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  1. Karbonn a30 hang on logo solve by piranha box
  2. Micromax a67 root adb and wipe done by piranha box
  3. Piranhabox - BS-Mobile G900 auto off solved tested 100%
  4. Micromax a26 adb root and wipe done by piranha box
  5. M horse h3039 sc 6b20 firmware needed
  6. intex cloud x4 flash file needed
  7. Yxtel tab m66 tv root adb and wipe done
  8. flash error 3399
  9. q mobile a110 flash file
  10. Lava kkt 21 mtk 6260 cpu alive with piranha box
  11. spd cpu detect bt working not
  12. Micromax A67 Google lock Remove by Piranha box
  13. Micromax a25 hang on logo solve
  14. Piranhabox - CherryMobile C7 dead solved via writeflash
  15. how to flash nokia 108 hang on logo
  16. micromax adb root and wipe done
  17. Piranhabox - Cherry mobile Ruby Hang Logo solved and tested imei restore
  18. Original samsung gt-s7262 read info and factory reset done
  19. Help .. No More Update Logs. Contact Suppo
  20. Lava iris 349s spd 6820/8810 google lock done
  21. Piranhabox - Lenovo A516 Hang Solved
  22. Lava discover 132 write flash touch file done
  23. intex aqua marvel hang logo
  24. inco a505 flash file needed
  25. mmx a47 og imei repair done very easy
  26. Piranhabox - DTC GT5s PatternLock Solved
  27. Piranhabox - Cherry mobile SparKtv auto off solved
  28. our team update very slow and poor pls add new chip
  29. Original samsung gt-s5302 read info and factory reset done
  30. Micromax a40 google lock done
  31. Piranhabox - O+ tab PatternLock solved
  32. SPD 6531 no need read flash for user code easy done with read Inf.
  33. Micromax a34 write pac file done
  34. Onida f090 read flash ,write flash,format and imei repair done
  35. Original samsung gt-s5282 read info and factory reset done
  36. Piranhabox - Myphone A848 Hang solved
  37. MTK 6572 Android phone K-Touch A11+ easily safe format done.
  38. Piranhabox - Skk A11 PatternLock solved
  39. Spice m-5008 mtk 6260 cpu read flash,format and imei repair done
  40. Micromax a27 google lock done
  41. Spice m-5209 spd 6531 cpu read flash and format done
  42. Original samsung gt-s7392 read info anf factory reset done
  43. Piranhabox - Cherrymobile Snap PatternLock solved
  44. 12 pin
  45. Lava arc 11+ mtk 6260 cpu hang on logo solve
  46. Spice m-5006 read flash and format done
  47. Piranhabox -Bs mobile G900 auto restart solved
  48. Gionee l800 read flash and fornat done
  49. Original samsung gt-i8262 read info and factory reset done by piranha box
  50. Spice m-5900 mtk 6252a cpu format and imei repair done
  51. Magicon magnus ultra smart q50 spd 8810/6820 google lock done by piranha box
  52. Original samsung i9303 read info and factory reset done by piranha box
  53. Origanal samsung gt-s6802 read info and factory reset done
  54. how to remove pattern iball andi 4v
  55. Lava 408e spd cpu 8810/6820 google lock done
  56. Micromax x295i mtk 625a cpu hang on logo solve by piranha box
  57. Karbonn a1+ spd 6820\8810 hang on logo solve by piranha box
  58. Lava discover 135 mtk 625a cpu touch working file write flash done
  59. Lava n400 mtk 6575 cpu readflash ,write flash and format done by piranha box
  60. Piranha Box - IT q88 TMPA problem easily done no data loss
  61. How to take Adb backup spd Android ,making Pac ,writing pac file { Tutorial }
  62. Karbonn A99 Hang On Logo Solved By Piranha Volcano And Dragon Failed
  63. CPU: MT6589(6583) SW:0001 Ver: CA01
