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  1. avator box
  2. Exclusive Test reports by Beta Tester of Avatorbox for upcoming user friendly version
  3. Not need the first or world first but enough don't behind by other tool
  4. World,s first dhamaka (Blast)test report from Avator team about dany tab G4 .
  5. Flash ID: 00AD00BC90555400 FLASH TYPE= NAND_HY27UT088G2A
  6. Post here All Successfull stories of AvatorBox/Perfect tool for China Mobile phones.
  7. Q mobile a900 JELLY BEAN 4.2.1 imei REPAIRED with in 7 second
  8. Very Big Blast ,World 1St Dany Genius Tab G4 Read Flash With Great Tool
  9. Qmobile E9 read ,format, imei repair very fast Alived less than 2 minutes only
  10. who is the reseller of avator box smart card in india
  11. Amazing world,s first Dany tab G4 invalid imei solved with avatorbox.
  12. Quadcore A700 Read Write Successfully
  13. Qmobile A2 noir Mtk 6575 very safely format done by Avatorbox
  14. World first Intex aura tab read info/read file/format Done With Avator Box+Smart Card
  15. Really perfect Read/Write for SPD android phones. Failed with other done with Avator.
  16. World,s First Q mobile A600 Mtk6583 successfully Alive which was killed by other tool
  17. Qmobile model A7 Mtk 6577 3.70GB Read/Write 100% Safe With Avatorbox! No more Risky!
  18. Sucesfull story SPD & MTK Android to AvatorBox
  19. Nand_k9k4g16q0m + spd 8810
  20. @ Avatorbox Solved This Problem !!!
  21. N8 G,five SPD 6610/20 file
  22. Dead Nokia Dcl model k800 spd 6610/6620 successfully alived
  23. hloo avatorbo user box hardwer by ranajaved
  24. avator box reseller in delhi (india) address
  25. videocon
  26. Qmobile model E750 imei repaired only in 3 seconds ver 6.817
  27. Avator 6.733 how to read file for mt6572
  28. Nand_tybc0a111236kc10 write flash support or not?
  29. i cant open software Avatorbox Ver6.817
  30. Zong ZTE S518M(6530 SPD) Read write with Avator Box
  31. Message Avator Team!!!
  32. Avatorbox - Alcatel one touch Vodafone 875 readflash done
  33. No More Tears and tension,Qmobile A9 success ,Avatorbox is always here for your help
  34. Need flash file Imobile Istyle 7.3
  35. Huawei G3621L read flash file With Avator Box
  36. Videocon v1431 flashg Avator box 100000% Done
  37. Videocon v1431 flashg Avator box Done
  38. Avator dongle
  39. Avator box open Error
  40. Help me team, how to flash this android (CYRUSPAD)
  41. Avator Team is proud to announce "Alcatel Counter Reset...
  42. cherry mobile snap SPD 8810 Direct Pattern lock Reset NOT done!
  43. Where is the new setup
  44. Hi All Dear Avatorbox users Hurry up and get ready for upcoming unique update
  45. Avator SmartCard Dongle In Stock For Pakistani Customers
  46. SC6530 WriteFlash Failed after Reset in AvatorBox Ver6.817 + SC
  47. Avator team help please
  48. msw853x ic not suppported in avator box
  49. how to connect SDP phone to Avator Box
  50. How to reser patern lock?
  51. One More Miracle of avator box
  52. world 1st and exclusive Indian Nokia 1280 sp unlocked by Avatorbox
  53. Easy Use AvatorBox Ver6.817 with SC for MTK Android
  54. Redd R6700 Done Via Flash
  55. World 1st ,new Mpai model s720 read write success on avatorbox
  56. Byond b63
  57. I have avator smart dongle but box not activate help me
  58. help
  59. Mstar cpu help
  60. Avator Smart card dongle ready stocks in the Philippines
  61. Avator Box Dongle support to Samsung E1202i Done $)
  62. [Check] Status AvatorBox In Time Real!!
  63. Buy Avator Dongle / Free Shipping to your Place
  64. i have spd:SC7710G is support?
