
  37. Fix Unknown Product Name????
  38. Last day for garanteed delivery before chinese new year ( From 26th Jan to 12th Feb )
  39. Be careful from those resellers who sells Copy/Clone Non Original Products
  40. Gpgindustries wishing you an happy new year!!
  41. The revolutionary uart clip!!!
  42. Gpgindustries wish you all a merry christmas
  43. UART Clip
  44. WORLD FIRST 108 FBus cables! Only at GPGINDUSTRIES!!!!
  45. WORLD FIRST 107 FBus cables! Only at GPGINDUSTRIES!!!!
  46. Please pray and donate for the Philippines
  47. GPGIndustries wishing an Happy Diwali to all our friends!
  48. GPGIndustries making jtaging easy!!!! Welcome to our gpgeasy jigs!!!!
  50. s clip mmc corroupt
  51. S-boot cable problem
  52. Important info about coming chinese holidays
  53. Repair Dead boot S3 i9300 by SBoot Clip
  54. 21/11/2013 Updated / GPGEMMC_Box New HOT Functions/Features List Released
  55. i have problem when use s boot clip
  56. GsmSp.com Presents Fashion Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  57. World first 2 in 1 Z3X, SETool, NSPro, NCK, Etc, Interface
  58. spoo key to add me
  59. Gpgindustries wish an happy rakshabandhan to all our friends
  60. need help with gpg boot cable
  61. 15-Aug Happy independence day of India !!
  62. 14-Aug Happy independence day of Pakistan !!
  63. S boot clip ( test report )
  64. GPGIndustries Presents World's 1st,Z3X EMMC Adaptor!!
  65. Volcanobox & Gpgindustries wishing you an very Happy eid
  66. GPG S-BOOT CABLE.... It has never been easier to repair samsung DEAD boots
  67. GPGINDUSTRIES wish an happy ramadan mubarak to all our muslim friends
  68. Gpg emmc
  69. Cyclone Box info
  71. Again first and only in the world nk 105 & 305 cables
  72. ☼ GPGIndustries Presents The New Revolutionary EMMC Box.◄GPGEMMC►[ UPATED ON 04.12 ]
  73. Cyclone key is back in STOCK!!!
  74. GPGIndustries & VolcanoBox Team presents Chinese Android mobiles Combo Boot Cable
  75. Original z3x jtag box ready in stock!!! 5000 pcs ready for delivery!
  76. Urgent Please Help Me ! Requests Card not added z3x server
  77. sir i need huawei c2856 riff jtag cabel
  78. An other hot coming cable!! Have a guess :))))
  79. P1000, P6200, P8000 Combo UART Cable - CABLES MADE BY PROS
  80. GpGinfustries, Please make RJ45 for Samsung P6200, P1000, P8000 all same pinout
  81. GPG Original mep0 sd cable... Again world first
  82. In needs of gsm cables?
  83. GPGIndustries Presents Jtag JIG for Samsung I9100 - I9100G - SHW M200s etc...
  84. GPGIndustries Came back to Work... Fasten Your Seatbelts lot of new things are coming
  85. World's 1st GPGIndustries Presents Nokia 2050 & 2060 USB/FBUS Cables !!
  87. Chinese new year important NOTICE
  88. GPGIndustries Wish you... Happy New Year !! Lot of Hot Products Coming :))
  89. Gpgindustries wish you very Happy Christmas
  90. AsanFile.Com - The best and reservoir gsm files
  91. Hot Hot Jtag Jigs By GPG For Jtag Lovers :)
  92. Galaxy SII i9100 Download Clip
  93. Welcome all to our new shop!!! Remember we can beat all prices!!!
  94. ATOM Carbon case powered by ITSKINS!!!
  95. 1st time ever Fully Activated Setool plus Complete Cables by GPGIndustries
  96. A new Breed of Cables...LUMIA UNLOCK TPCABLES Only at GPGINDUSTRIES
  97. The last factory standing!
  98. Happy Islamic New Year to all our friends!
  99. rj45.523k cable ?samsung s3350
  100. need gpg glass and gpg sim cutter
  101. ................Gpg Pro Cable Stock Ready For Sale Good Price................
  102. Happy VIJAYADASHAMI to all our Hindu Brothers!!
  103. Gsmsp Presents Spare Parts for Latest Phones
  104. GPGIndustries Wish To All Muslim Freind Eid al-Adha Mubarak
  105. gpg industries big problem i login it giving a problem
  106. Iphone 5 nano sim cutter news
  107. World first ev-w420 cable
  108. World first iphone 5 sim adaptor
  109. National chinese holidays 2012
  110. GPGIndustries special pack! Special prices for GPGIndustries resselers!!
  111. Atf sd pro reader by gpgindustries!!!
  112. GPGIndustries Wish and Happy Independence day to our Indian Freinds
  113. GPGIndustries Wish and Happy Independence day to our Pakistanis Friends
  114. High quality screwdriver for iphone4g/4s!!!
  115. Pocket projector for iphone4G/4GS !!
  116. htc and samsung jigs
  117. Transparent pc bumper for galaxy s3 !!!
  118. How new spare parts ready in stock!!!
  119. Featuring the very best of gpgindustries
  120. Best Price on Galaxy S2, Note LCD on GSMSP!!!
  121. GPGIndustries wish to all our muslim freind ramadan mubarak
  122. GPGXPERT USB Cable set!!
  123. GPGIndustries Producing the best cables and hardware of the market since 6 years!
  124. cheap and quality cases available to shop online!!