  64. karbonn s1 titanium imei repaire
  65. Piranhabox - Cherry Mobile Flare2 Hang Logo Root And Wipe Easy
  66. piranha bos device not found
  67. Your accout is not active...
  68. videocon a10 google account solve
  69. Piranhabox V1.47 Added Support New EMMC MTK6589/92 & SPD 6820/8810 Much more
  70. Need help please its vry urgently
  71. zoom spd 6531c unlock done
  72. Evercoss A5A succesfull formatted By Piranha
  73. To piranaha team
  74. samsung s5 clone repair imei null done with piranha box
  75. alcatel ot idol reading flash problem
  76. Piranhabox - s5360 Patternlock easy solved
  77. Piranhabox -HTM GT-A9500 Sc6820 Dead recovered
  78. Piranhabox - Samsung tab3 S7200 hang Camera Picture solved
  79. Piranhabox - Cherry Mobile Snap SC8810/6820 Auto off Solved Tested writeflash Done
  80. help. flash spreadtrum samsung b5330 tv wifi
  81. Need activation code?
  82. IMEI Write Problem ....
  83. Piranhabox - Sony xperia ST26i hang root wipe easy
  84. Piranhabox - Myphone T23 wifi duo MT6235 hang logo solved
  85. maxx mx246 flash file needed
  86. Piranhabox - StarMobile T603i Not Send Message Solved
  87. Nokia X Android (rm-980) security unlock done by vishnudatt
  88. Karbonn K61 Fully Supported On Pirhanha Box
  89. Piranha Box S4 CPU:8810 Flash: NAND_ST04GR4B Reanimated Phone DONE
  90. Piranhabox - Telego Iphone5 Copy Android SC8810/6820 PatternLock Solved
  91. help please
  92. karbon titanium s5
  93. skk20131010 phoenix tab read code pattern done
  94. S7589 mtk6583/89
  95. pirana new update not install
  96. Any one Help Me on strange problem in android.
  97. plz supporter reset my password
  98. cant setup box
  99. Piranhabox Cloudfone 350e PatternLock solved
  100. Piranhabox + Flashtool Myphone ocean mini hang logo after flash invalid imei solved
  101. Alcatel OT-316A Unlock Successfull
  102. MT6577 eMMC Support Stable,Secure,Fast & Strong!! Non ricks!! [eMMC 512MB Success]
  103. MT6572 Easy Fast!! Support Simple and withOut Risk!! [Argon E310]
  104. My Request To Supporter Please reset my piranha box
  105. nead firmware ultrafone 40
  106. please reset my piranha box(problem solved)
  107. pls check the update
  108. Spice MI-349 Format Done : Piranha Box
  109. Piranhabox- Release V1.46 MT6575/6577/6589/6592 read/write flash Support/SPD & More
  110. HCL-V1 2G Connect Pattern Lock Remove Done by Piranha Box
  111. Piranha Box - I9500 MT6572 NAND_NEW_0072 Realy supported (Nead FullFlash)
  112. question about mtk 6589 cpu
  113. wham ws47 Imei Repair Fail... Any help..
  114. hello piranha team please help me
  115. please help how to remove gmail account
  116. itel1500 format
  117. Coolsand Phone Unlocked So Fast : Piranha Box
  118. Samsung Galaxy Star Pro 7262 Pattern Lock Removed : Piranha Box
  119. samsung I9300 mobile phone mt6575 (no display)
  120. Spd sc6531c how connect
  121. Piranhabox - Hummer H1 Root/Wipe DONE
  122. Piranhabox - CDR-king KB901 Tablet Hang Logo solved
  123. Piranhabox - Orig Samsung S5360 PatternLock Not Debug Easy Solved
  124. Piranhabox - Samsung Orig S5282 Hang Logo Solved Easy
  125. Piranha Box RJ-45 Pinout
  126. my phone fuego Ignite logo then off (done)
  127. Samsung i9190 imei repair done
  128. Piranhabox - Copy Samsung GT-i9500 Damage Imei Solved No Need Root
  129. T9500 SPD SC8810 Reset Gmail - Done [test report]
  130. to piranha CODER and the manager may i have your attention plz..
