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  1. LS980 Downgrade May Kill?
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  4. Lg p700 flash done by octoplus box
  5. Lg p700 unlock done by octoplus box
  6. lg flex d951 imei null
  7. E986 Zeus USB
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  10. LG D620 unable connect the network
  11. P705 secure booting errot!
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  13. P768 write firmware failed...
  14. D855 Flashed with Octopus stuck on Factory Reset Status 2 [Solved]
  15. d390n unlock problem [Solved]
  16. LG E610 unlock failed Urgent
  17. LG D855 imie repair problem.
  18. after downgrade D821 lollipop to 4.4.4 no network
  19. problem flash lg p990 i need help
  20. LG P768 boot repair done., but can't flash the phone firmware!
  21. lg d390n unlock not done [Solved]
  22. lg 705 arabic firmware [Solved]
  23. lg e460 flash error
  24. LG E 455f won't start signal
  25. LG SU870 Flash FW OK
  26. Network unlock ok ... but no waves, loaded QCN >> still no wave [Solved]
  27. LG SU540 Flash FW ok
  28. LG Nexus 5 D821 5.0.1 imei repairing
  29. Lg su760 hang on lg with out 910k resistor job done with usb cable
  30. LG LS980 cant acces without SPC
  31. lg A390 flash error
  32. Lg ms395
  33. F340K TOT converted to OCT format
  34. how to unlock lg-v905r tab
  35. LG E400 hang and blink after direct unlock please help
  36. d802 needs to enter pin
  37. E975 NO service
  38. team octopus need help for lg d821
  39. LG D160G - Factory Reset Status 2 [Solved]
  40. How to repair LG p999DW
  41. LS980 Sprint QCN Required For 3G/4G Fix [Solved]
  42. lg kf757 flash look inside
  43. F200K show fastboot only
  44. octopus can u help with driver problem [Solved]
  45. Lg d955 enter "emergency mode" but pc not detect [Solved]
  46. D855 G3 firmware update
  47. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.8.6 is out!
  48. D802 Incompatible model ID
  49. LG-U400 how to unlock?
  50. please help me Nexus 4
  51. LG LS980 Network Problem after Unlock done [Solved]
  52. lg f200s security error
  53. LG OPTIMUS CHAT C555 com.android.phone stopped working NEED HELP
  54. D802 flashing Proplem
  55. P765 Repair boot notworking please help me
  56. need arabic frimware d802 16g
  57. problem unlocking lg g3 D850 on android 5.0.1
  58. please help team d855 not imei repair
  59. Firmware conversion to OCT format
  60. MS500, Error when repairing IMEI
  61. Lg P760 firmware error_?
  62. LG D500 UNLOCK proceuder usb or rj45
  63. P895 flashing failed
  64. Unlock lg ms395 f60 [Solved]
  65. Lg F160K possible unlock?
  66. lg bl40 arabic
  67. plz help me
  68. d820 can't repair
  69. E440 without loss of data reset google account done
  70. LG G2 D802 - Setting Mini OS Status to 2...Failed!
  71. LG F240l korean i flash with E968 with euro but when u call phone restart?
  72. plz support flashing D838,F350 [Solved]
  73. E460 imei null
  74. LG D855 Help
  75. LG LS660 sprint USA Unlock
  76. OCTOPUS TEAMI ned full flash kg800
  77. card update problem [Solved]
  78. Nexsus 5 (downgrade /repair) guide
  79. LG E-610 Cant reset pattern lock.
  80. D686 reset screen luck done
  81. which language om this file?
  82. D820 connect Failed
  83. LG g2 d802 after unlock emergency call
  84. LG D800 G2 AT&T Unlock Fail "QCN Write Fail"
  85. LG D802 32GB After flashing IMEI null [Solved]
  86. p925p flash file need
  87. e445 lock code-after flash big problem "white screen only" [Solved]
  88. how to unlock lg 440g tracfone
  89. LG D855 imei repair error
  90. Lg l23 unlocking problem
  91. hello sir help me aurgent ....m in trouble.....
  92. card octopus [Solved]
  93. I need to UNLOCK LG-LV3700
  94. LG GR500 flashing failed
  95. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.8.5 - LG X135, X137 world's 1st support!
