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  1. I927 null
  2. please add cert for sm-g530fz & A700FD
  3. Sm-g900r4 how to unlock
  4. G900F cert problem(Samsung fixed my Cert. Network is back and no sim lock)
  5. how to unlock samsung sm-g368T
  6. s7272 patern unlock
  7. how to flash sony phones with asansam box?pls help me
  8. Samsung S4 I337 4.4.4 unlocking help please
  9. unlocking S5
  10. IMEI KEEPS FAILING sm-n910t fixed with other interface
  11. i9505 stuck Repairing Settings...
  12. unlock samsung SM-G386T
  13. enable the DM mode on LOLLIPOP.EAZY STEP
  14. hello team pls add unlock suport for sm-g530fz
  15. Needed cert e7 SM-E700H
  16. need g530f cert file
  17. sm g710 - sm g350L
  18. samsung gt-i9301i repair imei
  19. Help 5360L not grab signal
  20. Galaxy A5?
  21. msung note Edge n915J help unlock
  22. what's asansam stoping. where the bom bom
  23. g900h imei null
  24. plee help my n910f cert file
  25. N910f how to write cert pleaes help
  26. latest version
  27. need unbrick file for i9000t
  28. Galaxy note3 SM-n9005 samsung account problem
  29. how to unlock Samsung A500G/DS ?
  30. g900h
  31. *******************Nowruz(PERSIAN New Year) Holiday Notification*********************
  32. About Knox bootloader
  33. g7102 block
  34. samsung SM-A500g/ds samsung account
  35. Need g900s QCN and Cert file plz help me out
  36. imei repair problem
  37. n900p need cert file
  38. i8262 qcn read ver 1.08 same prob
  39. I8262 Emergency calls only fixed by asansam all in one 1.0.4 and then special imei
  40. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.8)Released Add New Phone models
  41. Help GT-S7562 no repair imei
  42. enable languages fail
  43. sm-g901f cert please
  44. i8262 qcn reading problem
  45. GT-S5830M Unlock Done
  46. Asansam smart card not found
  47. s2 not registered on network in india-U.A.E no problem
  48. efs file need
  49. G900h samsung account remove salution
  50. hi asansam team need sm-n900p cert
  51. i9100g
  52. i9515 firmware farsi
  53. g530h wipe efs ok but imei remain
  54. g900h samsung account remove
  55. Asansam Dongel Setup not Show Note 4 model list.
  56. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.7)Released Add New Phone models
  57. I9500xxufni2_i9500oddfni1_tml
  58. samsung g7106 gand2 unlock possible or not???
  59. i9500
  60. sm-g900h samsung account
  61. ASANSAM_Rev2.6.4
  62. my donle is old
  63. SM-a500f support need for sim inlock please
  64. e1200i italian firmware help
  65. need asnsam box sm-g530h dual imei support cert file
  66. help gt-i5500 no unlock
  67. st25i unlock free?
  68. Possible to unlock g530fz
  69. g900f after 3min restart
  70. how to unlock G530H help plzzzz
  71. Cert-SM-N900p
  72. plz help me not enter sport on box plz help me
  73. how to unlock samsung note3 n900t?
  74. How To download files from support
  75. asansam dongle and box is same?
  76. unlock S7275T
  77. i9515 cert fail pls help with procedure
  78. Samsung g355h/ds imei 0000000000000
  79. Repair imei i8190L asansam box
  80. need ft232r usb urt driver
  81. hol-u19 firmware farsi
  82. Samsung account reset done but still same
  83. i8262 imei repair
  84. samsung c5010e flash
  85. Can't read QCN file !!!
  86. i8262 imei repaired with old version 2.4.8 successfully
  87. asansam page down
  88. unlock n910h
  89. ASANSAM ver 2.2.6 Main Setup
  90. asansam qcn reader fail i9515[ANSWERED]
  91. Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.6(fix version)
  92. S7275T cert
  93. Samsung g355h /ds imei 000000 how can i repair
  94. how to enable language on new models?[ANSWERED]
  95. Software auto close problem
  96. i9300i write cert error[ANSWERED]
  97. write imei g530h ?[ANSWERED]
  98. Asansambox installation help
  99. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.6)Released Add Broadcom models
  100. please team asan. I want you. support. all mtk & spd. and thank. you,
  101. Galaxy s5 g900h read flash error[ANSWERED]
  102. g530h cert[ANSWERED]
  103. Error when trying to wipe EFS SM-N900T and others[ANSWERED]
  104. error writing cert g900k[ANSWERED]
  105. g530f cert file need[ANSWERED]
  106. This box repaire imei for samsung i9515?[ANSWERED]
  107. i9070 when sim insert imei and baseband null-help
  109. pls. help GT-I9300 doesn't have a signal
  110. what is diffrence between dongle and box.[ANSWERED]
  111. SM-N910F imei null
  112. how to unlock SM-G530h with asansambox?
