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  1. samsung i9300 wifi sc6530a format repair imei easy by piranhabox
  2. cherry mobile D11mini new phone sc6610 readflash easy by piranhabox
  3. nokia cutie x15 coolsand 8853a hang up solved by piranhabox
  4. Please Reset my license for my box... [reset done-solved]
  5. C5 Android 2.3 OS Smart Phone 3G TV GPS WiFi how read full
  6. really need some help to immediately, for the registration box [reset done solved]
  7. Flash Model not support. plz add cpu
  8. n8000 i9300 pad hang on logo Successful formated but
  9. MTK6575 / MTK6577 can't conect with Piranha Box
  10. cherry mobile d11 dead error 3283 solved see inside
  11. cherry mobile d15tv MT625a dead solved by piranhabox
  12. gfive u506 imei not write [answered]
  13. Samsung s5360 sc6803h read and repair imei easy by piranhabox
  14. samsung tab N8000 MT625A opera mini error solved by piranhabox
  15. iknow f69 hang up solved by piranhabox
  16. mobile phone model-d918 unable usb port maybe noy set discharge pin??
  17. w5660 samsung MTK 625A imei problem done by piranha box
  18. nokia a300i spd hangup easy solved by piranhabox
  19. Problem Rocker M5
  20. s-mobile s800 auto restart solved by piranhabox
  21. samsung s5360 wifi sc6530a repair imei fast by piranhabox
  22. cherry mobile D11 auto restart solved by piranhabox
  23. samsung 1182 dual sim coolsand 8853A hang logo solved by piranhabox
  24. ★★★★★ What's New Feature Are U Looking For Update In ( PIRANHA BOX ) ★★★★★
  25. samsung s3850tv solved by piranhabox
  26. iphone 4s SC6803H dead solved by piranhabox
  27. s5830 logo only done via flashing using usb cable by piranha box
  28. how to change skin or the color of my piranha sofware,,
  29. Please Reset My box Password
  30. rokea r9100 spd 132 mb easy read
  31. samsung s5570 orange display solved maybe first By Piranhabox
  32. celkon c66i Easy to Read/Write Flash Video Tutor By VENUGOPAL
  33. myphone QTV20 duo dead solved by piranhabox
  34. YBZ b22 hang up solved by piranhabox
  35. please add 6251 medeatek cpu
  36. myphone b15 dead solved by piranhabox
  37. cherry mobile D11 old dead solved by piranhabox
  38. s6650 SPD sc6610/20 Read/format/Flash DONE via usb cable (TEST REPORT) Piranhabox
  39. cherry mobile d16i hang logo easy solved by piranhabox
  40. nokia c5.04 imei problem solved by piranhabox
  41. Piranhabox V1.15 Hot & Massive Update ☺☺ Merry Christmas bada Update ☺☺
  42. Unstable usb port, maybe not set discharge pin
  43. ALCATEL OT918N mt6573 read flash ok
  44. member are working v1.13 other 1.15
  45. Sony xperia x12 mstar logo only solved
  46. K-touch c260 unlock network removed successffully via usb cable
  47. where is the update v1.14.... plss updload
  49. cherry mobile P9 not calibrated problem solved by piranhabox
  50. star mobile f202 user code problem easy
  51. my phone qw29 wifi not work DONE
  52. please reset my piranha box key
  53. nokia C7 hang solved no need flash
  54. M&L mobile signal 1 bar only solved by piranhabox
  55. YBZ A12 hang logo solved fast by piranhabox
  56. samsung tab n8000 read flash ok
  57. a15 white screen HANG solved
  58. cherry mobile Q1i repair imei easy by piranhabox
  59. samsung 9700 windows PHONE logo only SOLVED format repair IMIE ok
  60. my phone b11 logo only all done via usb cable
  61. congrats amar85 new product supporter in piranhabox
  62. carboon k406
  63. Mstar MSW853X error...?
  64. operations log
  65. spd sc6800h read screen lock solved via usb cable
  66. Hi Friends Wich Box Launching First Mstar Format Option.Think Users
  67. where are link piranha v1.14
  68. S7660-TV SDP SC6610/20 read unlock code via usb cable
  69. coolsand ct1130 support ?????
