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  11. 🐙 Octoplus PRO JTAG v.1.6.3 is out! 🐙
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  26. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.6.2 is out! 🐙
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  37. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.6.1 is out! 🐙
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  46. Vestel Venus V5.5x Firehose
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  48. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.6.0 is out! 🐙
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  53. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.9 is out! 🐙
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  72. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.8 is out! 🐙
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  79. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.7 is out! 🐙
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  91. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.6 is out! 🐙
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  117. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.5 - USB UFS support, Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 and more! 🐙
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  125. lg h815 new flash chip
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  129. Repair Dead Chip eMMC Toshiba 32g LG-V10 question [Answered]
  130. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.4 is out! 🐙
  131. hello medusa and medusa pro octoplus pro no supported gt-s7582 [Answered]
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  134. Casper VIA V10 Firehose for dumps and data extraction
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  153. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.3 is out! 🐙
  154. Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus A6020a46 USB loader
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  160. Constructor how to question? [Answered]
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  164. Huawei Y625-U32 repair question [Answered]
  165. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.2 is out! 🐙
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  177. Understand JTAG [Answered]
  178. HtC D820U repair question [Answered]
  179. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.1 is out! 🐙
  180. eMMC tab is not active [Answered]
  181. GT-i9300 - How to write virgin eMMC [Answered]
  182. [Help Pin Out]
  183. klubg461bd BGA095
  184. im working for new device for make constructor.
  185. Help qcom mode lg-h810 [Answered]
  186. I try to reapair LG VS986W and I see this error [Answered]
  187. LG VS986 Verizon repair dead boot successfully done
  188. 🐙 Octoplus JTAG PRO v.1.5.0 is out! 🐙
  189. LG VS425PP Repair phone dead no need make pinout after i unlock with octopus
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  198. LG K430DSY Repair "dead" boot OK
  199. Restore EFS after read mpt
  200. Need to know [Answered]