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  1. MAGMA Activation for Volcano Users -> In next update
  2. HxcMagma v1.0.0.8 Added Samsung phones & Samsung Note 3 Unlock Way Changed !!
  3. [Guide] How To Activate Magma On HXC Dongle After Activation!
  4. HTC Desire A8181 [IMEI repair/rebuild Unsupported Yet]
  5. htc M7_ul
  6. Poor Magma box cant do anything with htc
  7. Samsung GT-I9500 Copy Supported!![www.HxcMagma.com]Feel The power in your Hands!
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  9. HTC One Unlocking [Waiting for reply of User]
  10. unsupported model???
  11. buy box
  12. Verizon I605 UNLOCKED
  13. HxcMagma V1.0.0.7 World's 1st Added New PID for Alcatal OT-7025(x)-7040(x)-7041(X)
  14. Huawei Ascend Y300-0151 Supported [Remove PIn Code pattern and More]Magma Unlimited!!
  15. reseller?
  16. Blackberry Curve 8520 Direct/Mep0 Easy and Fast [Unlimited Power] www.hxcMagma.com !!
  17. htc one v
  18. HTC wildfire S newest sw change imei not working
  19. SCL22 unlock [Checking Root]
  20. where is problem?? magma box[Solved]
  21. HXC Dongle activation
  22. HXCMagma V1.0.0.6 Added Alcatel For Code Calculation!
  23. I9300 EFS Backup / Read Done With HXCMagma
  24. how to S-OFF HTC ONE X / ENDEAVORU
  25. HTC Desire X unlock
  26. Need help htc one s
  27. Windows 8.1 pro libusb0.dll not loaded.help please
  28. 9300 mep 0 failed[Solved]
  29. Magma not activated
  30. SGH-I747M Show Unlocked but still asking for code
  31. Most of phone can't unlock
  32. BlackBerry 8520 IMEI Change Done With HXCMagma ( Its Universal ) Magma
  33. what cables are the hxc magma?
  34. Please added samsung galaxy player YP-G1
  35. htc amaze 4g
  36. MAGMA BOX BD price?
  37. BlackBerry Curve 8520 Repair Imei Success Magna Box
  38. HTC One X repair IMEI
  39. i9082 can't Read unlock code
  40. HxcMagma V1.0.0.5 Added BlackBerry Imei & Chinese Mobiles Pattern Lock Remove !!
  41. Hts desire SV plz flash files
  42. Htc one x 1.72.0000
  43. Galaxy Tab 3 operation done .
  44. is htc one htc one s htc one v is possible to unlock with magma box
  45. Need MADMA box phone support list
  46. about HXC MAGMA support new htc device for s-off,change imei&cid,sim unlock , etc...
  47. htc one x report
  48. htc chacha repair imei and super cıd erorr
  49. htc one hboot 1.56 soff
  50. what about japanese htc models ?please dont ignor and give us unswer
  51. htc desire x pm66100 imei repair supported magma team ?
  52. How unlock HTC ONE S?
  53. i9300 not unlocked
  54. Support plz answer how to find files for HTC
  55. HXC Cable New Driver To Work With MAGMA.
  56. HXCMagma_V1.0.0.4 BETA PRO RELEASE!!
  57. why cant use hxc magma with hxc pro tool red?
  58. HxcMagma V1.0.0.3 Lot of HTC Models Added for Unlocking, Imei Repair, S-off, S-On etc
  59. samsung N7105 Unlock Error
  60. i747m unlock don
  61. cannot download HXC software, serial reader not working
  62. how to solve n900p invalid sim
  63. Magma box bb 9300 mep 0 unlock don
  64. Greetings
  65. how solve problem HXC PRO Tool v3.20
  66. i9505 UNLOCK FAILED. S4
  67. sm-n900a unlock done but still ask enter unlock pin
  68. Qmobile A2 Remove Pattern Lock With HXC MAGMA TOOL
  69. Qmobile A35 Remove Pattern Lock With HXC MAGMA TOOL
  70. Htc wildwire patern lock reomve with hxcmagma
  71. blackberry 9860 direct unlock error
  72. need resaler listt
  73. hxcmagma WHEN HTC
  74. Samsung SM-N9005 4.3 N9005XXUDMJ7 unlock done but still want unlock code MAGMA
  75. S6310 direct unlock not working
  76. Blackberry 9780 Successfully Removed zero MEEP With hXCMegma in few seconds.
  77. registration
  78. Bb8900 anyway repair red blink?
  79. HTC HERO Flashing problem for unlock. Help Faisal_Computer HXC Dongle
  80. [Info] N9005 Unlock Supported Basebands.
  81. Samsung i8190L unlock problem
  82. BlackBerry 8900 {MEP0} DONE BY HTX MAGMA
  83. bb i9100 read code ok
  84. HxcMagma unlock for Note3 [N9005] -- BaseBand Unsupported!!!
  85. HXCMagma Root Card -{I-I}-Samsung S5360 Root Done With HXCmagma Root Card ;)
  86. HTC Desire 601 CID,Main Ver ,Bootloader ,Android Ver & Too Many Info Read With Magma
  87. time is.....