  70. M&L mobile TT301 sc6610 hang logo solved by piranhabox
  71. myphone s21 invalid sim solved by piranhabox
  72. please check my box problem
  73. Samsung 8150 spd6800 android reed flash ok
  74. my box is not conect
  75. e72i 32mb mstar need good file
  76. cherry mobile d11 v3.0 sc6610 phonelocked easy solved by piranhabox
  77. samsung s3850 corby2 tv sc6610 phonelocked easy solved by piranhabox
  78. i9100 android LOGO only successffully ALL done via USB cable
  79. spd 6803 not support reset and format
  80. galaxy note new spd not supported
  81. other tool add cdma unlock and udisk error repair piranha team sleep
  82. soloking N8+ cs6600l3 not receive message solved
  83. WORLD FIRST SPD sc6610/20 unlock code ALL done via USB CABLE by piranha box
  84. what is cost of piranha .
  85. My box same err please reset [problem solved
  86. samsung galaxy sII copy MT625a hang solved
  87. MTK 6577 preloader restore
  88. cherry mobile D11 v2 dead solved by piranhabox
  89. Samsung galaxy s3 mstar read unlock code via usb cable video inside wolrd first wow
  90. cherry mobile D8 power on password easy solved by piranhabox
  91. iphone4s copy white screen HANG solved easy by piranhabox
  92. Cherry mobile d11 v3.0 sc6610 phonelocked solved by piranhabox
  93. myphone Q19i not receive message solved inside
  94. well-come ve-o7 password not read
  95. cherrymobile c1 auto of format done but none imei solve by this opztion by piranhabox
  96. my phone t28-tv duo logo only ALL DONE VIA USB CABLE by piranhabox
  97. cherry mobile D10 phone locked solved by piranhabox
  98. my phone b11 not send message solved by piranhabox
  99. guid to all new user of piranha box
  100. iphone 3gs phonelocked solved by piranhabox
  101. Spice MI-280(Android) IMEI repair successfully with PIRANHA
  102. ipro e75pro flash file needed
  103. help
  104. SAMSUNG i9100 Mt6255 repair imie solbed via usb cable
  105. need good update for MSTAR 8533bx
  106. I can not connect the phone to the box!
  107. piranha not support this models cpu 6803
  108. active err please help team {problem solved}
  109. vell com 07 coolsand rda 8853a not solve
  110. Happy Birthday Product Supporter ernie78
  111. samsung w5660 wifi MT625a hang logo android easy solved by usb mode by piranhabox
  112. Samsung I9300 china Hang up done by Piranha Box
  113. samsung n8000 MT625a repair imei via usb mode by piranhabox[test report]
