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  1. c8600
  2. zZ-Team Release Huawei Advanced Tool! Huawei G506 and more cdma added
  3. windows 7 32x driver problem [Received wrong dongle]
  4. BB 9360 0 mep
  5. VIDEO - Read Code - Unlock - Repair IMEI - ZTE Z992
  6. ZTE P752D Unsupported FW . [Problem solved]
  7. zte mf669 . firmware no soportado.
  8. posible conction wiht u9508 honor 2....!!!?????
  9. OT 203x code need
  10. please help me dongle blocked
  11. How to Flash U8800
  12. zZKey SmartZ New Release v1.3.11! More ZTE Modem added
  13. I need firmware for huawei U2800-7
  14. zZ-Team Release Huawei Advanced Tool 2.6.0 and SmartZ 1.3.10 *Inspired for You*
  15. Huawei Ascend G510 Unlocked in second [User Test Report]
  16. can unlock mb525 and xt862?
  17. help for unlock Nk 6303c
  18. huwei idos s7 104 flashing supported
  19. zZKey can activate any zZKey in other tool? [Not possible]
  20. Strongly recommended
  21. my SmartZ_1.29 says my dongle has been blocked for using unauthorised monitor app
  22. U1280 firmware
  23. G300 unlocked ok [User Test Report]
  24. Huawei Y300 unlocked ok [User Test Report]
  25. get contacts from Error 523
  26. Amigos no encuentro la pagina de los firmwares para huawei[Solved]
  27. Erro no unlock xt317
  28. blackberry 9900 service required
  29. zzkey so good now you need to create a shell.
  30. need mfi for PRD-17740-002 9550
  31. problem motorola XT615 ime repair
  32. help............. [Solved]
  33. zZKey SmartZ New Release v1.29! ZTE Third Part
  34. plase zzteam how calculate prd-46872-052 imei 355419054442242
  35. problem with imei in huawei e1750C [Not supported in this moment]
  36. help
  37. Unlock Nokia 3710 RM-510 Ploblem
  38. please support huawei u9200 P1 ascend [User Request]
  39. I repair imei Nokia X3-02 damaged?
  40. need file for this prd please upload
  41. Motorola XT615 user code?
  42. error reparacion imei mb200 [Solved]
  43. zte blade III failed to unlock [Solved]
  44. BB9700 error523
  45. imei repair huawei Y300 done [User Test Report]
  46. zZKey SmartZ New Release v1.28! ZTE Second Part
  47. Thank you ZZKEY for CREDITS
  48. Error unlocking Huawei Y300-0151
  49. Happy birthday el capitel
  50. BB 8230m RED LIGHT SOLVED B ZZKEY... :)[User Test Report]
  51. help please with my zzkey [Solved via email]
  52. needed U8600 ime repair
  53. huawei g525 imei repair [Solved]
  54. huawei y300 unlocking ?
  55. How to flash u8680 tmobile 2.3.6 after imei repair [SOLVED]
  56. zflash 7130e
  57. Powerfull ZZKEY dongle software PREVIEW
  58. zte v790 changue imei
  59. Liberacion Unlock Motorla MB501 T-Mobile with ZZKEY
  60. SmartZ open problem
  61. my zzkey dongle is blocked
  62. u8180-1 unlock error
  63. U8651 tmobile prism flash file and directions please
  64. Unknow or not compatible sensitive Data
  65. I can not register my dongles
  66. I can not register my dongle register
  67. Flashfile not found for 9790
  68. Huawei U8186-5, Flash [Solved]
  69. Need a little help. [solved]
  70. zZKey SmartZ New Release... ZTE Android, OpenOS full features supported
  71. BlackBerry PlayBook
  72. ref motorola dext mb220
  73. closed program after 1 minute
  74. U9200 - P1 - No Connect No Pink Screen
  75. help please
  76. Y210 flash or backup?
  77. where I can find Zflash file
  78. g510 unsupported firmware?
  79. please zz-team flash file for um840
  80. Surprise I just bought ZZKEY :)
  81. error repair mb501 [Solved]
  82. successfully imei repair U8730 [user test report]
  83. ZZKEY zzQCOM invalid response imei repair failed
  84. zflash for PRD 33124-017
  85. Need help [Solved]
  86. when zz key update again???
  87. motorola xt320 error
  88. i need stock rom u8651s [Solved]
  89. how programar nam cm980
  90. how unlock alcatel ot-358g 2ATLVEA [Solved]
  91. hello co-members
  92. huawei u8860 pattern ?
