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  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Remove password Successfull!! www.AvatorBox.com brutal Key Up Up!!
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505] Root Successfull www.AvatorBox.com!! The Future is Now!!
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 [GT-I9505] Reading Pattern!! www.AvatorBox.com Crash Crash & Enjoy!
  4. Avvio PAD 7" 3G/H+ IMEi repair/rebuild Done! [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Key Up! Unique
  5. ★★Security★★ Read/remove Pattern lock In Tablet Allwinner A13[Titan Brand]Brutal Key
  6. Telcel Mobiles Are Supported!! [ZTE T20]IMEI repair/rebuild Supported !!Brutal Key Up
  7. AllWinner CPU Security Enable/Disable Supported!! [Pattern/Gmail/Pin/&More]Brutal Key
  8. Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini [GT-I8190L]Root Done AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Beta Brutal
  9. Box Authorised Failed Press " Box Manager " Tab [solved]
  10. Huawei Y300-151 [U8333] Root Done AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Beta Brutal On!!!
  11. Qmobile A65 mtk 6572 invalid imei solved by avatorbox with Ab dongle combined
  12. Moto G!! Pattern lock!!! Brutal Key Power ON!![www.AvatorBox.com Crash Crash ....
  13. Avator Brutal Key preview!! MT8312 Support Started [www.AvatorBox.com] & Enjoy
  14. Clarification from Avatorbox team.
  15. AB team i need help for my box
  16. when you support imei repair of all spreadrum cpu?
  17. Request to Avator Team !!!
  18. World,s 1st Removing pattern,Gmail,security,locks in meta mode by Avatorbox[Tutorial]
  19. s9500 android spd phone reset gmail ready
  20. Qmobile model E880 same like smart phone /Read code done by Avatorbox
  21. Qmobile model E50 mtk6260 read,write ,format safe and clean work by Avatorbox
  22. Qmobile M400 mtk 6260 read ,write ,format done easily and safe by Avatorbox
  23. Pakistan,s new model of Qmobile G120 Mtk 6260 successfully Alived by Avatorbox
  24. AvatorBox & Dongle Alcatel Onetouch Star - repair DONE
  25. World,s first ,Qmobile A300 unlocked pattern with out debugg on using factory mode
  26. team when you have full support of spreadrum cpu 7710 0
  27. Brutal Key ♦Demolition Mode Activated♦ IMEI repair In Factory Mode Success!!! Crash..
  28. Brutal key Feat Stylo!! Huawei Y600-U151 IMEI rebuild/repair/Change Supported [Enjoy]
  29. Huawei Y600-U151 Supported!! For AvatorBox Suite Services... www.AvatorBox.com[enjoy]
  30. Reading PATTERN Lock!! In Factory Mode.. Now is Supported [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal..
  31. IMEI repair in Factory Mode!! Now is Supported For Brutal Key [www.AvatorBox.com]Go..
  32. Avvio 760 IMEI repair SuccessFull [Brutal Key power] powered by SmartGsm Team!!!!
  33. Revolution in Avator Brutal key /Usb debugg none necessory /Using Factory mode manual
  34. Speedy Avatorbox like bullet /Dead phone Alived just in 50 seconds
  35. you Need iMEI repair for Tablet,Phablets & Smartphone With CPU MT6732 or MT6290
