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  1. Avator worlds bad box
  2. china samsung m3850 MSTAR Write Flash Done
  3. : Avatorbox Activation Code
  4. karbon a2
  5. QMobile E4 cpu Mtk 625A is fully supported on AvatorBox
  6. Karbonn KT52 MSATR write flash Done
  7. Avator Box Team Sleep ?
  8. i need mt 6516 driver
  9. Dead QMobile E220 successfully alive ,while other failed
  10. Mt6235nor
  11. *****Avator Jig become Magical auto boot usb cable [ Now no need any boot key ]*****
  12. request avator box activation code
  13. Avatorbox activation code please send
  14. Q mobile e 760 supported with avator box
  15. Hello hello All dear AvatorBox users [ANNOUNCEMENT ]
  16. Q mobile e760 not boot on avator box
  17. Active Error (3):License Already issued
  18. activation problem
  19. activation problem
  20. Active=Error: (3) License already issued for this SN
  21. please help any body and avator team urgent
  22. need intex in1212 nano plus nv file --6253
  23. how to flash G.CING668 flash with avator
  24. Avator Team . .
  25. plz help me avator box Press " Box Authorisation " Tab plz solution
  26. so many times posted but no use plz help
  27. activation code avator box
  28. after format no service/emergency
  29. please solve my problem
  30. activation request
  31. Box authorisation problem
  32. rda and cool sand cpu
  33. i need Rokea-RT18i flash file needed
  34. cherry mobile w8 MT6255 pls. add in next update...
  35. activation problem ( Solved )
  36. Q mobile E440 help
  37. Avtorbox activation code
  38. [SPANSION]S71PL127N/ Supported Only on AvatorBox/What's up Next
  39. ma kich hoat
  40. need glx l330 flashfile
  41. Ime Null/Null Working....
  42. [Flash: NOR_INTEL_PF38F30xxM0x1xx] W5.1CQ01V01.07/W5.1CQ01V01_05 [Added Files ]
  43. chinese i9500 problem
  44. I want help from Avator team...
  45. celkon 609
  46. activation problem [ Answered]
  47. Hello mr .resident [Solved ]
  48. How to connect HUAWEI G2100 with AVATOR BOX ?....Solved
  49. waiting avator team [ solved ]
  50. Q Mobile E500 hang on logo successfully solved
  51. Hello mr .resident2011 sir [ Solved ]
  52. activation code need thank you
  53. Need Activation Code... [Help]
  54. What is the use of activation when no password accept
  55. Happy birthday to our beloved Product supporter Mr.Fullflash Pak
  56. Whats going wrong with me.....? Need answer
  57. any one help
  58. sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  59. hello amn32 sir when will this superb uptate comes to avator sectionAVATOR BOX
  60. Iphone4 Android MT6516!!!! [Under Test]
  61. Avator registration
  62. 128mb flash length size
  63. R&D UnderTest [MT6253T Flash: NOR_INTEL_PF38F30xxM0x1xx] Sec Rebuild [Huawei G7105]
  64. It's Not A Joke! [Over 1000 Models Supported]
  65. witch boot for mtk chip?
  66. Now PINFINDER-JTAG Become USB Power in AvatorBoxSuite BUILD 1.0.0 [31-03-13] Guide!!
  67. AvatorBoxSuite Beta [Hot Release] MACRONIX_MX25U12835Fz World First [kicking Hard!!]
  68. Mstar 8532BL Supported for Imei [World First] MACRONIX_MX25U12835Fz !!New ID Added!!
  69. AVATOR Entry Point not Found Error [Solved] Now Work In Windows 8 "Check Test Report"
  70. AvatorBoxTeam 2010-2013 How to register your AvatorBox
  71. AVATOR Recent News and Updates [31-MAR-2013]
  72. AvatorBoxSuite #6.5.13B Build 1.0.0 [Beta] VolcanoBox Fail But AvatorBox Is Success
  73. where Is update...........31-03-2013...?