  93. alcatel staraddict II ot-996
  94. Please add [User request]
  95. success with ZZkey free [User Test Report]
  96. U8180-5 can actually unlock?? ok Done!!! [User Test Report]
  97. connect 4g unlock [not supported]
  98. huawei u8825d imei backup write back [Solved]
  99. Motorola MB300. Don't Unlock
  100. zzkey team 9900 75%
  101. huawei y201 pro u8666 patch
  102. BB 8520 Strange Issue, is there a Solution???
  103. need help in red blinking
  104. Problem with MediaPad S7-105 [Solved]
  105. wx308 enter unlock code question.
  106. Please Brother Add Models ZTE [User Request]
  107. 9220 prd 49028-010 MFI ?
  108. hawei K3770
  109. zZKey Release SmartZ 1.13 Motorola EX Time!
  110. cannt unlock modem [Solved]
  111. 7100g could not flash please how will I do it?
  112. blackberry 8230 pearl
  113. Huawei Ascend G312 U8681 (wind mobile)
  114. zzkey information
  115. My zz-key has been blocked
  116. Unlock Motortola Xt303 from Telcel [Not supported yet]
  117. zz-team please add improvements zZStuff Calc module for phones alcatel [User Request]
  118. My zz-key has been blocked
  119. Ot 233 provider not supported [Solved]
  120. unlock one toch 813f
  121. Mail not working to send the information unblock_dongle [Solved]
  122. zzkey huawei advanced tool for Linux
  123. Huawei U8665. How to flash??
  124. help new user here
  125. alcatel 6030 [Not supported at this moment]
  127. Help dongle blocked zzkey
  128. alcatel VM565 unlock how [Select OT322]
  129. About blockade dongle [Please bro contact me]
  130. alcatel vm565 unlock? [Select OT322]
  131. Update failed g510 [Solved]
  132. BlackBerry 9220 unlocked done:: [User Test report]
  133. Planing on buying zzkey [95% only usb cable]
  134. ram image invalid in 9790
  135. please zz team PRD-49737-048
  136. As bad luck with this box? [need study more about our zZkey]
  137. ..<<Sucessfully Stories with SmartZ module>>..
  138. zZKey Team present SmartZ module!, MOTOROLA ANDROID UNLOCK and Repair IMEI
  139. red LED 9900
  140. ZZKey Project Dead o Alive? [Alive Always]
  141. Please Zzteam Give Us A Surprise for Venezuela Independent Day.... Please!!!
  142. blocked my dongle why? [Solved]
  143. canīt unlock ascend y210 [Solved]
  144. U8180-1 unlock [Done]
  145. help with zzkey
  146. Huawei E173 imei repair Err:(00) VTP BAD
  147. zzkey repair nokia 303
  148. Nokia 311 question [Solved trying to read hash for bf, but is 20 digits ur phone]
  149. 9860 load 75% again
  150. u7510s Unlock problem
  151. May I ask why the team blocked my dongle
  152. U1285 unlock problem
  153. help mepo 8900
  154. Dear Zzteam please Answer me
  155. huawei cm980 repair mxxd
  156. Is Huawei G3620 Movistar Venezuela Supported?
  157. u5200
  158. help, farsi language for bb 9650???
  159. help MFI for PRD 39473-025
  160. alcatel ot316 telenor hungary [Not supported]
  161. zte skate
  162. E5836 not connection
  163. where i can download g300 flash?
  164. problem which daytona
  165. err:[]: Provider ID Not Supported.
  166. Problem whith 8320
  167. how to put huawei u7519 into flash mode?
  168. Why do I get this error?
  169. How will i flash huawei u7519 with zzkey
  170. dct4 nokia
  171. bold 9900 at&t not have prd need to unlock [Solved]
  172. Huawei U2800 Direct Unlocked with zZKey [User Test Report]
  173. My zZKey dongle is blocked [Solved]
  174. prd not soported 12528-084 please please zz-team
  175. Your Dongle has been Blocked [Solved]
  176. hi is zzkey support this model?
  177. Dongle blocked [Solved]
  178. BB5 SL3 Decrypt PM120 (For BF
  179. BB 9900 Unlock by MEP2 Code Not Possible Help
  180. help with this error
  181. Huawey G510 romanian language
  182. zZkey Motorola, When?
  183. From where download Huawei flash file??
  184. U2801 software
  185. Please add Z10, Q10 BB Flash Files [User Request]
  186. 8520 mfi no rtas
  187. imei change huawei u8150 successfull [User Test Report]
  188. need 9000 zflash 21
  189. Alcatel V575 unlock?
  190. HUAWEI Tablet S7-931 Pattern lock? [Solved]
  191. Create zflash file
  192. Is this supported blackberry 9380?
  193. Server down [Is working]
  194. C8600 repair process after mxxx with zzkey
  195. huawei u9200 ascend p1:
  196. phone stays home logo [Solved]
  197. Nokia C5-03 Rm-719 Not Supported By Zz-key? [Yes is supported]
  198. C8600 flash
  199. give a surprise
  200. Huawei u6150 hang on logo can i fix it with zzkey?