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  1. Start with Medusa Pro
  2. Replace emmc i9192
  3. emmc read data g610m
  4. G6 changed eMMC from Sandisk to Toshiba successfully done
  5. Need J200H/DD Repair File
  6. i9000 repair boot
  7. Samsung SM-G3815 Problem
  8. EMMC N7105 not in list v 1.4.8
  9. XT1580 repair file need
  10. Replace emmc Moto G1 XT-1033 sucessful.
  11. Help me unbrick LG K330 [Solved]
  12. GT-I8262 boot repair successfully done
  13. Question about replace emmc
  14. Medusa Pro Lg Ms631 boot repair via eMMC [Answered]
  15. LG D370TR Medusa Pro repair qurstion [Answered]
  16. SM-G532G booth repair after EFS failed, plz sagest accurate firmware [Solved]
  17. H960atr Qhusb mode, help me [Answered]
  18. SM-G532G dead boot repair and Reset FRP successfully done with Medusa Pro
  19. l-01d dead boot repair need help,
  20. urgent help need
  21. GT-I9190 replace eMMC to kmvtu000lm-b503 but still dead [Solved]
  22. Question about Medusa Box [Answered]
  23. Medusa PRO vs G620
  24. LG D295 no Download Mode no power on done by Medusa Pro
  25. How to write EXT_CSD backup.
  26. LG VC425 Unbrick successfully done
  27. samsung g531f dead boot done but phone not on [Solved]
  28. y530-u00 after repaired successfully imei null/null help
  29. Samsung SM-G355h/ds deadboot repair question [Answered]
  30. G630-U10 Huawei Dead Boot Repair Done With Medusa Pro
  31. Medusa Pro Box ("Box status: not connected") issue how to solve? [Solved]
  32. LG D500 boot repair successfully done
  33. LG D370TR Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 [Answered]
  34. EMMc change question [Answered]
  35. g610-u20 after change emmc not work properly
  36. LG H901 repair question [Answered]
  37. Samsung sm-g532f dead repair done but not work
  38. Medusa PRO v.1.4.8 is out!
  39. LG G4 dead boot repair question [Answered]
  40. Medusa Pro Software ERROR[001]: Can not connect. No target device present.
  41. Qmobile z8 hang on logo [Answered]
  42. firmware update need [Unswered]
  43. help to create dump
  44. Error flash XT-1672
  45. Lg g4 h810 dead boot
  46. Medusa Pro Box and moorc adapter question
  47. SM-G355H Repair EmmC Sucess DONE by LuisinhoCell
  48. Medusa Pro VS Y600-U20 change emmc from GDDC to B309
  49. SONY E6553 emmc THGBMFG8C4LBAIR
  50. LG D855 unbrick successfully but doesn't go to Downloadmode
  51. Help, S7562 Restart, no download mode
  52. ERROR[001]: Can not connect. No target device present [Solved]
  53. Lg k430ds brick !! new boot file??
  54. Medusa Pro vs GT-N5100 change eMMC
  55. Samsung SM-G935T dead boot repair question [Answered]
  56. huawei y530-u00 boot repair error team please help me
  57. Replace eMMC in LG D684 (MTK)
  58. LG D851 repair boot successfully done via firmware for VS985
  59. LG LS995 dead boot repair question [Answered]
  60. cannot connect to qhsusb
  61. LG-E420 Dead After Flash
  62. Medusa card question [Answered]
  63. Meudsa Pro data recover question [Answered]
  64. SM-J100ML need help
  65. Samsung GT-I 9060, dead
  66. Oppo r831k how to fix wipe data failed
  67. Question about Medusa Pro Box [Answered]
  68. Samsung sm-j100h boot repair
  69. SM-G532G still dead after repairing [Solved]
  70. Repair LG H810 [Solved]
  71. Question about repairing LG H810 and H811
  72. bq Aquaris X Pro frp
  73. Huawei G6-u10 repair question [Answered]
  74. Hello team please tell why my post detet? [Answered]
  75. Need Help New user Medusa Box Pro [Answered]
  76. Coolpad 8297L-100 flashing error 11% plz help me
  77. D385 Dead Boot
  78. Test point finder for medusa pro box? [Answered]
  79. How repair boot S5830m with Medusa Pro [Solved]
  80. G620s-l01 smart repair ok bt not on
  81. G532G Boot repair Done, But Hangs on Logo!
  82. xt1681 dead by frp [Solved]
