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  32. Help me [Answered]
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  43. Medusa Pro [Answered]
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  55. hi,i need patch misc for d631 to remove kill switch
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  60. medusa pro team u r great team plz add oppo [Answered]
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  79. J500m pinout here! By Pedro Aka GSMTEAGER for users and medusa team
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  97. Please need wiko harry emmc pinouts
  98. userdate empty [Answered]
  99. m210 unlock possible by sending carrier and modem
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  101. MEDUSA NEW VERSİON H442N NO MODEL help [Answered]
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  103. pleas help for n910f dead [Answered]
  104. lg m160 Nop sending error [Answered]
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  107. KMV3W000LM-B310 Update eMMC FW fail [Answered]
  108. Need BGA-254 Complete Pinout
  109. Oppo a3s patternlock
  110. samsung i9195 replace emmc and repair boot but still dead [Answered]
  111. Jpin ISP ADAPTER BY MOORC [Answered]
  112. Need G6100 ISP or Emmc Pinout Plz Help [Answered]
  113. Medusa PRO v.1.7.7 is out!
  114. pleas help for j200h deadboot
  115. How to Modify the CID of a Samsung BGA153 Chip
  116. bricked LG G7 LMG710VM [Answered]
  117. SM-G615F dead boot repair done :)
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  124. lg h818p not conecting [Answered]
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  126. please made software to support win 10 64bit solution [Answered]
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  128. Add repair flash LG V40 V409N
  129. LG-H540 need dump
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  134. Zte Axon M Z999 connection problem [Answered]
  135. For lg e615 [Answered]
  136. g532m boot repair done.
  137. boot repair fail [Answered]
  138. medusa old box emmc? [Answered]
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  141. D325F8 - Write KDZ Success, But QDloader 9008 yet [Answered]
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  144. medusa box emmc pin out? [Answered]
  145. i heard theres a way to know when emmc is dead
  146. Is there any solution for motorola cid dead? [Answered]
  147. Nokia 2 ta 1035 emmc pinout here
  148. Samsung J200H Dead Boot Repair Problem [Answered]
  149. Samsung J110H Dead Boot Repair Problem [Answered]
  150. My friend have problem with box wan reading or writing [Answered]
  151. mudusa pro wi are you g532f no conected [Answered]
  152. K430TV MT6753 - Connect error! [Answered]
  153. CAT S60 repair for Medusa Pro 🦑
  154. J700F Boot repair [Answered]
  155. how to recover information bga221=? [Answered]
  156. Samsung j106h boot repair problem [Answered]
  157. LG D295F - Loader not initialized. (After write flash) [Answered]
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  159. Medusa Pro connected but can not write file [Answered]
  160. LG D295F Device: Unknown eMMC M MOR [Answered]
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  162. i m new mudusa oro [Answered]
  163. Read timed out. ... Failed (Error: Unknown Error (Connection related)) [Answered]
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  169. OPPO A3s CPH1803/1853 Remove Password. pattern lock by Medusa Pro
  170. G930A SBL ERROR bit 8 [Answered]
  171. OPPO A3S stuck on Qualcomm Mode [Answered]
  172. Jio f90m user data partation 0 byte plz help me team [Answered]
  173. data recovery from encrypted data partion like 7.0 8.0 [Answered]
  174. LS777 repair issue [Answered]
  175. sony xperia c1905 type password to decrypt storage
  176. plz add bottom Facotrry Reset Done via eMMC [Answered]
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  186. redmi 6 or 6a frp
  187. Medusa Pro not [Answered]
  188. medusa give me head ache how to fix [Answered]
  189. Change emmc and fix the phone wikoo lenny phone
  190. Change emmc and repair boot phone condor c2
  191. Change emmc and repair boot condor 711g tab
  192. LG G6 H872 Qualcomm 9008 [Answered]
  193. G930T bit9 help [Answered]
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  196. Huawei T1-701u emergency calls only.....
  197. whrite emmc done but partitions not show [Answered]
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