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  1. huawei u8686 prism 2 flash / firmware
  2. firmware request
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  7. how to format dongle
  8. Please I need firmware for huawei Y320-U30, some body help me with that!
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  10. HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error. [SOLVED using updateCenter v305]
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  12. motorola xt610
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  14. my dangle zzkey is bloked help me [SOLVED]
  15. repair imei htc one
  16. please help me with bb 9720 firmware
  17. Huawei Y210-0200 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  18. Motorola WX416 Unlock?
  19. G510-0200 [Update exception EMMC is readonly, you can't update your system.]
  20. huawei g525 ixx
  21. Motorola MB200 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  22. huawei y530 unlock problem
  23. y330-u01 [SOLVED]
  24. zte z998
  25. huawei y210c
  26. Any option to unlock huawei u8850 with advance tool?
  27. Welcome to Our New Product Supporter WillUnlock
  28. HUAWEI Y320-U10 imei is wrong i could not write og imei
  29. Is zZ Support huawei P6 Imei ?
  30. Y210 huawei flashing error
  31. Vodafone/Zte R209-z unlock supported?
  32. Y330-U01 unLOCK AND add SPANISH, BRUTAL ZZKEY THANKS [User Test Report]
  33. y300-0100 update exception emmc is read only..
  34. Table Q10A Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report] First in the Word
  35. Other ZTE Open Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  36. ZTE Open Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  37. ZTE Kis PLUS repair imei [SOLVED]
  38. zte grand x tegra 2 processor Have IMEI repair support?
  39. how to unlock zte by sfr 501
  40. Zte open
  41. y530-u051 Connection [SOLVED]
  42. y530 firmware
  43. Y530-U051 Unlock Done [User Test Report]
  44. modem orange E303 CONNECT ERROR
  45. HUAWEI U8186 unlock [SOLVED]
  46. Huawei Y301A1 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  47. Huawei Y300-0000 Repair SimLock Done [User Test Report]
  48. Y320-U01 Failed, error:-851
  49. Huawei Y330-U05 Repair IMEI Done [User Test Report]
  50. huawei g610-u20 hang on logo
  51. y520-u12 unlock just 1 minute
  52. u fone mobile unlock done but not ok
  53. My zzkey [SOLVED]
  54. ZZKEY MANUAL "The Rising KEY"
  55. unlock vodafone 888?
  56. u8180-1
  57. motorola xt1032 unlock possible?
  58. Huawei experts and zz team i need help on y301-a2
  59. I have Request
  60. how to flash MTK Android = zzkey ?
  61. dongle
  62. lanix s130 repair imei done [User Tes Report]
  63. y320-u10 [SOLVED]
  64. motorola xt610 one -click unlocking good team forever [User Test Report]
  65. UAWEI Y300-0000 Activating lang pack Success!!! [User Test Report]
  66. g630-u10 imei not repair [No supported Yet]
  67. g630-10 position
  68. new user of zz key
  69. u8650 Activating lang pack Failed, error:-851
  70. Please need help BB Q10 empty board
  71. HUAWEI Y530-U051 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  72. Prism II Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  73. Y530-U051 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  74. G630-U251 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  75. g526????
  76. help...unlock zte mf30 modem
  77. help me
  78. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool Released! More for Free, Happy New Year!!!
  79. huawei flash files
  80. need zzupcenter
  81. huwaie k4201
  82. iPRO Glory 2 i9551 / Repair Ok
  83. Y330-U05 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  84. u8150 ideos language
  85. HUAWEI SpringBoard S7-303u succes unlock but asking for net code
  86. motorola mb200 unlock
  87. how to repair simlock damaged by other tool??
  88. Unlock OWN S3030 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report] First in the Word
  89. S40D MAGIC Unlock Successfull!! [User Test Report]
  90. Dongle Update [Use last UpdateCenter]
  91. Help unlocking Huawei MF808 from metfon
  92. my dongle is blocked pls help???
  93. Huawei y330-U01 root
  94. still the same problem
  95. Sony C6906 [User Test Report]
  96. ONE TOUCH 6012A Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  97. ALCATEL one touch J320 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  98. erorr when flash g610-u20
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  100. Ufone Model SC021 (Ufone Smart U5)
  101. Huawei Y220-U05 With IMEI patched Full Calculated!!
  102. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool released! Y22x Free Calc NCK
  103. Huawei G510 can't go to download (pink mode) ..
  104. HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Lite S7-931u UNLOCK DONE [User Test Report]
  105. Huawei Y530-U051 Activating lang pack. World FirsT!!!!
  106. unlock c1505
  107. ZTE Kis Lite (Error: 31)
  108. Good Bye from zZ-key Team
  109. HTC Desire C Unlock Done [User Test Report]
  110. Help! unlock huawei y221 - U03
  111. floating point division bu zero
  112. Y320-u01 Drivers
  113. cannot update dongle [Use last UpdateCenter]