  125. GSMSP new hot cases is on the shelve,come and get them now!!!
  126. Gpgindustries team wish you an happy Shab-e-Baraat-Laylat AL- Braat mubarak
  127. Booooom an other crasy ufc news!!! Check inside a 100% free add on!!!
  128. Bombastic gpgufcpro news!!! Absolut world first!!!
  129. Buy world SHAKING products from the source!!!
  130. Official GPG Service Center in Pakistan!
  131. UFCPro back in stock!!!!!!
  132. ufc pro..hard to place E50 in between the clip
  133. GPG X Micro sim adaptor!!!
  134. Hot World First Nokia 110 & 200 Cable BACK IN STOCK!!!
  135. Why do you need PBTOOL..
  136. Gpgcable Mtk PL2303 3in1
  137. GPG Cable set ready in stock!!!come and get them now!!!
  138. GPG Hot New products in stock!!!!!!!!!!
  139. GPG Goodies BACK IN STOCK!!!
  140. GPGINDUSTRIES SPECIAL OFFER-Octopus Box(LG and Samsung activated)
  141. Z3X Box Special Offer! Limited QTY Available! 99USD only
  142. GPG Hot New product:GPG MEGA GLASS!!!
  143. Welcome to our new Resseler in Mumbai
  144. GPGUFC PRO Video Proof on Nokia X3
  145. Help--- GPGUFC
  146. Gpgufcpro 2012 reseler in morocco
  148. GPGHUB 2.0 back in stock!!!
  149. Gpgufcpro 2012怎么夹n95??
  150. GPG UFC PRO DEMO Video :)
  151. HOT GPGindustries products back in stock!!!
  152. Memoscan vag5053 VW AUDI scanner service reset
  153. Chinese Tomb sweeping day notice:)))
  154. gsmsp whole new hot product is on the shelve ! come and get them now!!!!!!
  155. The new ipad spare parts added to GSMSP!!!
  156. indian resellers-GPG team need vodafone 246 cable
  157. W19i resurrection cable for setool
  158. The new ipad cases added to GSMSP!!!
  159. Resurrect cable?
  160. i475 cable by GPGindustries!
  161. GPGIndustries hot new products!!!
  162. VolcanoBox the Ultimate Chinese phone Tool by FuriousTeam
  163. Medusa Resurection Cables now ready for delivery!!
  164. Samsung microusb 7 pin connector
  165. GPGIndustries Presents Micro-USB-Host-mode-OTG-cable!
  166. happy chinese new year!!!
  167. (-: Some Videos for GPGLovers :-) - Last Updated on 30-01-12
  168. The most Expected Jtag Cables now Exclusively available at GPGIndustries!!
  169. Peugeot Citroen car Diagnostic Tool!!
  170. Multiunlocker dongle
  171. want to buy 5 in 1 cable in india
  172. Happy new year from GPGindustries!!!
  173. Setool 24K GOLD new update:Cables Now included in Pack
  174. GPGIndustries Wish you a Merry chrismas and an Happy New Year:)
  175. Welcome to the GPGIndustries!!!
  176. Important notice about Chinese new year holidays!
  177. Microbox adaptor!!!!
  178. GPGIndustries Present USB Dragon Charger!!
  179. what box can repair anycall w9600 dead mode?
  180. Dear Christophe Please add this Products
  181. Few questions about new cables
  182. GPGPRO2 UFS 20IN 1,GPG UFS 177 in 1
  183. Are your Ready to meet the most Exclusive USB cable ever built?
  184. GPG PACK(GPG Tester+C4D+TMAX).only 19.90usd!!!!!!
  185. GPGUFCPRO 2012... A new Revolution in the UFC world...
  186. GPGIndustries Latest Cables!!
  187. Happy birthday sir christophe
  188. gpg ufc rsgestering failed
  189. Happy Muslim New Year!!!
  190. Is Resurrection cable of e16 and e15i same?
  191. GPGIndustries Fbus Cables in Action (: Nokia 702T FFS2 Cable :)
  192. GPGIndustries present first in the world the hotest cable of this Winter!
  193. Most Usefull Link for Fbus cable users
  194. Nokia T7 Fbus Cable powered by GPGIndustries
  195. GPGIndustries Free Download Section
  196. GPG CDMA JTAG Cable set ready for delivery
  197. new cable for SE E15I to use with riff box
  198. New Z3XBox introduced by GPGIndustries
  199. Can they Do it?
  200. Gpg hub