  114. I9018 need help
  115. how to solved this piranha team
  116. Samsung i9100 read ok, write no ok [problem solved]
  117. samsung N8000 wifi readflash done iff you need this firmware contact me
  118. S5830 no power done via piranha box
  119. How to work with coolsand cpu? video help plz?????
  120. iphone 4s SPD SC6803 read flash format flashing using usb cable
  121. AutoFit display drivers in piranha box possible?
  122. R3 rocker after format no service
  123. 4s mtk 6235 demo software after {answered}
  124. one question [answered]
  125. SPICE 6868n imei Repair successfully
  126. coolsand hang logo not solve (answered)
  127. Samsung 2232 RDA CPU 8853 (coolsand) format done
  128. World First - Piranhabox Single Click Easy Micromax X335 imei Repaired Sucessfully
  129. samsung w5660 wifi MT625a hang logo android solved ny piranhabox
  130. cherry mobile Q6i dead solved by piranhabox
  131. cherry mobile D15tv not receive message easy solved by piranhabox via windows8
  132. lenovo a185 LOGO ONLY all donE via usb cable
  133. s3850 wifi hang up solved by piranhabox via windows8
  134. to piranha engineers and programmers and product manager
  135. mt6573 usb driver needed [answered]
  136. nokia m333 MT625a hangup solved by piranhabox via windows 8
  137. myphone t23duo not receive message solved by piranhabox via windows 8 os
  138. forby-f8000 6610spd flash file give me {answered}
  139. s5571 sc6803 dead solved easy by piranhabox
  140. Mstar 8532b/8533bx write flash error
  141. S5660 galaxy s II CHINA pasword lock easy with PIRANHA
  142. very very happy diwali all user
  143. i can not connect spd cpu [answered]
  144. cherry mobile P9 phonelock solved by piranhabox
  145. I NEED Piranha Box
  146. Mt6575 android phone error
  147. cherry mobile c5i MT6252a format write imei by win8 os by piranhabox { test report}
  148. S6102+fm spd sc6610/20 need file
  149. Samsung w1 blinking problem solved
  150. Videocon V1509 Format + IMEI Repair done( SPD 6610)
  151. Samsung m3530 format done by piranha box
  152. piranhabox work by win8 os inside sc6610 chip format write imei world first
  153. CPU mt6255 4.1 ANDROID version read flash successffully
  154. how to write imei in spd 6610 {answered]
  155. nokia F1 RDA chip 8852DL not receive message easy solved by piranhabox{world first}
  156. Micromax x222 format and imei restore done by piranha box
  157. my first job from my brand new Piranha box iphone4s read lock code success
  158. cherry mobile candy MT5616 dead easy solved by piranhabox
  159. is this spd chip supported by piranha box or not? [answered]
  160. nokia n98+tv MT6225 readflash unlock [test report]
  161. Piranha Box Successfully
  162. richmax k5 only logo [answered]
  163. S-mobile k3 sc6610 eligal power off easy solved by piranhabox
  164. telego T5 not receive message easy solved by piranhabox
  165. M&L QQ203 sc6610 hang up easy solved by piranhabox
  166. e800 sc6610 eligal off easy solved by piranhabox
  167. s5570 duos mstar reset error dead please need good file [problem solved]
  168. BPHONE COPY 64 GB MTK6235 READ FLASH +IMEI repair by Piranha
  169. nokia carries m333 Mt625a readflash [test report]
  170. Samsung addtel mini c3212 sc6610 readflash unlock [test report]
  171. new cherry mobile D15tv MT625a readflash [test report]
  172. Micromax A50 read flash successfully
  173. new cherry mobile Q9tv MT625a readflash [test report]
  174. PiranhaBox - Windows7 {answered}
  175. myphone t23 wifi duo solve by piranha box
  176. piranha 6530
  177. samsung s5570 sc6803h eligal use easy solved by piranhabox
  178. S6500 hung on logo, coolsand CPU solved by Piranha
  179. phone5 Copy logo done..first in the world.... with Pirahnabox
  180. Piranhabox V1.13 BOOM UPDATE ! MTK Added 6276 CPU | Support Access | Many More..
  181. Finally piranha support area ready
  182. nokia ct L888 sc6610 read unlock repair imei easy by piranhabox
  183. c5-03 mstar auto off solved with piranhabox
  184. M&L mobile QQ400 dead easy solved by piranhabox
  185. pirhana coolsand usb support ? [answered]
  186. samsung galaxy S3 i9300 sc6530a chip readflash repair imei easy by piranhabox
  187. nokia x111 coolsand chip CT8852d not receive the message easy solved by piranhabox
  188. bluetooth fone mt6225 phonelocked solved easy by piranhabox
  189. R5570 screenlock done
  190. MTK 6575 can't conect with Piranha Box [answered]
  191. nokia c8 mstar chip msw853x readflash unlock test report
  192. M&L QQ600 unlock repair imei easy test by piranhabox
  193. Micromax A75 read flash successfully
  194. reset licence counter of box
  195. spd sc6620/10 rx tx not working
  196. S5830 samsung china elligal use.
  197. new cherry mobile c8 read unlock test report
  198. new cherry mobile d11tv test read and unlock
  200. question to support! [answered]