  65. World First Avatorbox SPD7710 Support Direct 1 Click Pattern Lock/Remove Gmail ID...
  66. i am new user of avator box
  67. world first micromax a59(spd 7710DA00)pattern unlock done in avator box & smartcard
  68. Reseller urgently needed
  69. Once again dead A2 lite successfully back to life
  70. To product manager must read
  71. Only Avator Box is the real miracle of technology
  72. Help pls
  73. help me avator team
  74. Avatorbox - Smobile E3222 phonelock easy solved in 21second
  75. Qmobile Noir A8 Mtk 6577 gmail lock successfully removed by Avatorbox
  76. help urgent
  77. Avato BOX ERR
  78. How can i reset SPD Android?
  79. Videocon A15 Logo Hang Problam Solved By Avator Box
  80. cherry mobile snap spreadrum cpu help
  81. Mstar MSW853X error...?
  82. Avatorbox team Wishes you the Happy and Colorful Holi To All Indian Friends
  83. smartcard avator ready stock in indonesia?
  84. Megagate model T610 nand128 Mb hangs by sim card Solved
  85. My box dead ?
  86. Forget my Password [ solved ]
  87. Avator supporter help
  88. Rich Tel A1 Spd 6820/8810 Read Info/Read Flash File Done
  89. Avator Box New Version Manual Pinout not Working Solution
  90. I have Grand Copy dead
  91. Zong Model R221 successfully unlocked from zong network by avatorbox version 6.817
  92. Mtk6575 Model zopo200 hanging on startup successfully solved
  93. I want buy Avator box
  94. avator team help
  95. How to remove pattern lock yestel mini one
  97. w20 hang up done with my new avator smart card dongle experience the power
  98. Avator Card "Dongle" MT6575 PERFECT FORMAT!!! "Non lost IMEI" - Android King Solution
  99. Successfull stories for Spd 6531d,c etc..mtk 6260..
  100. Is Micromax A2+ MT6515MA supported?????
  101. How can i buy ur product
  102. Micromax ninja 89 flashing
  103. Qmobile Model E760 read code done successfully by one click usb.
  104. Avatorbox - Samsung Tablet P1000 MT6572 Easy Readflash Very Fast
  105. team help how to install avator smart card [solved]
  106. Avator team help
  107. Box Quesrion
  108. Test Report Avator New exe from Product Supporter
  109. Avatorbox/dongle *VEry interesting test and Power of Avatorbox
  110. Swingtel sx5 mtk 6575 read / fromat / write done with avator dongle
  111. [Avatorbox+Dongle ]*/Say bye bye to search boot key in Mtk phones\*
  112. World First Avatorbox + Dongle and NAND_K9K4G16Q0M + SPD 8810 Direct pattenlock Reset
  113. Avatorbox Ver6.817 Unique Update butt box not working any solution
  114. avator smart card & box working fine on 6800H by rx/tx & usb mode
  115. avator smart card & box working fine on mt625a
  116. Avatorbox Ver6.817 not open software
  117. Team answer me [Answered]
  118. Help Me on My Box Please
  119. how to reset avator box password
  120. rox r5
  121. hello product manager
  122. micromax a115 imei repair done with avator dongle see the video inside
  123. connect Dongle and restart Software avator box.......
  124. Tutorial for using usb option in new version of Avatorbox (Read,write,imei,format )
  125. we want avator smartkey
  126. my avator box dead
  127. Samsung s7262 pattern lock
  128. Need To Know My Box Status [Buy SmartCard and Download New Update]
  129. (Power in Hands ) Htc Nexcus (High Copy ) spd android Pattern removed AB,Dongle 2014
  130. Need User of Avator dongle 2014!! With Huawei G610 G700 For repair Security Area!!
  131. Avator Card 2014 In DropBox!!!
  132. All Pakistani AvatorBox User Waiting For SmartCard
  133. celkon c349+
  134. Avatorbox Ver6.817 Unique Update SPD 8810/6820 1 Click Direct Pattern lock Reset
  135. one more A27 unlock without usb debug or root (but Flash ic is different )
  136. Xtreme Power of Avator dongle *I ball andi4di * full support on Avatobox [Feel power]
  137. regular update avator box user vote for it.....