  83. Moto g4 plus bl unlock ?
  84. Box/card blacklisted [Solved]
  85. sm-j106h dead after emmc operation
  86. How write motorola backup .bin?
  87. Htc op6b650 boot repair problem
  88. Medusa PRO v.1.4.7 is out!
  89. F490L Dead boot repair question [Answered]
  90. XT1621 I can not read the partitions [Solved]
  91. Need Samsung GT-S7562 full flash bin file flash with medusa pro box
  92. Need pinout for KAT007012C eMMC, please [Answered]
  93. Try to gt-s7562 boot repair but problem again and again solve please team
  94. plz helpme for revive J100H
  95. ★★★★★ Medusa pro in action ★★★★★
  96. LG V10 F600L repair question
  97. Question about changing eMMC
  98. LG D851 Unbrick Done With Medusa
  99. need I9305 Live Log or EXT_CSD file
  100. just asking [Answered]
  101. Can't connect LG D680
  102. Sony M4 E2303 st by mathew_di ;)
  103. LG vs985 plz share Mf repair file ?
  104. Old Medusa Software (non-pro) models supported? [Answered]
  105. I need to revive LG k330 with usb dload qlcom 9006 [Answered]
  106. Samsung gt-i9100
  107. Huawei Y625-U43 qcoml 9008
  108. important question
  109. xt1671 after frp bricked
  110. HUAWEI Y560-L01 USB SRF file created success
  111. Help medusa pro
  112. I need a backup of the EMMC Xt1672
  113. Repairing LS991 eMMC
  114. How can I repair MTK phone eMMC read only state? [Answered]
  115. Samsung GT-S6500 dead boot repair pinout need
  116. help need coz i m new in medusa
  117. Medusa pro new user
  118. question
  119. i9515 repartition failed-can solve by boot repair?
  120. Medusa Pro Box "Connect" button and other options are hidden [Answered]
  121. Replace the emmc in Motorolas without having the old memory.
  122. LG H900 question [Answered]
  123. please any solution k7 msm8909 usb
  125. .elf file conn't connect via usb
  126. LG F400L BOOT repair and flash Done using D855 usb repair srf file..
  127. GT-I9200 repair boot
  128. Question about Userdata
  129. P3100 emmc repair problem
  130. S7562 after samsung logo blue screen problem
  131. Is it possible to recover user data from Moto G5 Plus [Answered]
  132. Medusa PRO v.1.4.6 - Massive update!
  133. Sm-J320P Connecting problem
  134. there required to backup?
  135. GT-I9300i dead boot repair successfully done
  136. how to repair boot j100h
  137. lg h818
  138. lg h810 boot repair with usb
  139. F500L- H810 Boot Reapir
  140. How to write rom Sony.
  141. Hello need help to connect this EMMC
  142. H901 repair., which usb and cables?
  143. A question [Answered]
  144. SM-G900i dead boot repair done
  145. SM-A500FU Boot Dead During Flash
  146. samsung gt-i9082 hang on logo
  147. help n910g boot repear
  148. Huawei E220 Repair Boot done By Medusa
  149. Samsung SM-J532G Flash dead phone can i repair boot with usb or urt
  150. medusa pro not showing hw partition
  151. LG G5 h820 dead boot repair possible
  152. My new Box Smart Card Blacklisted team please help
  153. Moto frp
  154. thanks medusa MOTO XT1643 frp..........
  155. Dear team I am your new user can i flash huawei Y530-u00 on phone with usb or any way
  156. Please add this [Answered]
  157. FRP Motorola Moto Z Play Dual XT1635-02 Patch 01 Setembro
  158. Here eMMC pinout for G5
  159. Samsung GT-I9190 flash after set dead
  160. Huawei g620 brick repair question [Answered]
  161. Nokia X Flashing Success but same dead
  162. Sony f3212 factory service error
  163. lg d290tr how to dead boot repair
  164. Moto XT1621 dead [Solved]
  165. Please, help me with LG H901 [Answered]
  166. SM-G532G VS Medusa Pro Done
  167. LG H810 factory repair question [Answered]
  168. n7100 repair fail what happend? please help
  169. OPPO R831S srf created easely with USB only
  170. SM-J100H Boot repair ok but not powe on
  171. lg D855 boot repair error
  172. Help to connect Huawei G510
  173. Question about HTC M9 [Answered]
  174. Samsung SHW-M250S dead boot repair successfully done
  175. Need suggestion help medusa
  176. LG V10 Model VS990 Unbricked Done
  177. LG V10AT960TR REPAİR BOOT DONE THANX MEDUSA st by mathew_di ;)
  178. huawei g610-u20 Jtag possible with medusa
  179. Update exception Emmc is Readonley , you
  180. Please Help Medusa Team...
  181. Hello
  182. which partition is right to create a good ".srf"? [Answered]
  183. How to download all srf file one click [Answered]
  184. j100h after smart repair not power on
  185. Can I repair the LG LS770 boot for H631?
  186. Storage info sending error lg g4 H810
  187. J111F EMMC Pinouts
  188. Help Huawei G6-U10
  189. my samsung GT-N7000 emmc pin not match ehy?
  190. G532G repair done but still hang on
  191. Medusa Pro Box question [Answered]
  192. How to write a new eMMC? [Answered]
  193. Medusa PRO v.1.4.5 - many new phones added!
  194. n8000 error after bootloader repair
  195. s7562 not added in medusa pro
  196. when will team add unsupported bootloader via USB for LG v10 g4 i have many dead
  197. Problem installing SRF [Answered]
  198. Medusa pro, unlock huawei
  199. SM-A500FU Smart Repair done, but no boot
  200. G532F repair Done But not power on