  74. Gigo M Serie!!! Supported For All Operations [SC6620]
  75. Beta Test Start AvatorBox BUILD 1.0.0 Success Blu Tank (4MB) Read/
  76. activaton code not found after 40 days
  77. Rokea R212 SPD 6800h cpu flashed sucsess in AVATOR
  78. No new update
  79. AvatorBoxTeam!!! please Help Me.. [Need Activation Code]
  80. PinFinder Working In New Egold Phone!! Zte S319 Detected and Unlock!! [Thanks]
  81. Activation/Licenses Calculated for resident[AvatorBoxTeam]WhatsApp!! V4 [Up 22/04/13]
  82. AvatorBox team wishes very happy Holi to all indian users
  83. Please sir give my avator box activation code i am still from since 30 days
  84. Need activation code
  85. 31.03.13
  86. not sending my activation coded after 30 days, why>
  87. Need user with MT625A, SC6530, MT6235Nor, with New Flash ID: For Test!!
  88. i need hlp avator team pls
  89. yxtel C900fm sucsessfully READ&FORMATE By AVATOR
  90. SpreadTrum CPU: SC6610/20 Flash: SF_GD27Q64 [Full Unlock] AvatorBoxSuite #6.5.13B
  91. Dade Prodect AvatorBox Non New Update Long Time..... [Wait Coming Soon Version B]
  92. Hello Sir [Update Coming Soon]
  93. Why AvatorBoxSuite New Edition [Update] Need Act Code.. [For security]
  94. Hello Mr. resident2011 I´m Extreamly Sorry For My Mistake [Wait]
  95. SpreadTrum SC6530 SuccessFully!! [AvatorBoxTeam In Mode Demolition]All is Successfull
  96. starmobile t601i wifi MT6236 hang logo solved by avatorbox via windows 8 os (test)
  97. How to reset your password after you authorized your box? [Solved]
  98. What is your problem with the activation code
  99. To: Mr Munavar [AvatorBox User In India] Activation Code ready!!![S/N00114480]
  100. Now AvatorBox Working Successfully With AvatorBoxSuite #6.5.13A [Box Now Registered]
  101. Activation/Licenses [Direct Support-Easy & Secure] Starts 08/04/2013[WhatsApp Added]
  102. We Bet CPU MT6205 Only AvatorBoxTeam!! Can Handle It [Entering In Demolition Mode ]
  103. activation=error;s/n[00032280]is not exit,contact to...... [Solution In process]