  96. LG D802 32gb flashing!?
  97. how to unlock pattron lock LG- P970 [Solved]
  98. Octoplus please help
  99. Lg ms500 unlock problem
  100. repair imei fail
  101. Need LG D295 flash file
  102. Pls upload LG-F100s zip file at support area
  103. Lg F220K flashing problem
  104. llg c900b
  105. LS 990 G3 UNLOCK Problem
  106. D685 dead
  107. D280n [Solved]
  108. Lg D821 imei repair problem [Solved]
  109. My lg box say i block
  110. LG D690 pattern LOCK
  111. I have several d100, d105. Update this model
  112. Octoplus team need help to reset lge400f pattern
  113. lg f120s flash file oct. format?
  114. ls720 unlock
  115. Lg E960 Hang on logo
  116. LG G2 F320 L Setting Mini OS Status to 2...Failed!
  117. realm black Boost mobile LG LS620
  118. Card No Found Never Open
  119. Problem repair imei Nexus 5... D821..
  120. P769 Phone successfully unlocked!
  121. LGMS769 Phone successfully unlocked!
  122. LG325G unlock?
  123. lg f200k could not repair imei, please how will I do it?
  124. LS995 soft Bricked by Selecting LS990 Unlock
  125. ls720 unlock software bug
  126. help help need Qcn d851
  127. D405N how reset PIN without lose data?
  128. Trying to unlock LG MS769 [Solved]
  129. can't unlock lg p659
  130. always showing card update
  131. Lg d802!?: please look at picture..
  132. nexus 5 - Could not detect mode! - please help!
  133. LG-D855 no 3g after repair imei
  134. LG G Flex LGL23 Japan :)
  135. Help flashing p768g problem
  136. LG P760 cannt write firmware...
  137. LG card updater card not valid [Solved]
  138. LG E975 after flash no service
  139. e400r unlock problem [Solved]
  140. Octopus box card blocked already
  141. LG F160K Cant go download mode!!!!
  142. Nand Dump LG D850
  143. lg ms323 repair imei [Solved]
  144. F100S reboot after flash
  145. Lg-p500 hang sa logo done with octopus
  146. D855 Flashed with Octopus stuck on Factory Reset Status 2 [Solved]
  147. Error D685
  148. Lg Sh150a Unlock Done
  149. Lg d500 unlock done
  150. F180L Bad Security & IMEI Unkwn [Solved]
  151. ls990 enable diag mode help [Solved]
  152. LGE410B Phone successfully unlocked!
  153. LG LS980 Cant work??????
  154. kp 501 successfully unlock
  155. Octopus Box Not working
  156. Cannot enter lg d320n in emergency mode ?
  157. help drive qsusb bulk d820
  158. I need firmware for LG-P500 for Octopus
  159. LG P880 no connect and not write firmware
  160. Lg D682 Flashing Error..
  161. LG C660 Dump Nand encrypted [Solved]
  162. F200S: Writing modem...Failed!
  163. LG GT505 Need Testpoint Picture
  164. please octopus team how repair imei nexus 5 D821 [Solved]
  165. LG-D500 Phone successfully unlocked!
  166. LG-P690B Write firmware successfully
  167. Lg g3 d851 t-mobile unlock done
  168. problem signal lg e411g
  169. How to unlock lg d505 [Solved]
  170. I need firmware for LG-GD510 for Octopus
  171. Help...succes unlock LG VS870 but???
  172. f200l flsh error
  173. LG D821 network repair problem
  174. Lg lucid 2 vs870
  175. octopus lg activation problem
  176. *-* lg medusa activtion problem *-* [Solved]
  177. Unlock LG V410 - How to enable LG Software mode?
  178. lg -ku5400 reset screen lock problame
  179. D820 No service after IMEI Fix
  180. lg e510 writting systom failed-help
  181. f200k error sending modem
  182. smartcard driver medusa/octopus driver win7
  183. Lg t580
  184. Lg d802 firmware help
  185. Nexus 5 D820 Imei 0 // He repaired octoplus It became no signal
  186. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.8.4 - again world's 1st update!
  187. Successful repair G2 docomo 3g with no change imei octupus ..
  188. LG P769 att unlock done with great box octopus
  189. LG G2 docomo repair - Not 3g L-01F with octupus box [Solved]
  190. Questions about the conversion octopus
  191. Lg 610v dont power on after try to unlock
  192. D802:Problem flashing..
  193. Lg D802 hang on logo problem
  194. LG GT550go and GT550 lock sa AT&T Unlock Done
  195. LG LS970 repair meid failed
  196. Help...LG E440 stop write firmware [Solved]
  197. f200L Writing modem...Failed!
  198. nexus 5 repair imei
  199. Question about the octopus cable box [Answered]
  200. d851 could not detect mode?