  36. ROOT Samsung GT-B5330L BrutalKey-AvatorCard
  37. Mobile AX535 ROOT + IMEI repair Done [www.AvatorBox] Brutal.!!
  38. how to fix no network mtk 6575 avator
  39. Show me the Power in other tools like AvatorBox+Brutal Dongle/it,sProof/ Ahead of All
  40. can i to use infnity pinfinder
  41. Brutal Key Power On!! Huawei Y320-U151 Flashing eMMC 4GB Exclusive, Easy & Safe!!!
  42. Lanix S120 Telcel [IMEI repair/rebuild] Success www.AvatorBox.com Brutal Key power ok
  43. Avatorbox/dongle ver1.0.0.10 Brutal Mega Ramadan Update,Qmobile,Lenovo,Micromax,Zopo
  44. Brutal power ,Qmobile A65 mtk 6572 read write ,Done,Tension free job by Avatorbox
  45. Qmobile E770 All jobs Done by Avatorbox,Brutal combination is on
  46. Qmobile E60, read ,write ,format ,imei repair done with Avatorbox,brutal combination
  47. Hot and World,s first Original Samsung GT-E1282T read and format Done By Avatorbox
  48. Dump Security Area [Developer Mode] & BaseBand repair!! <<[Brutal Key power On!!]>>
  49. ARGOM E310 Supported [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Key power On!! Crash....
  50. Huawei G610-U20 Searching & Read INFO [Brutal Key-Efficiency & power]Original product
  51. Huawei G610-U20 Supported & More[Crash] ♦IMEI repair♦ [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Out..
  52. why your reseller not in mumbai for smartcard ?
  53. About Coolsand/RDA Cpu Support & other Stuff [www.AvatorBox.com]
  54. Huawei Y320-U151 Successfull [Crash] ♦IMEI repair♦ [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Out..
  55. Sony Xperia C1504 Successfull [ROOT Done] ♦Inside♦ [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Out..
  56. Brutal Key
  57. Tablet Digital Tools Repair Done [www.AvatorBox.com] Brutal Out.. Beta report
  58. RDA 8851A Read Info + IMEI repair/rebuild Supported [AvatorBox Suite]unstoppable Ok!!
  59. Nokia model 103 Coolsand 4 mb Always at searching solved by Avatorbox Safe Format
  60. avvio 792 repair done
  61. Tables With CPU AllWinner A13 Supported for Services[Test report]Brutal Out...
  62. Tablet Argon T9007 [CPU Allwinner A13] Successfull [Non Risk]Brutal Out...
  63. BLU phone & Added Lot of New Tablets for Services!! Brutal Out.. [www.AvataroBox.com]
  64. HTC Smartphone Support!! [Second Movement] ♦IMEI repair♦ [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal
  65. Lenovo A390T CPU:sc8825 [Avator Dongle] - REad Gmail
  66. Spd android 8810 imei repair done in two methods Success only by Avatorbox
  67. Success Root Original Samsung Galaxy Young S6310
  68. cherry w7i privacy lock done by avator no data lost
  69. doubts about activation
  71. Tablet Platinum [Cpu Allwinner A13] Reading GMAIL Account Success!! Brutal Out...
  72. avator unknown sn
  73. BMobile AX530 IMEI repair Done!! [www.AvatorBox.com] Brutal Out..
  74. Avvio 792 IMEI repair Done!!! [www.AvatoBox.com] Brutal Ok.....
  75. Alcatel Pixi IMEI repair Done!!
  76. Alcatel OT-4007 IMEI repair Done!!! [www.AvatorBox] Brutal Out!!
  77. Alcatel MTK Smartphone!! [First Movement] IMEI Null repair [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal
  78. World,s first Qmobile A2 lite spd 8810 New edition successfully Alived By Avatorbox
  79. AVATOR Box&Dongle repair T9500 CPU SC8810 NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR [test report]
  80. myphone a888 unfortunate stop done by avator
  81. How I can activate my box?
  82. Qmobile M500 Help me
  83. AVATOR Box&Dongle repair N7100 CPU SC8810 [test report]
  84. Avatorbox/Dongle ver1.0.0.9 Brutal Out.. Added Support For Airis Smartphones
  85. Huawei News [www.AvatorBox.com] Y220-All Variants [Test report]
  86. cherry mobile w7i password spreadrum 6531 cpu done by avator
  87. Orro G60 Unlock GMail ok 100% :D
  88. Micromax x322 flash file very urgent
  89. cherry mobile w6i spreadrum cpu 6531 help
  90. can avator repair imei spreadrum 7710 cpu?
