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  1. repair imei on htc desire s
  2. error one v
  3. Black Dongle with Red Cable....
  4. htc glacier mytouch 4g imei repaire problem.
  5. Htc wildfire a3333
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  10. BBMASS 1.06 Released
  11. Can guide me how to flash htc wildfire s ? where to find rom ? procedure?[answered]
  12. please team ADD zte z221 at&t[User Request]
  13. Flashing official rom on HTC Smart f3188 - without unlock security and supercid
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  15. htc wildfire s not unlocking[answered]
  16. wrong code with zxe ( zte link)[answered]
  17. problem with diag[answered]
  18. Htc desire a1818[answered]
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  21. need HTC 1 X arabic rom[User Request Done ]
  22. PH3910 is supported HTC at & t?[NOt supported V3.15]
  23. Sensation XE imei[answered]
  24. reading data error 2[answered]
  25. ZXE and BBMASS Free Update!
  26. HTC Incredible S CID change successfully[User Report]
  27. Need htc explorer a310e arabic rom
  28. possible to read user code of htc desire z ?[answered]
  29. Root Guides For Hxc Dongle Users.
  30. Please add huawei android phones[answered]
  31. HTC sensation ...[answered]
  32. HxCDongle 3.15 Android 3.x & 4.x supported!!
  33. inspire 4g imei repair[answered]
  34. Incredible S Boot 1.16 supported yet?[answered]
  35. bad game[answered]
  36. Tutorial: How to free sim unlock HTC Pico aka Explorer
  37. HTC t8788[answered]
  38. one v imei change error version[answered]
  39. Problem running zxe tool[Solved]
  40. ZXE Tool v1.00 - Orange San Francisco II unlock problem[answered]
  41. Hot and freee zte update for all hxc dongle custumers!!!
  42. Need HTC HD 7 T29292 Flash FIles[answered]
  43. Cannot Unlock HTC DROID Incredible2Tool v3.14[Not supported in v3.14]
  44. what is the add on Zortx[Closed]
  45. desire s imei ???[answered]
  46. I want this Dongle be Activated plzzz[answered]
  47. htc hd2 t8585 problem please help[answered]
  48. Htc inspair 4g problem unlocking with new update[answered]
  49. Reseller in Italy and supported phone[answered]
  50. HxcDongle Crazy Update... HxcDongle Brand New update Ver. 3.14 Uploaded !!
  51. Htc Dream....[answered]
  52. HxC Dongle - WE WILL NOT REST ???[Solved]
  53. wildfire s not s-off[answered]
  54. Can this tool relock bootloader, for warranty porpuses One X etc[answered]
  55. i want make gold card for htc topaz[answered]
  56. Y u rest?
  57. Hxc pro tool red cable 7- hd7 t-mobile flashing help[Solved]
  58. HxC Dongle
  59. BBMAS 1.04 Free Update,Now Supported All 2011 & 2012 Meps.
  60. no new update[answered]
  61. Htc 7 trophy t8686 restart with sim[answered]
  62. Can't register, Dongle purchased today[answered]
  63. i want htc senssation adb driver[answered]
  64. how flash HTC desire??
  65. Unlocking HTC Radar[answered]
  66. HXC DONGLE is resting or DEAD
  67. HXC Red cable with Verizon Trophy[answered]
  68. htc_s710 nop unlock[answered]
  69. The phone shows: No image found[answered]
  70. HXC Pro Tool Red Smartcard init error)[answered]
  71. roverpc s8 how to change language ?
  72. hD7 t9292 FLASH, POSIIBLE?[answered]
  73. HTC Sensation XE[answered]
  74. hd2 try 6 wrong unlock code...[Solved]
  75. explorer a310e flashing[answered]
  76. HTC Vivow / Incredible 2 Unlock[Not supported in v3.12]
  77. HD2 Unlock ?[Solved]
  78. imei repair[answered]
  79. how to nunlock htc desire z[answered]
  80. all bouton are disable[answered]
  81. Problem WILDFIRE[Solved]
  82. htc incredible s s710e only vibrate[answered]
  83. HXC DONGLE is resting or DEAD
  84. nop update ?
  85. HTC Wildfire how to update .[answered]
  86. unlock sensation with hxc pro clip red
  87. most CID codes
  88. Problem unlock htc desire hd[answered]
  89. htc bravo hung on htc[answered]
  90. how to select the right rom file from shipped ROM[answered]
  91. 4 / 5 months and no updates
  92. help to unlock htc maple[answered]
  93. how to downgrade htc desire hd from 4.0.3 to 2.3.6 ?[answered]
  94. reseller
  95. How to Unlock desire.[answered]
  96. Wildfire S hboot 1.33.771.5[answered]
  97. To faisal computer ( old dongle work fine with new green Cable)[solved]
  98. htc PG58130 update possible ?[answered]
  99. hxc dongle dead?
