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  1. Avator box dead box
  2. LG C195 MT6236 Read Flash - done. Dont write flash any chihese tool.
  3. Qmobile E950 hang on logo successfully solved
  4. how to read mtk6577 with avator micromax a92
  5. Qmobile E850 read ,write and imei repair ,is no problem for Avator box.
  6. ace h9 dead
  7. welcome Product Supporter
  8. i need china samsung i9220 flash
  9. World First SPD 6820 karbonn A3 Read Flash / Write Done Only AvartorBox
  10. server down or end? [ Solved ]
  11. Totally dead phone successfully alived by king Avatorbox
  12. Phone shows invalid sim Avator say imei is ok ,problem solved by Avatorbox
  13. i think comming update
  14. Avatorbox-V_6.513 not open setup error
  15. How to activation code =avator box
  16. How to activation code =avator box
  17. Fu**** of Vo*** Box-- Avator Great
  18. ALCATEL OT-316A Repair IMEI, No Network, Unlock Network, Counter blocked "Supported"
  19. World First Phone with CPU of 2MB 3MB 8.1MB Supported
  20. UPGRADE DLL - AVATOR BOX V6.7.33 Released 05/11/2013 [Partial Update]
  21. avator box update plz ?
  22. Update is Coming ... Boom
  23. hello every one help me
  24. Need PAC Firmware or backup AVATOR BOX to M-tech-DEZIRE
  25. Happy Diwali To All the USER Members & THEIR FAMILIES :-)
  26. 3 successfull test reports in one thread
  27. Need PAC Firmware or backup AVATOR BOX to N3 SС8810 NAND_MT29F4G08ABC_2
  28. Avator box no actİve
  29. W109 CPU:SC8810 Flash:NAND_MT29F4G08ABC_2 Full suport !
  30. avator box registeration file
  31. Nasaki m9 android 8810 dead by other tool
  32. avtor team help
  33. i have one big problem
  34. why the iron avator not have activate code...?????
  35. Pinout option not working
  36. Magicon mg900 imei?????
  37. Lg gs190 No service...
  38. Text edition by sfr format and network unlock done
  39. "Active=Error: NO More Authorisation Logs, Contact Support! "
  40. Avator box dead
  41. Spd imei changing with the help of backup once again easy tutorial .
  42. http://support.avatorbox.com/ is Working now .. [DNS Changes Now working fine]
  43. avator
  44. msw cpu problem [Solved ]
  45. Big Boom plsssss.
  46. AvatorBox Reset Key, Self User Data of M2 CPU: SC8810 Flash: NAND_MT29F4G08ABC_2
  47. AVATOR BOX new Driver
  48. Avator box help mi
  49. karbonn a6
  50. Many people face problem in maui meta 3g t00l
  51. AvatorBox Reset Key of i9500 CPU SC8100 NAND_TYBC0A111236KC10 to Save User Data!
  52. where is Tx, Rx
  53. Avatorbox team wishes a very happy EID AL ADHA to all muslim users.
  54. Zte R221 zong network unlocking successfully done
  55. Box not connect with ver AvatorBox-V6.733 help me!
  56. Only Avatorbox can show info of mtk 625A cpu while other fail.
  57. Support Area problem...???
  58. AvatorBox perfect instrument for repair MTK6235 ;)
  59. Need Rokea R9220 16mb Flash file
  60. Avator next UPDATE is comming very soon!
  61. how to reset password
  62. spreadtrum 6531c
  63. avator box password loss
  64. i need rokea r3850 16mb flash file.
  65. untill now i have not activation code for last update
  66. Just a suggestion to Avator
  67. Send Me Act Code I M Also Waiting
  68. Give me a license!
  69. N7100 note2 clone read firmware by avator box
  70. Nasaki B3 file error restore done in no time .
  71. spd sc6531c problem
  72. Please add format SPD A7100 (samsung china)
  73. BOMM Avator read Flash Samsung Original E1282T in expert mode
  74. iPhone 4S SPD SC6530A can not format
  75. How To Reset You Are AVATOR Box (PASSWORD)
  76. setup
  77. Samsung i8750 spd 6530 write flash done
  78. My all successfull test in one post
  79. Qmobile E440 read flash done
  80. Qmobile E6 privacy code solved
  81. Qmobile E4 write flash done
  82. Osaki model o3+ read code done
  83. Nasaki model g606 read flash done on usb
  84. G,tide model G210 done
  85. Qmobile e850 imei done
  86. Bus mobile model x1 read flash done
  87. Nokia 1130 spd successfull on Avator
  88. SPD Android, change LCD driver to AvatorBox
  89. n9 flashing erorr
  90. Telego I 5 Android SPD 8810,NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR Read flash Done
  91. avator box authorised failed
  92. Avatorbox updates continued? [ Answer Continue ]
  93. beyond e63 format or flash only restart mobile
  94. cross f5 phonelock
  95. Dear Team, bad hdd and Loss password
  96. worng pass
  97. Avator team why?
  98. Telego I5 CPU: 88100001 ,Flash: NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR
  99. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
  100. cross d6x Failed to auto format...