  91. is there any difference between avator box and dongle
  92. HTC SensationXL (PI39200) - AvatorDongle [full suported]
  93. Please add cdma tool
  94. 1351e
  95. Qmobile E10 All tests success on Avatorbox{ www.Avatorbox.com}At top this moment
  96. Forget data cable , No need boot key ,If you have Avatorbox/Now Pinfinder is enough
  97. Huawei Y511-U251 Root + Repair Imei
  98. Huawei Y210-0251 BrutalKey-AvatorCard
  99. Qmobile E60 ,read ,write ,format ,imei solution only on Avatorbox
  100. Avator Dongle World First HTC One S Read/Removed Pattern Lock With Ab Dongle
  101. < I Bet /Pure 100% world,s first / Dell Aero smart phone/Read Pattern /Unlock Done >
  102. Avator Smart Card Now available@+919212177706[New Delhi]
  103. Karbon K53 Spd6531A Flash File Need
  104. karbonn a18+ hang on logo
  105. asiafone 919 v 7.126 failed
  106. repair imei avvio avator
  107. repair imei avvio 792
  108. how to flash lg c333
  109. Help. Authorisation error.
  110. Amazing Brutal key /China tablet amwway hang on logo Solve with Avator Dongle
  111. Avator Dongle ver1.0.0.8 Brutal Out.. Huawei,Bmobile,Lanix,Vtelca Full Support.
  112. Need help pls
  113. World,s 1st Dead Lenovo tab successfully Alived by Amazing Avatorbox /No can beat us
  114. Qmobile Model M400 mtk 6260 size 3mb read,write,format Done by Avator king
  115. Qmobile E50 Mtk 6260 unlock done just on one click by Avatorbox
  116. Original Samsung I9100 root ,pattern code,Pattern unlock /No data loss by AB Key
  117. AvatorBox failed to check h/w please help me [solved]
  118. No problem if you dont have Avatorbox/Ab brutal key is enough at your help
  119. Qmobile E850 successfully Alived ,Write flash ,format done by Avatorbox
  120. Nokia More Model Q9 successfully Alived by Avator box/only format is enough
  121. 10000% world,s first Qmobile A65 Mtk 6572 Successfully Alived By Avatorbox+Brutal key
  122. SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS2 GT-7582 InVild Imei Done With Best China Tool
  123. G,vill model G2-02 Rda 8851A read,write ,format ,imei ,Boom Boom done Avator is Rock
  124. SPD 6820/8810 no boot key
  125. Root Supported Avvio_778 AvatorCard-Brutal Key
  126. [AVATOR Dongle] Fly IQ4410 - {full suported}
  127. lenovo a390 invalid imei on sim 1 and 2 not done with android tool [Waiting reply]
