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  38. i need answer from product supporter
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  56. HXCTeam Proudly Present V3.09
  57. too much confusing cables
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  60. is dis supported ???
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  69. To Developer or Admin Request for software addition
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  84. please upload another link
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  89. HXCDongle Team present 3.08
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  93. bravo derise
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  97. very , vey slow support
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  102. desire hd1919
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  105. this cable requir new hxc dongle ! wath about this?
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  108. Desire S sticks at GET SW VERSION
  109. HXCTeam Proudly Present V3.07
  110. legent unlock tested ok
  111. need windows 7 firmware help want to update hd7
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  118. Error in the registry
  119. understanding this hxc pro ..
  120. hi need BBMASS Free Add On and HxCDongleSimple v1.00
  121. I need htc wildfire a3333 firmware 2.2 or 2.3 please help me with it
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  123. HTC MAgic ERROR, hardware of phone different, not supported for now
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  135. Please somebody help me about this hxcdongle.the 2 cables and gold card?
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  137. problem to unlock mytouch 4g and mytouch 3g slide
  138. HELP FOR UNLOCK htc sensation 4g
  139. card not working
  140. Can't read dongle serial
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  144. creating file error
  145. HELP,How to activat my hxc dongle???
  146. sir plz hlp me
  147. htc desire
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  150. imei repair
  151. my touch 3g t mobile is supported??????
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  155. HXCTeam Present HxCDongleSimple v1.00! It has never been easier to unlock HTCPhones!
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  158. please help !!
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  174. HXC PRO TOOL v3.06 - 7 Oct 2011
  175. please help........
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  188. forget login password
  189. BBMASS Free Add On for all HXCDongle users!!! More on the way!!!
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  194. cable not found(Solved just use 3.05 more details inside)
  195. 3.04 and cable problems
  196. HXCStandalone not creating card file
  197. question
  198. help Hd7
  199. I have hxc dongle + htc clip (Raskal)
  200. error with version 3.04