  101. U & I N 5100 Too Many Pattern Attempts
  102. karbonn a6 dead recover with avator
  103. Wow - AvatorBox helps to flash Nokia 113 RM - 871
  104. cool sand
  105. Avator box not activate
  106. Format Spd !!
  107. ★★★Alcatel OT-316A MOCOR_09A_MP.W11.32_P6 !!First & Unique In The World!!
  108. ★★★Alcatel OT-316A Test report!! World First Alcatel With SPD CPU Imei repair
  109. Alcatel SPD/Spreadtrum Operations Supported!! [Pinout OT-316A Inside]
  110. In the Next Hours! Alcatel Based In CPU SpreadTrum Support!!
  111. where is new update.....?
  112. plz help avator box team
  113. How to flash spd sc6530 with avator?
  114. How To Convert The File to Write With Avator
  115. help me brother
  116. [MT6572/6575/6577/6589]MTK Android Based Phone IMEI Write Tool For AVATOR BOX Users!
  117. help product supporters n managers
  118. 8900 Blackberry china MT6235 need firmware
  119. A72 pattern lock
  120. Active error
  121. \\***** Buglano VS Avator *****//
  122. help me brothers
  123. Avator, still alive or dead
  124. lava arco5 flash file
  125. Ffee tools for AvatorBox users.
  126. AVATOR BOX register problem.......
  127. T-Mobile Driver Problem
  128. please give the activation code....
  129. Where are you team
  130. MTK-Error in IMEI Write
  131. Full Repair Imei AVVIO 831 by Avator box
  132. my avator box not supported spd 8810
  133. No Need to Buy Any Useless Dongle
  134. SPD 6530 write error
  135. wrong password v6.733
  136. Alcatel OT-639G Digicel - Panama [IMEI repair Done] World First
  137. Preview!!! ALCATEL IMEI repair
  138. Alcatel OT-639G Telcel - Mexico [IMEI repair Done] World First
  139. Ofone b39
  140. Celkon C349+ mtk 625A read and format done by avator
  141. Please Support MTK6260
  142. KARBONN A1+ Successfully Google Reset
  143. avattor boox problam
  144. Need Andraid Correct SPD drivers
  145. SC6620/8810 Supported!! [Use Correct Drivers]
  146. Can't Unlock Code SPD 6620??
  147. When avator update
  148. How to Solve this Error
  149. ★★★ALCATEL You Are Ready?★★★
  150. opal i9500 mini
  151. Failed to auto format. Len>FlashSize.
  152. avator bad support?
  153. bug in mtk 625a
  154. SPD ANDRIOD 6820/8810 format not Suppoted
  155. Avator Box read and write SPD 6820/8810 but and Format not supported
  156. avator box activation code
  157. SPreadtrum SC6820/8810 "The Original King" We do SPD Android supported for Read/Write
  158. Fly E154 Full Suport (AvatorBox) video reort
  159. **// AvatorBox Presenting Easy Tutorial About Connecting Spd Android Phone \\**
  160. R5830 sc6800h3 not supported?
  161. Bad avator team
  162. MSW8533D/8532 loading Bootloader stop in 74%
  163. Micromax X324 Mstar Cpu Not support
  164. Slowly UPDATE but SURELY
  165. NEW Cpu "RDA" [8853B] Supported!!!::. ★★★OWN THE AWESOMENESS★★★
  166. how to remove google account from wintouch tab
  167. library not registered
  168. yes avator box now dead project??
  169. SmartGsmTeam / Avatorbox Proudly to present: RDA8853B Glory & Action Moments
  170. Avatorbox activation code
  171. SC6531D Support!!
  172. Maxx M101 652A Read,Format and IMEI Done By AVATOR BOX
  173. N9300mini CPU: SC8810 Flash: NAND_H8BCS0UN0MCR Read/Write DONE [test report]
  174. AvatorBox - WARNING Flash _ Few Flash ID - Check here before Flash
  175. S6010 CPU: 8810 Flash: NAND_MT29F4G08ABC_2 Read /Write Done
  176. need msw8533bl update
  177. Avator Box Sleep so long
  178. plz new update [ plz. dont spam more ]
  179. cherry mobile W300 SC8810 need firmware
  180. sc8810 read failed
  181. Avator team help me
  182. AvatorBox solution & FAQ - HERE!
  183. Pinout not open (solved)
  184. MT625A Error: Failed to send the flash table to DA. (Solved)
  185. avator box activation code
  186. Avatorbox activation code
  187. avator is the best for update
  188. avator box
  189. world first avator box
  190. No doubt ,Once again AvatorBox is the winner
  191. Need help Any Ps,Pm & Expert User
  192. Karbonn K60 Mtk 625A Restart
  193. [Bug Report] Spreadtrum 6610/6620 Format failed in Avatorbox v6.733
  195. World,s first Chinese Tablet phone Jugate model Z1899 Successfull on AvatorBox
  196. Activion code
  197. help with 625a
  198. foget activation code
  199. pls help me... write flash done but can't not power on
  200. AvatorBoxTeam proudly: IMEI repair In SPD Android SC6820/8810 Just One Click No Root