  113. SM-G530H Writing Certificate... OK Done with asansambox
  114. Need to Unlock i9515 and G503H DOngle or Box which run QCN tool
  115. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.5)Released Add G53XX Models
  116. note1 sgh-i717 imei 0/06
  117. i8262 imei change with asan same[ANSWERED]
  118. windows 7 64bit DM+MODEM+ADB unknow device SLOVED NOW
  119. why no solution s7562 not registered on network problem(thank you it work)
  120. cert sm-g386w need it
  121. my last post has not been answered yet
  122. new user of asansam box ...help...
  123. Bricked G900H
  124. i8262 i8260l
  125. how to unlockG357FZ by asansam
  126. g7105 cert file
  127. asansam box driver issue
  128. enable langue farsi[ANSWERED]
  129. Asansam qcn file for sm-g530f,g530fz,g530y,sm-g530h,g530fz/ds
  130. How to write Certe to Galaxy neo i9300o
  131. How to Fix SM-G530H Emergency call only after write cert with asansambox?
  132. i9500 4.4.2 cert imei repair
  133. gt-s7275r supported wipe efs?
  134. Please Help me!!
  135. samsung g530h?ds unlock
  136. n900 imei null?
  137. About asansam file support?
  138. G530H CERT ITS Compatible G530F
  139. i8262 special imei problem
  140. i8262
  141. I9300(i747) network problem fixed after writting qcn file
  142. G530H network unlock possible or not ??
  143. asansam setup error
  144. note 4 with SAMSUNG ACCOUNT
  145. I9192 repair imei? asansam
  146. imei repair g900f
  147. n7505 imei repair-i have not certificate-help
  148. samsung i9508 langude activation done with asansam box
  149. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530H) Cert
  150. Login support error!
  151. How to write g530h cert file????
  152. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530H) Final Cert download
  153. about asansam cert files and Cert Fail(Sign_IMEI_1) error
  154. port problem on my pc(answered)
  155. pliz team how i unbrick s4 9505 stuck onlogo with box
  156. i8262 after write cert and special imei?
  157. i9300I write cert done with QCN asansam box
  158. i9301i write cert done with QCN asansam box
  159. About no network after wipe and write cert i9515
  160. M919 imei 000 problem Fixed with asansam box(success report)
  161. asansam link support problem help....
  162. Asansambox file support is down and fixed soon
  163. T889 not unlocked
  164. problem with enable lang for i9195
  165. i605
  166. i9000 imei problem
  167. plz help
  168. need help firmware xperia x10i
  169. made a mistake with 9515 now only 2g, need help
  170. qcn reader
  171. can i unlock s7275t using s7275r certificate?
  172. samsung p3100 strange problem
  173. Aqcn
  174. Samsung g530h unlock
  175. How to Unlock i9515 with asansam box(qcn tools)
  176. samsung i9515 unlock
  177. Writing Certificate... Fail
  178. AsanSam QCN Read/Write 1.0.4 not work(fixed in next versions)
  179. please need cert. SM-G900S
  180. s7275r unlock p
  181. c1505 xperia
  182. Need Asansam dongle setup v1.6.8 download link
  183. Samsung S7580 Trend Plus problem with unlock PIN
  184. Asamsambox or dongle work with windows 8.1
  185. i can't download file from support area
  186. whis is best dongle or box
  187. asamsam dongle support with other box like spt box and ufst
  188. who have this phones for test?
  189. s7275R UNNLOCK Failure
  190. how to root g900h 4.4.2
  191. Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.4 Released(FIX VERSION FOR I9515)
  192. step by step read certificate
  193. Read here carefully before use Qcn Tools...
  194. android lock help need..
  195. ERROR Enable language G900A
  196. asansam stuck at veryfing ok ok ok ok
  197. g900h imei null
  198. sm-g386f unlock supported?
  199. Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.4)Released add auto cert i9515 and other phones
  200. I9082l Busybox Not Installed more lp