  114. Zte Z970 root available???????
  115. Stuck at: Hacking phone, please wait...
  116. 0+ 8.52 unlock..failed
  117. ZTE Z992 Unlock Success!!!
  118. y530-u00 i need to unlock but not is posibile to root
  119. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool released! Languages Times! QCOM,MTK,HiSilicon,Omap
  120. new user new dongle [SOLVED]
  121. Huawei Y600-U20 successfully unlock with zZKey [Unlock Test Report]
  122. MTK 6572 Test resport (full wipe) (Imei Permanent) [User Test Report]
  123. samsung china 9006 imei writing not successful
  124. Blu dash 4.0 supported?
  125. MT6572 SHENZHEN CHENGRUN COMMUNICATION DEVICE CO, Model: Effect [Unlock Test Report]
  126. Dongal
  127. is possible to root y330-u01 to repair ime
  128. ZTE N8000 how to unlock....
  129. Huawei Y600-U20 Failed in Unlocking need help [SOLVED]
  130. Huawei U8651T not detected in fastboot [SOLVED]
  131. Vtelca V865M Repair Imei Done [User Test Report]
  132. Huawei y330 011 imei null
  133. Unlock Motorola A956, DROID 2 NCK Bloqued Success!!! [User Test Report]
  134. Read code XT615 Success!!! [User Test Report]
  135. Unlock ZTE Success!!! zzQCOM Module. [User Test Report]
  136. Repair IMEI Y300-0000 Success!!!
  137. Sony C1505 Unlock Success!!!
  138. Dongle Blocked
  139. how to unlock motorola titanium
  140. Huawei y220-u10
  141. how to download file from zz key for huawei?
  142. I need huawei y300-0151 flash file
  143. mediapad s7-303u unlocking [SOLVED]
  144. MpMan PH520 Repair Imei Done [test report]
  145. dongle
  146. Help! unlock huawei y221
  147. Repair airis tm400
  148. help me rest User lock
  149. HUAWEI Y330-U05 Unlock Success!!! [User Test Report]
  150. huawei ascend G526-L22 unlocked successfully, thanks! [User Test Report]
  151. blu Star JR unlock error, please how to unlock?
  152. how to flash hauwei G330D ??? just need simple steps
  153. plz i need this file ...............
  154. ZZkey Dongle
  155. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool released! Tablets Time
  156. unlock done Azumi_A50c [User Tes Report]
  157. MTK Android Phones Succes Story HeRe
  158. i am new in zzkey where to start
  159. BLU STUDIO 5.0 Repair IMEI done
  160. Chinese F600 Ok
  161. Avvio 792 Imei Null / Invalid Ok Repair [test report]
  162. ZTE V829 Repair IMEI Done
  163. s7562 chinese MT6572 repair Done [User Test Report]
  164. HUAWEI Y220 . How to reset unlock counter and then unlock!
  165. LENOVO Brand Supported!!!! IMEI repair WithOut Activation or PACK [User Test Report]
  166. Tablet 3G "ZTE# Supported for IMEI repair/Change Success!!! [User Test Report]
  167. Avvio 785 IMEI repair Done!!! "MT6572" zZ-key power!!! [User Test Report]
  168. HUAWEI Y530-U00 Unlock Success!!!
  169. HUAWEI G610-U15 IMEI repair Done!!! [User Test Report]
  170. Azumi_A50c Repair Ok
  171. WoW Repair IMEI Bmobile AX650 [User Test Report]
  172. help [SOLVED - User last UpdateCenter]
  173. Huawei y530-U051 imei repair [Not supported]
  174. xt610 imei repair question
  175. Solved
  176. another MTK6572 S3 Mini I8190 Repair IMEI Done
  177. Dongle
  178. Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth 2 Unlock OK [User Test Report]
  179. Samsung Galaxy S5 Korea Unlock & imei Done "USER TEST REPORT"
  180. please zz-team help me repair imei from motorola xt530
  181. Repair IMEI Sansumg S5 MTK6572 Done "USER TEST REPORT"
  182. U8950-1 EMMC is readonly,you can't update your system
  183. Acer Z130 unlock Done but still locked [Not Supported Yet]
  184. zzkey not detected adb huawei phone
  185. zte k3565-z unlock ok but still locked
  186. Huawei p1 u9200 unlock problem
  187. BLU Neo 4.5 Unlock Success!!! World First...[USER'S TEST REPORT]
  188. Unlock Mediapad S7-301u
  189. Testing... zZKey power!!!
  190. BLU Neo4.5 Info & Root Success!!! Hack Is Easy... zZKey is The Team!!!
  191. Zzkey help
  192. HUAWEI Y530-U00 imei repair
  193. All Firmware & Variants Supported For IMEI repair MT6589T Done!!!
  194. HUAWEI G610-All Variants Supported!! Direct Unlock Success!! Just A click
  195. HUAWEI G610-U15 Internal Test - Relock phone Success!!!
  196. MTK Devices Info = Root!!! Huawei G610-Uxx "Hacking phone Done"
  197. BLU STUDIO 5.3 II IMEI repair Success!!!
  198. zZKey Huawei Advanced Tool released! More powerfull
  199. plz help me for U8220
  200. How to connect Huawei Y530 for unlock