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  1. HUAWEI Tablet S7-931 Pattern lock? [Solved]
  2. Create zflash file
  3. Is this supported blackberry 9380?
  4. Server down [Is working]
  5. C8600 repair process after mxxx with zzkey
  6. huawei u9200 ascend p1:
  7. phone stays home logo [Solved]
  8. Nokia C5-03 Rm-719 Not Supported By Zz-key? [Yes is supported]
  9. C8600 flash
  10. give a surprise
  11. Huawei u6150 hang on logo can i fix it with zzkey?
  12. Huawei Ascend Tool don't run
  13. huawei u5110 digitel venezuela
  14. Mediapad S7 Slim - S7-201u driver
  15. No puedo reparar serial a cm980 evolutión II [Solved]
  16. Problem Repair Meid C8512
  17. ZTE V880G unlock possible?
  18. blackberry 9520 mep0 [Not supported]
  19. bb 9810 loading 75% help [Solved]
  20. BB 9790 Red Blink done with great zzkey dongle! [Test Report]
  21. reset lcd 002/004 version blackberry 9000 problem [Solved]
  22. Hi need code for this modem [Solved - Time to Fly]
  23. Drivers for all Phones
  24. my dongle blocked too,why? help me plz
  25. U8600 model is not supported [is 100% supported]
  26. mfi for 9800 prd-33322-002
  27. unlock done y300
  28. how unlock y300
  29. Plz add huawei g7220 MTk unlock
  30. zzKey Release Huawei Advanced Tool 2.5, warm-up!!! An avalanche is coming
  31. Help with U8800Pro
  32. quien me ayuda con mi huawei cm980 x favor? [Solved]
  33. Request for nokia flash files
  34. u8150d ideos only hang on logo and restart
  35. huawei u9200 supported? [Not supported yet]
  36. sir need help in blackberry 9900
  37. U8600 İmeİ repaİr help
  38. my zz key dongle is blocked please help me [Solved]
  39. hi broter
  40. Problem with zZ-Key Suite [Link fixed]
  41. dongle blocked
  42. why my dongle blocked?
  43. help on this model for unlock
  44. hi broter
  45. Huawei S7 slim unlock & imei repair supported??
  46. PM request Asha 201.2 RM-800 ver 11.81
  47. unlock ascend g510
  48. RM-781 v7.57 in spanish please...
  49. huawei inq b1-200h is supported by zzkey?
  50. Ot813f lock key need
  51. huawei G1000
  52. unloking G 510 [Select Ascend G600]
  53. bb9650 flash
  54. Huawei E177 modem not detected
  55. i need huawei drivers [Solved]
  56. Need 9520 flashfile
  57. need help in 9380
  58. need blackbery 9220 file
  59. Can unlock Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL?
  60. need bb 9650 file
  61. u8230 can't connect
  62. Nokia C3 [RM-614] Flash Phone Successfully
  63. need bb 9650 1z file
  64. 9810 red light only REPAIR SUCESS
  65. Huawei g5520 movistar venezuela
  66. My zzkey dongle was blocked please help me?
  67. 9810 needed flashfile
  68. need help in 9700 stopping in 50% blackberry
  69. How do I connect a Nokia-100 to ZZ-key?
  70. Nokia X2-01 (RM-709) repair/Write Flash Successfull [Not More Hang In Logo] zZkey Ok!
  71. I cannot connect g300 to unlock. [need connect in dowm mode] {Solved}
  72. Hi update m860 cdma
  73. u8680 and u8730 firmware downgrade
  74. Blackberry 9790 flashing and wipe issue with zzkey
  75. need vodafone 345 unlock procedure please
  76. Hi, please helpme with firmware huawei U5300
  77. err:[]: Provider ID Not Supported. [supported perfect via zZKey heuristic method]
  78. HI question about zzkey
  79. Huawei DataCard Imei repair SuccessFull [Only zZkey Can Make Magic] HUAWEI E153 oK!!
  80. Nokia C7 [Supported] Other Dongle Fail to try Flash This Phone!!!
  81. Vtelca S202 Calculation SuccessFull !! [Movilnet Venezuela]
  82. Huawei DataCard Imei repair SuccessFull [Only zZkey Can Make Magic] HUAWEI E173 oK!!
  83. Nokia 100.1 [RM-131] User Code reset!!!
  84. Update Dongle [Server Full] "zZkey Test report"
  85. Nokia 2690 [RM-635] Flash SuccessFull!! zZkey Test report
  86. Huawei Ascend Y200 Unlock [Easy Fast And Safe] zZkey
  87. Nokia 1616-2b [Security Code] reset User Code Ok!!! [X-Gold Working]
  88. Nokia 2220s Unlock Done [Dct4+ Rsa Working]
  89. one question
  90. huawei Orange Daytona(G510) unlock done [user test report]
  91. Sorry,Operation not Supported
  92. blackberry flashing with zzkey how?
  93. blackberry 9320 "Sutel" reboots itself
  94. huawei flash file request
  95. zzKey Release Huawei Advanced Tool 2.4, now IMEI REPAIR is FREE, more models added
  96. huawei U8520 duplex Possible unlock?
