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  1. F.A.Q ! About Asansam Box!Before Start Thread Read This
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  27. Question
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  31. WARNING:::::::Dont use restore pb button for repair unknown baseband:::::WARNING:::::
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  65. help me
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  100. Any idea how to dial or enter in a note/tablet codes service...???
  101. Please read this post before use imei repair button[PIT MODELS]
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  125. SAMSUNG GT-N7000L Flash files ?[ANSWERED]
  126. galaxy note shv e160l imei 00000000[ANSWERED]
  127. Contact to 100.1640605 if you have problem with support
  128. Asansam box Version 2.4.1 server working perfectly[REPORT OK]
  129. s5333 imei not active[ANSWERED]
  130. i9300 dead boot[ANSWERED]
  131. I8190 no service sulation[ANSWERED]
  132. i9190 ub file need and i9100[ANSWERED]
  133. about ASF 1.1.3 flashing[ANSWERED]
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  135. how to unlock sm-n900 note 3[ANSWERED]
  136. Dongle no found (Err:0x14200)[ANSWERED]
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  139. i9500 imei repair Turkey ok with asansam box
  140. asamsan file support[ANSWERED]
  141. I9300 repair no network fail[ANSWERED]
  142. World first 2 in 1 Asansam Box Interface
  143. fixed baseband and serial number with asansam but ?[ANSWERED]
  144. how to remove user code on S3 without data lost?
  145. Imei gran duos
  146. Fixing imei i9300 finaly done VIA ASANSAM BOX[ANSWERED]
  147. Model: SHV-E300K unlock support ?
  148. who have such lock and unlock models for solution testing?
  149. Xperia Z C6602/3 Root via one click sroot
  150. How to relock Bootloade LT15i?
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  152. how to ragister asansam dongle(no need active)
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  154. Need EFS file for R970C
  155. asansam speed and best support
  156. pls help I9300 after change EMMC now no baseband[ANSWERED]
  157. Please Read here carefully before make a new port about support please please :-(((((
  158. How to unlock i9505 android ver 4.3 with asansam box + Success reports
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  160. Need Idea about support
  161. When use repair S/N operation?
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  175. About Server Reply Unknown!(Fixed all problem users now)
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  178. Post Here Any Problem about Asansam File support+tanx post
  179. need i897 working efs file[ANSWERED]
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  181. n7000 imei good Baseband Version : NULL[ANSWERED]
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  185. Asansan Box Smart Card Driver ..[ANSWERED]
  186. About support[ANSWERED]
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  188. mt 25 saife mode[ANSWERED]
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  192. i can't login
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  198. Asansam Box Ver 2.3.9 and All in One Rev 1.0.0 Released
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  200. Flash file need