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  1. Magic 32A repair file
  2. Need full flash for Alcatel OT-990
  3. ORT JTAG - LG F260S - Optimus LTE III - Repair Dead Boot " Full Supported "
  4. Need Samsung w299 dump
  5. I need correct pinout for F160s
  6. I need file boot ZTE F555
  7. A877 pinout need.ort support.
  8. Samsung SCH-R530 Repair Dead Boot
  9. add model for support
  10. Toshiba tg101
  11. HTC Raphael (Touch Pro raph100) files
  12. s7560
  13. Support ????
  14. Samsung E189 Freeze logo
  15. Buy EMMC chip
  16. LG F180k repair file need
  17. need support samsung shv-e170k e170s
  18. JPIN JTAG Molex Flex cabl 30 in 1 JPIN user free SKY LG Samsung FULL dump files 512MB
  19. need dll acer s100
  20. htc desire 5510BCAD help
  21. Need help with zte s1602
  22. plz help me sir ....
  23. HTC AMAZE 4G repair error
  24. Desire x unlock
  25. HTC Desire DLL or fullflash need
  26. S5690 dead boot
  27. ORT JTAG - LG P936 Repair Dead Boot " Supported "
  28. cable jgtag ort
  29. F100L Have problem can't repair by Easy mode
  30. i9100
  31. LG P935 Repair Dead Boot " Full Supported "
  32. I want to download E160s(korean note1) DLL FILE
  33. HTC Desire X repair boot
  34. is possible transsfer my acount an other user ?
  35. I Need ORTSNReader
  36. E160L dll files 16GB please
  37. can u upload image Huawei_u8650_0x0000_raw
  38. ORT JTAG - LG Nitro HD P930 Repair Dead Boot " Full Supported "
  39. i need dump file LG f120s & F100S
  40. S3 I9300 stuck on logo
  41. LG F100L repair boot. help please
  42. ORT JTAG - Samsung Galaxy Express SGH-I437 Repair Dead Boot
  43. what i can not see login option on web site?
  44. HTC One_X Based on Tegra3
  45. Can I Dead Boot Repair Sony C1604 Xperia E Duall
  46. how repair boot p1000
  47. need i9100 sc-02c boot repair file urgent...
  48. Htc Aria Jtag pinout ??
  49. i have problem driver with Win7 64bit
  50. New dll htc one x at&t cannot boot
  51. where download DLL file
  52. ORT JTAG - HTC One X [ PJ83100 ] Repair Boot , Change IMEI , SN , CID !
  53. ORT JTAG - Samsung GT-I8552B / Galaxy Win Duos Repair Dead Boot
  54. Problem My ORT very slow to ressurect phone [ Answered ]
  55. not on the list ...[ Answered ]
  56. need i9082 dll [ Answered ]
  57. waiting for support activation [ Answered ]
  58. can u add Vodafone 945 boot repair?
  59. Any pros/supporter please fix i9070 dll
  60. How ı can Blackstone imei repair_?
  61. repair boot sky A760s by ORT
  62. ORT JTAG - T-Mobile MyTouch 4G / HTC Glacier [ Boot Repair ,CID , SN , IMEI Change ]
  63. i600 dead
  64. n7100 img for repair dead boot
  65. samsung i9070 big problem
  66. need repair file, dump file for s5670
  67. please support shw-a110s for boot repair
  68. orange sanfrancisco II Black PV736V full dump ?
  69. can i jtag i9070p with ort box?
  70. LG F240L repair boot done
  71. Samsung SHW-M290S Repair Dead Boot
  72. need help samsung s 5570 boot repair
  73. Samsung SHW-M290K Repair Dead Boot
  74. ORT JTAG - Samsung Galaxy S4 [SGH-M919] Repair Dead Boot
  75. s6500d.dl not support file help
  76. to ort jtag team
  77. can't repair LG LU6200
  78. LG SU640 fix dead boot done
  79. Gpgindustries wish an happy rakshabandhan to all our friends
  80. samsung i997R and i997 is same repair file?
  81. ort jtag user pls help me
  82. Huawei U8860 [ Huawei Honor ] Repair Dead Boot
  83. i9300 repair dead boot ORT
  84. How to repair motorola MB300
  85. Qualcomm MSM8225
  86. ORT JTAG future, ORT team please take a look.
  87. Is HTC 8S (RIO) pm59100 in QHSUSB_DLOAD supported?
  88. b5510 repair pb
  89. HTC One S PJ40100 Boot repair?
  90. ort box jtag i9070 not very good
  91. ORT JTAG - LG E510 Repair Dead Boot " Full Supported "
  92. Need Repair file or dumb for SHW-M340K
  93. htc desire support...