  97. Huawei 8230 help zz key [ problem is solved ]
  98. ZZkey dongle drivers:
  99. device error 365
  100. Huawei K3565 and E173 modem not detected
  101. huawei e169 unlock done. with other tool done but still locked [Done with zZKey]
  102. huawei modem e303d
  103. zz_UPCENTER for Win 8
  104. U8652 imei repair [Solved]
  105. please help with this phone huawei u8655
  106. long wait for this update so beautiful [U8860 unlock Done. User test report]
  107. help 9900
  108. credits all activation
  109. need LCD reset 9630 aka Tour
  110. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool v2.3 updated. It's comming again
  111. update zzkey
  112. help sir
  113. My dongle is BLOCKED, please help me [Solved]
  114. Apology abuse sr elcapitel
  115. Huawei modem e303 can't unlock [Personalized firmware not supported with any tool]
  116. zzkey suite
  117. s7-931u pattern lock
  118. Problem with 9320 "Sutel" restart problem
  119. U7515 Reconnet Cable & not flash
  120. help reset bb9700 bold display
  121. Problems Unlocking U3205 Movilnet Vzla
  122. How to nokia 201 rm799 repair superdongle?
  123. error prd Unknow MEPsize [Is BB8330 CDMA]
  124. Alcatel OT217 unlock problem [Is supported 100% via Alcatel Heuristic]
  125. help .. I can not connect huawei U8650
  126. bb 9790 can't unlock?
  127. alcatel 602 unlock done [User Test Report]
  128. err:[]: Provider ID Not Supported.
  129. hi is zzkey support will support this type of huawei fone in futur?
  130. error PRD
  131. help sir want to ask
  132. please help
  133. Fies cannt be downloaded from rapishare?
  134. Poll:For all Zz-key users Only
  135. Nokia n9 [Phone not supported]
  136. Huawei C8812 test
  137. firmware G300 - U8815
  138. is ZZkey able Reset LCD with Out Data lose
  139. Brand New ZZkey Dongle is blocked?? Can't update or register!!
  140. My dongle has been blocked please help [Solved]
  141. My zzkey is read and black color and it couldn't be detected? [u have other product]
  142. add change imei huawei U5200
  143. we need update for zzkey
  144. My zz-key has been blocked [Solved]
  146. Mobily 4G Router (Quanta)
  147. as unlock huawei u8665?
  148. Alcatel 232a
  149. Huawei U3200 unlock unsuccessful [Not supported]
  150. Will zzkey flash all huawei phones?
  151. Will zZkey unlock bb with 0 counter left?
  152. success of the Nokia 5130 [user Test Report Ok]
  153. U8800 imei repair problem pls help
  154. Strongly recommended
  155. huawei files
  156. because no team help me zzkey
  157. not been able to use these computer u8860.u1285.cm980
  158. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool v2.2 updated. More Models and Hello CDMA
  159. Friends Update 2.1 is a failure
  160. help with huawei u8860
  161. Asha 302 unlock problem...
  162. To buy ZZKEY problems
  163. Huawei 8650
  164. unlock alcatel 21f not supported
  165. Reload softwae 507
  166. my dongle is blocked [Solved]
  167. how to connect ascend p1 u9200 [not supported yet]
  168. Your Dongle has been Blocked [Solved]
  169. blackberry 9860 dead.....
  170. how to conect s7 slim o unlock
  171. repair imei Huawei U8651-1 work 100%......
  172. Nokia C2-05 Supported Successfull for repair/Flash [RM725 Not in List] zZkey Power!!
  173. flash error [SOLVED]
  174. Picture Guide [how to connect Huawei Phones]
  175. How connect Huawei ideos U8150 [SOLVED]
  176. U8800 possible repair this?[SOLVED]
  177. cant download from rapidshare [Links fixed]
  178. Alcatel OT-203 Full Calculated!!! zZkey [Test report]
  179. Hello Hello!!! Nokia 5220 Xpress Music [phone Died repaired - Just One Click] !zZkey!
  180. Huawei u8220 flash file
  181. Simbian Belle Update & repair Successfull.. Nokia C7-00 RM-675 *Could Not Be Easier..
  182. Vtelca S202 New Security Full Calculation After Imei repair with AvatorBox!! [Test]
  183. Nokia 51302b xpress Music.. SuccessFull repair Hang in Logo!! [zZkey Test report]
  184. ot 297a telcel [supported via heuristic method Code#9]
  185. bb 9810 ..PRD 333322-011
  186. How Unlock ZTE V6000 ,with zZKey
  187. inq q1 bh200 after flash dead
  188. how to root huawei ascend y200 [no need root with zZKey]
  189. These models suppoorts for flashing
  190. is ZZteam working for BlackBerry NEW SECURITY MEP 0 left?
  191. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool v2.1 updated. Just see inside
  192. HUAWEI E1552 please help..
  193. huweai 7510s
  194. Error Flash MFI and .zFlash File
  195. Consult a great team
  196. please add prd [Blackberry Z10 is not supported yet]
  197. help imie huawei u8650-1
  198. azery to qwerty .....with zz key
  199. huawei u2801 unlock ayuda
  200. is possible to unlock bb5 fone