  131. Piranhabox - Cherry Mobile SparKtv V0.3 PatternLock Solved
  132. karbon a5*
  133. Wing V25 Lock Code Read Done : Piranha Box
  134. Intex Auro Lock Code Read Done : Piranha Box
  135. Micromax A67 Root and Wipe Done : Piranha Box
  136. DataWind Ubislate C7X Logo Hang Solved : Piranha Box
  137. Piranhabox - Cherry Mobile Life Android Version 4.2.2 Hang Solved
  138. Piranhabox - Cherry mobile Spark tv V0.3 PatternLock Solved
  139. HTC SensationXL (PI39200) - Piranha Box [full suported]
  140. Intex Cloud X5 Root And Lock Code Removed : Piranha Box
  141. please help
  142. Micromax A62 Reset Google Account Done : Piranha Box
  143. Pattern Lock Solution! No Need Full Flash Or Format (Without Box)
  144. Karbonn A2+ Root And Google Account Removed : Piranha Box
  145. Spice Mi-354 Phone Lock Removed : Piranha Box
  146. Micromax Canvas 110 Root Done : Piranha Box
  147. spice mi-349
  148. pls help Active=Error: No More Update Logs. Contact Support ! (solved)
  149. is pirahna support nokia 108 for flashing
  150. Karbon k53 spd6531a flash file need
  151. Rage Mobile Successfully Repair : Piranha Box
  152. Micromax A26 Logo Hang Problem Solved : Piranha Box
  153. Intex Hang Problem & Imei Repair Done : Piranha Box
  154. Maxx AX-352 Google A/c Removed : Piranha Box
  155. [Piranha Box] - ZOPO ZP980+ MTK6592 read full- DONE
  156. Karbonn k73 Read Flash And Read Code done by Piranha Box
  157. Samsung s5360 Read Pattern Lock Done By Piranha Box
  158. Samsung E2232 Coolsand Logo Hang Problem Solved By Piranha Box
  159. Baochi L7 Logo Hang Problem Solved by Piranha Box
  160. piranha @ product manager / supporter
  161. Piranhabox - Copy Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tab MT65xx Android Version 4.2.2 Root Easy
  162. Piranhabox - Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562 Root Easy
  163. Piranhabox - Alcatel OneTouch 5020e Sun Lock Unlock Done Easy
  164. xitel u808 password lock pls help
  165. Need micromax a34 bolt spd6820/8810 flash file
  166. (solved) my piranha box not found same as other who post box problem
  167. how to raise a brick on MT6592 with piranha box?
  168. Lava 401e Dead Recovered by Piranha Box
  169. spice mi 349 g/a remove done
  170. Spice M-5916 Read Flash And Read Lock Code Done by Piranha Box
  171. a27 karbonn dead after format pls help ........
  172. Original Samsung S5830i Rooted by Piranha Box
  173. Piranha Box - Lenovo S720 [test report]
  174. Spice Mi-502n Rooted & Google Account Removed by Piranha Box
  175. pls...... help lava kkt 14 flash file
  176. Wow! Samsung 1282t Lock code read Done : Piranha Box
  177. try to update 1,4,5 ,,, but still failed ??
  178. Intex 4470n SPD Read Info And Read Code By Piranha Box
  179. Suggestion! What you want in Piranha Box for future
  180. Victor VM-51 Old Mtk Chip 6225 Also Work Fast with Piranha Box
  181. Piranha Box :- Intex Yuvi Lock Code Read Done
  182. Piranha Box :-K-Phone K81 Lock Code Read Done Very Fast
  183. Piranha Box :- Karbonn A1 Star New Root and Pattern Lock Done
  184. It 1351e mandatory format may cause the phone doesnot boot
  185. Piranhabox - Mypad Hang Logo Easy Solved
  186. Piranhabox - T733 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 Hang Logo Solved
  187. Piranhabox - Cloudfone Excite 400D Patternlock solved
  188. one touch 870 imei
  189. Piranhabox - Samsung S5360 Hang Logo Solved
  190. Piranhabox Samsung Galaxy Duos Hang Root And Wipe Easy
  191. a 72 perfect root by 1.45
  192. unable to write mt6572
  193. Piranhabox V1.45 Updated Added MTK6592,SPD6500, Andorid Orginal Data , remove google
  194. panasonic ez180 dead after format
  195. starmobile hit TMPA problem solve by piranha box
  196. Piranhabox - Orig S5360 PatternLock Easy Solved
  197. Piranhabox - Myphone B88 Password Solved
  198. Piranhabox - ZH&K Z105 Coolsand hang logo solved
  199. micromax a59 pattern lock easialy read done by pirana box
  200. please help wrong password (problem solved)