  104. waiting for activation code
  105. Wellcomm Prado II No Network After Format [Solution - Restore NV Area or Full Flash]
  106. Feb 27 Still I´m Waiting For Activation Code [Solution In Process/Generatin License]
  107. Hello Other Team ,I hope You NEVER Mind It. [AvatorBoxTeam Demolition Mode]
  108. March 7 till Today..? [Where is That 48 Hours?] [Check You Email - Activation Code]
  109. AvatorBoxTeam Please Help Me!!! [Tomorrow We Will Verify Your Information]
  110. Give The Activation Code AvatorBoxTeam/resident [Send Full Info]
  111. [ASK] You don't have a license to run this function
  112. MT6255 Imei repair Supported!!! [Test report Successfull] AvatorBoxSuite A or B [Ok]
  113. AGTEL Army reset And Format Successfull With AvatorBox Suite In [Demolition Mode]
  114. How TO KNOW MTK , SPD ,Firmware name from flash file For Avator box users only.
  115. Error ready!!!! Open Your Eyes AvatorBoxTeam Back Soon**
  116. AvatorBox Suite #6.513B Working In WIndows 8.. And More Hot!![Test repor from Brazil]
  117. In The First Time!!! [Time Out]
  118. Need User with Windows 8 Installed & SPD SC6530,SC6610/20,SC6800H/H1/H3
  119. Need activation code of avator box
  120. sent box bakside activation code but not sent ac-code avator team
  121. Yxtel c930 (mtk625a) all process sucess
  122. Where Is The AvatorBoxTeam Please Help [License Solved/Act Code] Thanks
  123. help me avator team
  124. Cellkon C227 Mtk Flashfile Need Urjent
  125. Update Complete or [Partial Update...] User Choose
  126. Help, Need activation Code box seari number 00018780
  127. AvatorBox Suite #6.5.13B [V2] Windows 8 - repair N78 Touch "Just One Click"
  128. Sapicel Request for Avator Box Tem
  129. Avator box Real solution of china mobiles.....
  130. where is my activation code,its been 4 days ago
  131. activation problem need help>>>>>>>>>
  132. Avator team healp me
  133. Karbonn_k15_c510_m20_s13_120417(cnv) file
  134. i want forby f7722 6800H3 128MB flash file
  135. SpreadTrum [Demolition mode] SC6530 Muito Satisfatóry - AvatorBox Suite #6.5.13B [V2]
  136. pls send activation code
  137. activation code sent plz
  138. answer for resident
  139. yes...Q5-TV- 3 sim
  140. avator box support coolsand latest cpu or not
  141. Avatorbox Activation Code :Email Delivery Status Thread
  142. I need help
  144. Usefull information about Q mobile E6.Cpu 625A
  145. [Help] Licenses alredy issues for S/N (10031976)
  146. sansui s42 All done in avatar
  147. Avator Box long time not Update?
  148. Server STATUS [Activation Code & registration] Now is Online
  149. Activation Code [Maintenance & Update DataBase] -Importan- Read All Users
  150. give me activation code
  151. Admet model T19touch successfull on Avator box
  152. Waiting For Activation Code in 16-Feb-2013
  153. I think this team dead
  154. Cpu type:625a not done
  155. plz activation avator
  156. Its a realy big issue but team takes it lightly.........
  157. World first Hot Hot very Hot, ipad phone G16 successfully Alive by Avator box.
  158. i9350 Dual SIM MTK6573 Android supported??
  159. Mstar 8532
  160. Avator box support cpu 6255???????????
  161. zen s1 bilnk felash file need.......
  162. AvatorBox Section Rules!! [For all User]
  163. Need Android IMEI repair
  164. Mstar 8532 is fully supported on Lovely Avator Box
  165. hello amn32 sir when will this superb uptate comes to avator section
  166. Need help team
  167. Avator box registerion problem
  168. product support is asking coolsand or rd add new update
  169. ipohne 4s look error to change imie
  170. Hello Avator Team...Where Is My Activation Code..??????
  171. Avvio 921 Test report!!! Imei repair Via tracker SuccessFull [AvatorBoxTeam]
  172. Other failed but Avator works Do every diffecult work very easily and in no time
  173. please sent me activation code master
  174. World 1st Upptel U737 mtk6223 4mb read write successfully.
  175. plz. give me any solution...
  176. Miracle Box Always Fails ... We are Always Demonstrating The Supremacy[AvatorBoxTeam]
  177. fly B450...
  178. Avator Box (The Amazing) Suite v6.5.13 New Most Wanted not support by windows 8
  179. monix m006
  180. repairing... LG GB190a [InternalBoot] Phone Now Ok!!
  181. how to boot gresso g7 master chip
  182. Spice M-5600 Done Succses fully flashed in AVATOR box
  183. i need box update 1.58e software
  184. pls update
  185. vinovo v30 mstar code problem
  186. How to solve error sn not exist?
  187. N5800 Flash File
  188. ZTE-G R221 T-MOBILE Unlock Done by AVATOR BOX.
  189. i9300 CPU: SC6530 how to read the master code?
  190. mtk625a err
  191. avator team help
  192. 12-12-12 how meany days still wait ?
  193. Mstar MSW8533c Nand can't write flash. Not supported yet?
  194. hloo mr resident
  195. 6610-20 not running bootloader
  196. mr resident ans this prob.
  197. to resident2011
  198. Avvio 299 Supported! Imei repair via tracker SuccessFull [Again AvatorBoxTeam]
  199. How to remove google account celkon ct 2 tablet
  200. Support activation code