  94. Ort team plz check
  95. KT tech S220 repair boot ok
  96. ORT-JTAG - LG F240S Repair Dead Boot
  97. Pls help me all user and team
  98. need help in boot repair i9070... im a new bie
  99. ort JPIN jtag molex Z23 work with LG F240L S K E988 E980 E977
  100. Huawei U7510-s
  101. Electroboys need your help Lg F160L to repair
  102. Not changed imei HTC Desire C model ( GOLF )
  103. enter valid email [ Solved ]
  104. Need S5660 Repair File
  105. Does ORT can repair EFS for LG F240k?
  106. Why not connect HTC Desire C CPU wtih ORT JTAG?
  107. Need DLL file for LG F240!
  108. S8600 Completely dead after repaired by ORT
  109. Why Ort new support cant to login??
  110. Cant find htc desire files...
  111. Please someone hear me from good ORT-team
  112. Can i write dump file E120s To E120k?
  113. Help i535 repair done dump done still DEAD
  114. ORT-Jtag box pinouts please!
  115. can t see serial Nr in ORT 1.93
  116. S3370 dead boot repair
  117. limit download help pic
  118. Why ORT to limit the number of downloads to users ?
  119. I9003 dead-boot help
  120. lg e970
  121. i9001 Read error at address:0x0
  122. ORT JTAG - Huawei U5900M Repair Dead Boot
  123. i9500 EFS repair
  124. Lg p698 repair boot ort???
  125. zte p736v/orange san francisco II
  126. This serial number is expired
  127. Repair LG F180L show error
  128. ORT JTAG - Haier EM781H / Smartfren EM781H Repair Dead Boot
  129. help me download file
  130. how can i got more model in list?
  131. F240k support with ORT ? [ Supported & Solved ]
  132. p6200l brick????
  133. still no SE files in support area 1 day of waiting
  134. ORT V1.92 tool and Mfiles dump files tool
  135. samsung sc-01c repair pinout
  136. shve160s need boot file and pinout
  137. ORT-Jtag daily download
  138. Ort new support area how to login
  139. need se x10i full repair file
  140. no SE Files in support area
  141. after repair htc mozart no service
  142. where are the team
  143. S 5570 boot repair have the necessary files for S5570
  144. Wrong Token error to enter support area with 1.93 [ Solved ]
  145. i9070 boot repair ok but no power on [ Solved ]
  146. JPIN molex ORT Repair LG E960 QHSUSB tutorial BY MOORC
  147. Anyone have HTC ONE X
  148. M200K I Need Pinouts And Rescue File
  149. LG P705 MSM7227A 4GB EMMC Dump files by jpin without soldering and pinouts
  150. S5570i, HTC sensation XL, S3850 repair file
  151. I need repair files LG LU6200 nod dll
  152. LU6200 always error writing boot
  153. Need to repair SHW-M340s
  154. i need lg f180s.dll
  155. Need repair files/ pinouts
  156. HTC Sensation XL PI39200 looking for repair and pinout file
  157. Help my ORT cant open(encountered a problem)
  158. samsung M110S full dump
  159. Need s7230e ort repair file
  160. N7005 help needed
  161. Ort-Team please how to repair LG F160L ort connected the phone
  162. Need pinout for ORT LG 160L please
  163. help me
  164. i9020t DLL needed
  165. Please add emmc support
  166. Ort+jp
  167. i9250 dead
  168. Need LG F160L repair file and pin please
  169. Another SE E16i cant connect with ort
  170. I8150 repair file or I8150 Pinout
  171. s 5360 repair file or dll file need plz shear
  172. i need repair file HTC_SensationXE
  173. Need help i9070
  174. need help i9070 (very urgent)
  175. ORT support until now is Down?
  176. Scan CPU failed(-100)
  177. What happen to ORT-JTAG Website?
  178. Need ASAP Samsung S5570 dll. file
  179. Ineed repair files P1010 sever down
  180. can anyone give me full dump i9003 file
  181. When will support exactly be online?
  182. I need Boot repair file P100 and Pin-out
  183. Urgent Need "HTC Desire S aka S510e ort file repair"
  184. SE E15i boot file for ort jat need pls
  185. where is download support?
  186. how to repair a bricked s2 at&t i997 infuse
  187. I need repair file and jtag picture for i900v
  188. ORT support alternative .. resquest and share files
  189. Please need help Huawei E5832 boot repair
  190. s5360t i need jtag look same as s5360 but dont work
  191. Need file boot I9300 and pinout , Help me !
  192. I need repair file and jtag picture for M110s
  193. please support i9070 8gig phone can boot
  194. i9000 detected as :sec s5pc110test b/d
  195. ort-jtag.com is DOWN! [ Solved ]
  196. ORT JTAG - Samsung Galaxy Note [ SGH-I717 ] Repair Dead Boot " Full Supported "
  197. ORT JTAG - LG Optimus G E970 Repair Dead Boot
  198. About i9070
  199. LG Nexus 4/LG E960 Pinout
  200. SKY IM-A600S need fullflash