  128. Lenovo s960 boot read info problem
  129. No need any box, Screen password removed by Avator Dongle Aka Ab Brutal key
  130. Ipro A5 perfectly Done Avator-Brutal Dongle Full
  131. Ipro A5 Root Supported [Brutal Key]AvatorCard
  132. Remove Pattern Lock!! Vtelca 720 (ZTE)NON DATA LOST.. [Brutal Key]Ac
  133. Avvio 760-Remove Pattern Lock!! NON DATA LOST AvatorCard [Brutal Key
  134. Kenxinda model M1 female type baby phone done by Avatorbox
  135. Lenovo S820 MTK6583 4GB EMMC perfectly Done AVATOR BOX + Dongle red full DONE
  136. Missing Functions of T908 smartphone Mtk 6572 successfully revived by Version 7.126
  137. please, I forgot my password
  138. my box need authorize again with new version 7.126
  139. Huawei P6-U06Root Supported AvatorCard-Brutal Key
  140. Huawei Y530 Read Info Done AvatorCard-Brutal Key [www.avatorbox.com]
  141. Table GEEX Update AvatorCard-BrutalKey
  142. MT6589 IMEI repair/USB Debugg Active!![www.AvatorBox.com] BLU DASH 4.5 SUpported Ok!!
  143. Huawei G510-0251 Read Pattern Lock!! [Brutal Key] www.AvatorBox.com Feel the power!!!
  144. Huawei G510-0251 Remove Pattern Lock!! NON DATA LOST.. www.AvatorBox.com [Brutal Key]
  145. Avator will work where others fail New Version Boom Blasting test report
  146. Avatorbox/Dongle ver 7.126 Updated: Coolsand 8809CPU, Android addon tool Added
  147. Qmobile model E95 mtk 6260 successfully alived After format on Avatorbox
  148. Phone 5 - dont call AvatorBox+Dongle [repair DONE]
  149. G,mobile Model G2+ Auto restarting successfully Solved By Avatorbox
  150. AvatorCard-AvatorBox Exclusive Update for MTK
  151. Huawei Y511-U251 Imei Test Successfull [www.AvatorBox.com]Brutal Key Feel the power!!
  152. Reading Gmail ID With Brutal Key SuccessFull [www.AvatorBox.com] Feel The Real power!
  153. Huawei Y320-U351 Remove Pattern Lock WithOut Data Lost [USB Debugg Active]Brutal Key!
  154. Huawei Y320-U351 Read Info + [Root Status] -Brutal Key- www.AvatorBox.com BUY NOW Ok!
  155. Huawei Y320-U351 IMEI Repair SuccessFull [Brutal Key]www.AvatorBox.com Feel The power
  156. what difrence between Brutal Key & avator smart
  157. sony c1505 original root done
  158. sony c1504 original root done
  159. Avator Box- Yxtel G006 Gmail Unlock Done (No Data Lose)
  160. skk mobile too many pattern not done by avator
  161. About new update avator box???
  162. MT8382 Supported [First In the World] www.AvatorBox.com !!Brutal Key!! Unique Ok!!
  163. Lenovo TAB A2107A-H [Original] IMEI repair Done www.AvatorBox.com Brutal Key !Unique!
  164. Avatorbox-AvatorCard Exclusive Update For SPD
  165. Real World 1st blast in GSM field by AB brutal Key Samsung S5 Orginal ROOt/GMAIL ID
  166. Original Samsung Special Test For upcoming Version By Brutal Avator key
  167. repir imei avvio 765 done
  168. Spd 6820 too manypatetern unlock not done
  169. avator team pls
  170. to AB team
  171. Blu Dash Studio 5.0 [D530]Brutal Key!!! [Check Inside]www.AvatorBox.com Buy Now Ok!!!
  172. Who can beat us /World,s first /Pattern solution by codes /Brutal key/At peak point
  173. avator register done but still not authorized after restart software
  174. Qmobile Model E760 auto restart on sim solved by avatorbox
  175. Need Phone with MT6592 for Test [Remote]
  176. New Method Developed!! [Exclusive Models]
  177. Huawei Y330-U05 IMEi repair!! [Exclusive]New Method,New Models, First Our Dongle Ok!!
  178. hi avator team
  179. Huawei Y511-U251[OS 4.2.2]IMEI Null repair Supported [Just A Click]Phone Repaired Ok!
  180. Huawei G610-U15 Claro-Colombia New BaseBand Supported for IMEI rebuild/repair Ok!!!
  181. failed to write memory mtk 6577
  182. All Drivers pac For Avatorbox included All kind smart card readers
  183. droid spd 8810 read flash ready
  184. what about unknown sn no box
  185. Qmobile E440 security code solved just in few seconds
  186. BLU Dash 3.2 [D150] IMEI rebuild Success [Active USB Debugg & Repair] Easy and Fast
  187. latest ver. box not authorised
  188. Nasaki B2 file restore error solved very easily by Avatorbox
  189. avator box and dongle
  190. Bmobile AX535 [Format EMMc Done!!]Buy Now your Avator Dongle And Get The Best Support
  191. Huawei Y511-U251[Android 4.2.2 Ok]Buy Now your Avator Dongle And Get The Best Support
  192. Vtelca V791[MTK Android Supported]Buy Now your Avator Dongle And Get The Best Support
  193. Vtelca V791 IMEI repair Done!! [www.AvatorBox.com]Feel The power.. Just A click Ok!!!
  194. TipTop model T11 alived after format by Avatorbox
  195. im forget user name and pass [ Solved ]
  196. Huawei G610 IMEi repair Success!! Exclusive--Easy and Safe "Brutal Avator Key" Go Go.
  197. Spreadtrum SC8810 pattern Unlock Success!! Unique In the World[Non Format]Easy & Safe
  198. QMobile A500 mtk6583 Read Flash & Format done with Avator
  199. Club A72 SPD 6531 Fully Supported Test Report
  200. AvatorBox + Dongle - Repair H999 SC6600L7 Dohe [test report]