  138. How to Install Avator Dongle2014 [SmartCard] Solved
  139. i forgot activation code plz help me team
  140. is there any avator reseller from hyderabad or banglore or cheenai in india pls tell
  141. zen x4 problem solved by avator
  142. Avator Card Power!! Alcatel OT-6012A-2AAVCO1-S50 Idol Mini!! [Support Real & Unique]
  143. World First karbonn a3* Pattern unlock done No Root/ No data loss With Avator dongle
  144. reseller indonesia
  145. Micromax A89 Pattern unlock done with Avator Dongle
  146. only update mtk cpu
  147. see the super speed of avator Dongle with karbonn 1+ duple mtk 6572
  148. Avator Card power!! Alcatel OT-5020A-2BAVCO1-S50 Now is Supported Ok!!
  149. plz authorised and active my box
  150. [Smartcard]+Avatorbox, Voice mobile Xtreme V40 hang on logo solved After write flash
  151. Smart card driver
  152. Avator Card power!! Alcatel One Touch Glory 2T Full Support Ok!!
  153. Avator Card Power!! Alcatel One Touch Mīpop Format Done
  154. Avator Card & Box Upgrade!!! Firmware Box 1.58zZ & Dongle 0.0003 Released
  155. Plz active My box avter
  157. Word First Micromax A27 Pattern Lock Done with Avator Box No USB bug / No Root
  158. how can i buy ur product?
  159. plez what is this new update???
  160. [Avator Card Xtreme Power] First In The World Samsung Note3 N9000"copy" Format Done!!
  161. SC8810 IMEI repair!! [ADB is Non Necessary to Activate] Avator Card Xtreme Power!!
  162. need new DownloadAgentLib.dll new for AvatorBox-V6.733
  163. Need Help.... My Avator box is not working...
  164. World First Samsung I9500 mtk 6572 3.7GB Read/Write Flash done with Avator Key
  165. World First I ball Andi 4di+ 3.730GB Read/Write Flash 100% By Avatorbox & key
  166. avator
  167. TIRED Avatorteam
  168. if u help
  169. [More power] In avatorbox +[smartcard] * Feel difference*
  170. Avator SmartCard Hidden power!!! SC8810 Supported [Other Distroy We rebuild to Life]
  171. FIRSTIn The World [SmartCard power]!Qmobile A50 Noir MTK 6575 3.5GB [Back to Life]
  172. World,s first spdandroid Pattern unlock very safe on avatorbox.We Care Our job
  173. How to set directory flash file for read flash ?
  174. I like Avator Box policy now Avator box Smarter for Smartphones.
  175. Hellooo good news look this
  176. Unlock (movistar) VZ019 Done...!!
  177. Sendtel Wise+ MTK 6572 3.5GB SuccessFull Other Tool Fail!!!
  178. thanks avator team fool us
  179. Xclusive Card power!! World First HTM-Feiteng-H9503 MTK 6572 3.5GB Fast Safe Format
  180. China Android MTK 6575 Read Flash / Write Flash done Successfully with New Avatorbox
  181. old box not wok AvatorBox ver6.816
  182. @ AvatorBox 2014 Team [picture SmartCard & Reader Inside]
  183. How to Register box & Smartcard video
  184. all the avator user avator box is realy dad
  185. avator team lierrrrr
  186. Connect dongle and restart software
  187. bad active code from support team
  188. need help code to activate the registration
  189. avator box need help
  190. smart card price
  191. sorry for avator team
  192. Huawei Y320-U151 MTK 6572 3.5GB EMMC Done!!
  193. Avatorbox 2014 Version 6.816 Update Released - MTK SmartPhones Supports
  194. bad bad suport from team
  195. comming soon just few hours
  196. were is boom update
  197. vote users "No need wait"test is going on see inside
  198. Bluetooth a200 mtk6225_16mb flash 1000000% done
  199. Please DOnt make Us Pay for New Box - 2014
  200. avator box is real king box in china