  88. blackberry 9320 curve unlock down great magma
  89. Dont waste Your Time Using Read Code , BB Direct Unlock Done In Few Sec With HXCmagma
  90. Blackberry 9800 Direct Unlock Done With HXCmagma
  91. Android tablet Pattern Lock Reset Done Without Loss Any Data With HXCmagma ;)
  92. hXCMegma Successfully Removed zero MEEP of curve 8900 with in few seconds.
  93. Android Tablet (China) Hang On Logo Done With HXC Magma . All Android Can Wipe ;)
  94. N900A Unlock Done but still locked [Check BaseBand Version]
  95. n9005 cant unlock
  96. Samsung S-5570 Rooting and Factory reset done with HxcMegma
  97. Samsung C3300I Reset Done With HXCmagma Via Model Port;)
  98. samsung i747 4.3 done by hxc magma
  99. How to get a free magma activation?
  100. Hxcmagma server not working
  101. Blackberry important tip
  102. who is indian reseller???
  103. HXC dongal Disconneted from Server!
  104. @Supporter
  105. 9 samsung unlocked with HXCMAGA
  106. Blackberry [9300 Mep0] Direct Unlock Successfully with HXC MAGNA
  107. HXCMagMA V1.0.0.2 BlackBerry Module Released, MEP0 Unlocking, Read Code, Read Info
  108. how download HxcMagma V1.0.0.1
  109. Samsung note 3
  110. Sm-n900a unlocked
  111. hxcdongle can use hxcmagma
  112. where can buy hxcmagma in china
  113. G3815 not unlock
  114. HXCMagma V1.0.0.1 More Stable Ver, Lot of more phones added.
  115. Doubt!
  116. i337 after unlock still need unlock code
  117. New HXC Dongle Registration Failed.. Help
  118. HTC update ?
  119. what happend with server??
  120. SM-N900T unlock failed
  121. Samsung N9005 unlock ?
  122. htc s off
  123. driver htc dongle
  124. ERROR(SERVER_GET:NO_DATA) Bad server
  125. HXCMAGMA official distributors & resellers
  126. HXCMAGMA x SPooKey.
  127. HXCMAGMA V1.0.0.0 Released World's 1st Samsung Galaxy Express 2 G3815 & N9005 Unlock
  128. ...::: HXCMAGMA Video Tutorial :::...
  129. [Info] Magma Download Support Area.
  130. @===/\ HXCMagma Supported Models list /\===@
  132. World's 1st Samsung Galaxy Express 2 G3815 Unlock Done with HXC Magma !!!
  133. When to release the new update?
  134. Help with Leo T-Mobile unlock
  135. hxc dongel is dead?
  136. HXC Again not unlock my 6th phone. HTC G2
  137. Why my post deleted
  138. I won't buy GPG Team product again
  139. HTC ONE S T-Mobile failed to unlock
  140. Help with HTC ONE V T-Mobile Unlock
  141. HXC Registeration Socket Error #10060 Connection[Solved]
  142. HXC Dongle Activation Error
  143. HXC Dongle About
  144. i buy used dongle not working with me helpppp
  145. help me to register hxc dongle-socket error 10060
  146. I can activate my htc dongle to IRkey
  147. why here is so silent ???
  148. Hxc dongle dead
  149. nomore update
  150. register problem
  151. hxc dongle dead
  152. Future Of HXC Dongle ?
  153. Pls help me
  154. hxc dongle dead ?
  155. chacha imei
  156. Imei repair support for htc wildfire
  157. HTC Desire 300 Support
  158. how active my hxt pro cable red and instal driver for registration
  159. pleas driver hxc pro cable
  160. HXC Dongle SN number
  161. Help!!! Mytouch 4G not unlocked with HXC Dongle
  162. Help Please!!!! Always Cable not found!!!!!
  163. S-off
  164. Goldcard
  165. how to unlocke hts desier
  166. when is the new update
  167. htc incredible s {error while runing exploit(#11)}
  168. Dongle driver needed
  169. Htc wildfire unlock
  170. HTC niki100 can't unlock
  171. htc incredible s, not repair imei
  172. A9191 - How to remove password?
  173. problem unlocking HTC wildfire S
  174. hxc protool aupporter plz add new model of htc phone
  175. Bbmass
  176. unlock bootloader
  177. Hcx dongle or irkey
  178. Htc one x need help to unlock
  179. Plz answer for the future of hxc dongle
  180. plz help hxc pro tool supporter
  181. HXC Dongle website is not working.
  182. sensation 4g incorrect code
  183. HXC green cable drivers
  184. Unlock HTC Magic 100% HXC Dongle
  185. HXC Not registered Error
  186. how to repair imei htc desire
  187. htc sensation (QHSUSB_DLOAD) problem how to solve
  188. how to use hxc dongle.
  189. hxc dongle t328w supported?
  190. htc PH44100 4G how to update
  191. How to get Carrire info from IMEI
  192. Hxc dongle and cable are useless
  193. htc sensation xl repair imei
  194. Touch Pro (Raphael) unlock fail/success ...
  195. Big problem. UNLOCKED. HBOOT 1.03.0003. S-ON. cyanogenmod 4.0.4
  196. Need help for registration for hxc dongle[Solved]
  197. How to unlock sensation 4g
  198. error while registering dongle
  199. Htc inspire 4g at$t need to be debrand
  200. thanks for this team but ?