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  1. No More Authorisation Log
  2. what to do if flash file not found??
  3. World First ZTE R255! Read Flash - Write Flash - Real Solution!! And Exclusive Unlock
  4. help me , a7100 spd 6820 not detect!
  5. mt 6235 pomp m8
  6. Avator cannot support spedtrum 6820
  7. Please Vote All Avator User
  8. avatar box team
  9. avater team
  10. need boot key for YXTEL N8
  11. Cdr King M003 MSW 8533c Read dOne!!!
  12. how to write imei mtk6252
  13. please help yxtel c910fm
  14. World 1St Q Mobile A2 Lite Read ,Write With AvatorBox
  15. Iphone4s Nor Flash ID: 0001227E22302200 not supported?
  16. Avator team plz help me
  17. Boos plz new update msatar cpu ma ha?
  18. Avtivation code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. World first Vodafone (ZTE) 353 full support !
  20. micromax A35 bolt not connect
  21. please help avator team
  22. how can it help my activation code I am a beginner thx
  23. how can it help my activation code thx
  24. hllo Product Supporter how to this version 7.633 iam uaeing 6.733 ver
  25. World First ~~!! Spice Mi-351 6820/8810 Recover With Avator ;) !!~~
  26. Avater Team Box Activation Code Problem
  27. No new model in new update
  28. how to solve this issue
  29. karbonn a6 dead after format with volcaano how to flash with avator
  30. activation code plezzzzzzzzzz???
  31. a1+ reading error
  32. Alcatel One Touch New Generation!! Go Go....
  33. avator pls help { Solved }
  34. I9300 spd 6820 dead after flash saved firmware
  35. World First Samsung I9500 2SIM SC8810 NAND_MT29F4G08ABC_2 Read/Write Flash Done
  36. Please Update MSTAR CPU
  37. pls avator team
  38. wynncom g-fone o777
  39. avatar team yxtel c930 mtk6250 Android upu not suppted how to update
  40. Micromax A27 story
  41. please avator team help me..................
  42. Again world,s first full test report of cpu Mtk 625A 3MB size
  43. invalid sim done in only 3 seconds by AvatorBox
  44. sc8810 flashfile
  45. SmartGsm Team!! Proudly to present: Nokia Infineon [Pinfider] World First. All Done!
  46. Please help the team avatorbox..!!!!
  47. Fix Informality Software - What is this?
  48. sprd u2s diag (comport#)
  49. World1st Video Of SPD 8810 Full Support On Avatorbox Ver 6.733
  50. AvatorBoxTeam PINOUT Finder In Alcatel MT6251.. No Wires, No Welding!
  51. My avator box activated with new version
  52. need help
  53. please Product Manager avatarbox send back code active box
  54. nice update
  55. i problem with avator box
  56. spd 8810 unlock "to many patterns" problem!!
  57. OOT set failure, continue to scan
  58. n7100 spd 6820 not detect in new update ( Answered)
  59. Rokea RT-18i lock code
  60. Mstar imei restore sucsess fully in file with avator box
  61. Android Phone CPU--How to know
  62. Auto boot cable for new mtk and spd android phones.
  63. Sucessfully Remove Pattern Lock ZEN U1 SPD8810...
  64. Thank you AvatorBox my Dead mobile e990 successfully alived
  65. World First LAVA iris 349 CPU SC8810 USB Read Info Write Flash is DONE
  66. Checking box, wait..
  67. World First G2 CPU SC8810 Read flash / Write Flash is DONE / Download FlashFile
  68. karbonn a6 pattern lock
  69. avator team good job & big thanks Real World First Update
  70. World First Karbon A1+ Read Flash Only Avatorbox Support ..Download Flashfile
  71. All avatorBox users .
  72. LAVA ARC9 hang with sim
  73. World First - Karbon A1+ Pattern Lock Reset | No Data loss | By Avatorbox New Updates
  74. Omes M9300 spd 6530 unlocking problem
  75. avatar box
  76. G2 CPU SC8810 Repair imei is DONE !
  77. OPTIMA [Spd Android] phone IMEI Repair with Avator Box
  78. Cannot detect spd 6820/8810
  79. Micromax X446 MTK625A Format&Read Flash Done With USB Cable
  80. my box not connect with ver AvatorBox-V6.733 help me!
  81. AvatorBoxTeam!! CPU: Mstar Mode Furious Activated
  82. World First SPD 6820/8810 - Read Flash - Write Flash - Real Solution here
  83. Your SPD6820/8810 Dead By other tool - Check here solution to recover
  84. World First Avatorbox Ver 6.733 Treatment Update Added SPD6820/8810 R/W Flash Support
  85. Ramadan Mubarak To All Muslim Avatorbox's users
  86. MTK CPU 3MB Flash!!! Coming Soon!!
  87. Karbonn K1616 Hang with sim DONE
  88. My box not activating pl help me
  89. Avator team plz code
  90. Relay Great Tool Avator Box All Box is fail
  91. Avatorbox - Cherry Mobile A5i imei damage easy solved
  92. Avator team sleep
  93. Micromax X320 MTK625A Read Flash Done By AVATOR box
  94. Un locking pattern lock Zen U4 Android Spd
  95. cherry mbile Q70 message locked unlock easy by avatorbox
  96. celkon 207
  97. Karbonn K444m phone code
  98. Kenxinda t6000 spd 6600l3 read flash error
  99. we are waiting for update
  100. yxtel 910 mtk 6255 not boot
  101. serial number doesn't exist, help!