  100. New user-What is ACTION key?[answered]
  101. Can't unlock Htc Wildfire S[answered]
  102. how to repair this[Solved]
  103. need little help to download on support[answered]
  104. How to update htc bravo rom from sd card ??[Solved]
  105. HXC Pro Tool Red "Error Switching to app mode"
  106. HXC team add unlock by imei[answered]
  107. i buy pro cables but cannot connect always shoe cables not found ??[Solved]
  108. how flash derire bravo[answered]
  109. is Hxc dongle dead projet????[answered]
  110. where is the difference from red and green cable !!![answered]
  111. What happen with HXC Dongle Support
  112. HTC HD2 download mode???[answered]
  113. hway tread delect???[answered]
  114. HOW TO UNLOCK HTC THUNDERBOLT 4GB verizon[answered]
  115. Cable not found (Solution Here)
  116. HXC Pro Tool Red (Cable not found, Smartcard init error)(solved)
  117. help me plz[Solved]
  118. Problem register HxC Dongle(Closed)
  119. Desire HD A9191 unlock
  120. I canīt intall hxc dongle[answered]
  121. HXC red[answered]
  122. Can't register in software[answered]
  123. HXC Dongle Installation problem[solved]
  124. HTC DOngle or HXC Dongle?
  125. inspire 4g htc imei be repaired?[answered]
  126. Question about red protool.[answered]
  127. Surround unlock needed[answered]
  128. HXC Dongle does not work properly[answered]
  129. HTC Desire unlock problem[answered]
  130. Any solution of this error !Main Version is older! Update Fail![answered]
  131. HTC desire HD Stucks on Bootloader mod any solution??
  132. When is next update[answered]
  133. NEW GREEN Dongle Probelm[answered]
  134. HTC CHaCHA Strange problem[Phone was hardware issue[ROm Update ok ]]
  135. Error 12 while writing gold card[Solved]
  136. htc hero t-mobile unlock[answered]
  137. HTC Desire HD problem after unlocking[Solved]
  138. HTC Desire HD ROM
  139. Wildfire problem making s off[answered]
  140. Wildfire-s unlock and reset[answered]
  141. HTC Desire Imei repair not work[answered]
  142. HXCDongle register (Socket Error # 1006000)[Solved]
  143. Now test hxc hardware is collapsed[answered]
  144. pls hel HTC SNAP[answered]
  145. Desire too many pattern atempts[answered]
  146. htc nexus one only x symbol[Solved]
  147. plz help cant regester my dongle.[Solved]
  148. Updates
  149. Htc whit100 dead after try to unlock[answered]
  150. is it possible to change imie on htc wilfire
  151. I can't Install it[answered]
  152. can not register the dongle??/[Solved]
  153. HXC procable[answered]
  154. i need reset password of my hxc[Solved]
  155. BBMass V1.03 Released :)
  156. when I try salsa C510b from XTC Clip its says update fail
  157. Blackberry 9860 not suported[answered]
  158. please help desire HD dead.[answered]
  159. problem s-off in my touch 4g[Solved]
  160. how to use[answered]
  161. htc sensation 4g not don unlocking[answered]
  162. how to s-off HTC desire by HXC pro tool[answered]
  163. HTC 7 MOZART support hadspl or not?[solved]
  164. desire s unlock error[Solved]
  165. htc sensation4g canot unlock[answered]
  166. I have Old HxC Dongle without cable,Replace possible ???[answered]
  167. Problem Unlock HTC Touch ELF0100[answered]
  168. problem unlocking HTC Explorer A310b[answered]
  169. HXC Dongle Failed to unlock ..?Why[answered]
  170. Htc smart disabling secure flag fails[answered]
  171. htc s710d s-off[Not supported in v3.12]
  172. Droid Incredible 2 ADR6350 - Is This Supported[Not supported In V3.12]
  173. Boshko_Alfa please Help.[answered]
  174. HXC Dongle, GPG J-tag and Dragon User's do you want free HTC Pico - Explorer unlock?
  175. wildfire[answered]
  176. I can t unlock HTC MY touch 4G slide..???[not supported in v3.12]
  177. Htc Sensation Z710e İmei Change[not supported in v3.12]
  178. need precedure to unlock hd7[solved]
  179. I Need Flex Cable to BUy ..?[answered]
  180. Can't unlock Wildfire S[answered]
  181. red or green?[answered]
  182. Error - HXC Pro Tool 3.12[answered]
  183. HTC HD2 T-Mobile[answered]
  184. long time no update.stop update?
  185. pless can i unlock htc wildfire s[answered]
  186. Telstra HTC Wildfire A3335 (HTC Buzz) Specs[answered]
  187. support nexus one
  188. HTC BREW PD53100 Supported or Not ?[Not Supported in v3.12]]
  189. HXCDongle Latest Software[V3.12]
  190. HTC SMART (cant get S-off)[asnwered]
  191. How to unlock Desire S please[answered]
  192. hoW to unlock htc vox s710?
  193. problem with desire hd imei[solved]
  194. htc incredible cdma[Unsupported in v3.12]
  195. need to downgrade desire hd from 2.3.6[answered]
  196. hero100 help need urgent[answered]
  197. How to get my pro cabels to work=?[answered]
  198. htc wildfire s[answered]
  199. HTC GENE P3400i CID or IMEI corrupted can i repair HTC Dongle
  200. green cabel and red cabel ??[answered]