  102. china phone read codes...done
  103. MtkDroidTools v2.4.7 for AVATOR BOX Users
  104. Upcoming Version is now under test,soon will be open
  105. Coming Soon!! [Check Video HD Inside]
  106. New Flasher China mobile for AVATOR BOX Users
  107. Rokea R9100 EASY Read by *******Box
  108. Zte F230 Unlocked Done With AvatorBox
  109. Final request to product supporter
  110. Avater Box Authrized filed Good Problem [ SOLVED ]
  111. Copy S9250 CPU: SC6800H3 Flash: NAND_H8BCS0PG0MBP test - OK
  112. OPAL S9898 SPD CPU Successful Flash & Read by AVATOR
  113. Karboon K-75 Successfully read Flash.
  114. ZTC T118 Red code - done
  115. Fly E190 (error HW) - repair done
  116. IMEI Rebuild + New Method!!!
  117. Huawei MTK New Sec!! G3621LA World First + New Nor Flash ID: 00EF004000160000 Support
  118. We're back!
  119. Hello avator Team
  120. china samsung note 2 successfully FORMATE & READ By AVATOR
  121. C3 cherry mobile security lock done
  122. Qmobile E990 Nand 128MB successfull on AvatorBox
  123. CPU: SC6530 Flash: SF_N25W064
  124. Other famous box stop on every action but Avator done it.
  125. active avato Box
  126. W7 hang REvive by Avator through J-tag
  127. Failed to auto format. Len>FlashSize
  128. is avator can support mtk 6252a cpu
  129. Error -The specified Procedure
  130. myphone 1065 test report
  131. kenxinda m2 write flash ok
  132. Celkon i4 read flash done by AVATOR box(SUCCESS REPORT)
  133. new fimware 1.58E
  134. iball gracia 6 dead after format
  135. S/n Already registered?
  136. Spd 6600/L7 unlock done in no time
  137. B88 MYPHONE NO power DONE
  138. can i use other boxes flash file to avator box and which boxes
  139. help me plz
  140. digital TV mobile phone A969 full read wed AVATOR box
  141. Avator NEXT Update is POWERFULL & BIG BOMB!
  142. karbonn k2 flash error help
  143. Wow iphone 4 (copy ) successfull on Avator Box
  144. Celkon C102 SPD cpu Read and formate sucess(SUCCESS REPORT)
  145. Sussfully Read Flash File & Secorty Code Galaxy SIII
  146. AvatorBox is the name of money making tool.
  147. need Qmobile e5 usb driver
  148. Q mobile model X5 128 mb nand and Gild Model K9 successfully alived
  149. Micromax x335 formate and unlock Done
  150. Spice QT-95 SUCCESS REPORT
  151. Where is the update team wake up before its too late
  152. karbonn A6 google acc remove done By AVATOR
  153. activation code urgent avator team
  154. Q Mobile E760 how to read flash file???all time not detect..
  155. Please help differentiate mtk and spreadtrum phone
  156. Box serial Support activation code
  157. movil MT1 mobile read flash done by AVATOR
  158. Activation code
  159. aviator team a cheteeeeeeeeeer team
  160. Iphone x6+ mtk 6235
  161. help security code to a zte-g s226
  162. No have activaion code
  163. Usb Boot Key By AvatorBox Team
  164. SucessFul Story By AvatorBox Team
  165. Qmobile e980 imei not right problem
  166. Sleep time over
  167. help Avator team
  168. <<<<<<<<<.Hello All Dear AvatorBox users.>>>>>>>>>
  169. Yxtel c930 face locked
  170. avator we dont neef beta
  171. 100% world`s first Original Samsung successfully alived with the help of Avator Box
  172. activation problem
  173. Onida F080 (W3612) MSTAR write flash done BY AVATOR
  174. Already registered
  175. are the avator box is dead?????
  176. Rokea R808 lock code
  177. band and imei of zte R621
  178. rokea r7500 problem helf
  179. Samsung E1282T OG usercode
  180. Huawey g7300..read flash....flash and fix imei done
  181. I9100+ Sawsngu SIM Code. Help me
  182. AvatorBoxTeam SPreadTrum Phone Look/privacy Code [Teste Report] All Fw ID Supported
  183. Successfull test report of 3 different mobiles on AvatorBox
  184. Cand open register avator
  185. Menu pada avator box
  186. help me avator team
  187. samsung s5360 china Illegal use, Power off soon help
  188. is sky chips supported??
  189. Server Updated Added [New Brands]
  190. Avator support mt 6516 chip
  191. help.. my avator need activatiom code
  192. AvatorBox User Post here Only - No More Authorisation Logs. - Slove here
  193. Micromax q1+ nv file urgent
  194. Important info to Avatorbox users
  195. Avatorbox User Activation Code Final Thread Here - Dont open More Threads
  196. onida w4012 World First successfully unlocked by avator
  197. many many posts no replay
  198. Fly mv242 MSTAR read flash&phone code DONE
  199. micromax x2i+ dead after flas
  200. The True Meaning Of World´s 1st! Our Old Suite Supports What Many Have Just Added....