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  1. P505ch black display after unlock done
  2. How to enter Unlock Code on LG LS660 from sprint
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  14. D315 imei "null"
  15. Octoplus. Please help with this LG440G from Tractfone
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  17. lg ms659 error firware
  18. Lg 920 problem in keyboard Arabic
  19. LS 980 Unlock Problem
  20. c3300 unlocking error [Solved]
  21. LG F160LV flashed with F160L octopus file success
  22. P970h error [Solved]
  23. Help with LG-E980
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  25. Error flash C195
  26. lg e615 pattern lock
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  30. D680 Downgrade question
  31. lg-p769 need imei repair
  32. LG D415, D800 and D959 (Flex) no working
  33. Lg d280n [Solved]
  34. 1.7.5 ls990 write qcn bug report...
  35. gt550 permanent lock
  36. LG F200L firmware write problem!!
  37. Lg D722-how to connect [Solved]
  38. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.7.5 - non-stop world's 1st updates!
  39. help...LG GW300 failed
  40. Lg g3 d851 [Solved]
  41. Need Help About Gw620r
  42. lg d820 no com port on android 5.0
  43. Lg P715 after flash back camera not working?
  44. P700 dead
  45. E465 failed
  46. lg-d838 pattern lock help please
  47. P765 Repair Boot Done but still dead
  48. P880 imei repair problem
  49. optimus g e-975 permanently block repair step by step
  50. Lg d160
  51. D855 g3 4g problem repair imei [Solved]
  52. Looking for older software version
  53. LG ku990 flashing problem
  54. lg d724 imei repair
  55. lg E610 dead [Solved]
  56. lG LS980 UNLOCK DONE
  57. Octopus , is this possible ?
  58. Help with LG p705g [Solved]
  59. LG D820 "no service"
  60. lg sprint ln-240 phone lock problem
  61. F350L lock
  62. Please help octoplus team, in downloading in bootloader
  63. New Update problem.
  64. Lg octoplus team verry strange prob any solution [Solved]
  65. D858 G3 dualsim imei repair possible?
  66. imei null an and no baseband after repair nvm D805 o D806
  67. Help repair imei lg-e450f [Solved]
  68. LG F6 Model #MS500 how to unlock
  69. lg d801 no network
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  72. how to connect f200l octopus
  73. c297 failed to flash
  74. lg p880 ımeıl repaır error help
  75. need help urgent with LG E975
  76. Please HELP some wrong with my box
  77. A133 Flashing Dead
  78. Box activation
  79. how to unlock lg440g
  80. Error trying to unlock E465G [Solved]
  81. LG L90 - D-405n Unlocked with Octoplus
  82. LG G2 D800 wanted to unlock now after unlock no data PLEASE HELP
  83. can i write LG F320L with flash tool?
  84. lg ms323 stops at 52 percent
  85. LG Card update problem plz solve it
  86. Please Help Error Unlocking D415 android 4.4.4 [Solved]
  87. how to flash lg P760
  88. help...LG P705 Checking partition...Failed! [Solved]
  89. hi
  90. d821 3g/4g not repair done [Solved]
  91. FT232R Repair - Official guide
  92. sir google nexsus d821 flash file need
  93. D686 trying to flash new file but it saying wrong file? [Solved]
  94. D851 Unlock Failure [Solved]
  95. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.7.4 - LG D331 world's 1st support and more!
  96. LG GK F220K Repair Imei OK
  97. LG gt 540 flash done with octopus box
  98. Octoplus lg term plz help me
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  102. Software close after a minute
  103. d855 repair imei error ZXLCALSZXDFailed!
  104. LG G2 F320S fix Imei and 3G OK
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  106. D950g imei repair done but call doesnt connect signal is full
  107. need c195n flash file
  108. nexsus 5 ime repair failed
  109. P990 flashing problem
  110. F240s Service Disable
  111. imei null D620r
  112. LG MS323 Stop at 52% [Solved]
  113. LG E450F Telcel firmware needed :
  114. LG G2 D802 cannot enter recovery or reset security [Solved]
  115. Lg d631 [Solved]
  116. d802 imei repair problem
  117. LG D959 After IMEI Repair No Calls LG Tool 1.7.2 [Solved]
  118. Ld d820
  119. lg a390 flash
  120. Lg d950 [Solved]
  121. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.7.3 - and again world's 1st update!
  122. gd570 unlock
  123. Octoplus Mod Please help [Solved]
  124. Initializing flash...Failed! d851 [Solved]
  125. ask about my new box
  126. need flash file p920 and p925 arabic
  127. how repair imei LG E988 with octoplus
  128. Lg g2 d801 help please [Solved]
  129. Error zxlcalszxd imei repair D851
  130. why i can't download from support any file help me plz [Solved]
  131. can't flash lg E440
  132. Lg ls720?
  133. Nexus 4 E960 Baseband Known Imei Nill
  134. LG a395 read info / unlock error
  135. D415 network issue after repair
  136. Step by Step How to Fix Nexus 5 IMEI with LTE working
  137. please add LG-D631
  138. i need help my card is blocked
  139. how can hard reset or unlock lg G2
  140. Need MTP Drivers for Nexus 5 for Octopus box
  141. d405 d855,...how to write f.w with octopus?
  142. LG KU5400 İmei (350305260000001) Repair Problem..!!
  143. D620r - Factory reset status 2
  144. how inter code lg l35g
  145. f160s k flashing on the tab of F160L
  146. LG G3 dead (when plug usb cable show qualcomm hs usb qdloader)
  147. imei lg e960
  148. LG V410 Support
  149. LS990 unlock?
  150. Lg a390 user code
  151. Octopus SmartCard drivers
  152. LG E450F error while flashing
  153. "Card not found" Octoplus LG
  154. LG CU920 After Unlock No Network Problem Than NVM / Flash Repair Not Solved
  155. LG - P875 Unlocking problem
  156. Conversion of f180 to e975 international version
  157. Octoplus lg need your help [Solved]
  158. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.7.2 - another world's 1st update!
  159. does someone have NVM backup of LG P714? [Solved]
  160. check for updates not working
  161. LG F350s Cant flash with Octopus
  162. ls 980 unlock
  163. Octoplus can unlock bootloader P760?
  164. Nexus 5 D820 Sending SPC failed IMEI repair [Solved]
  165. lg c520 unlock y repair?
  166. octopus LG software 1.7.1 no testpoint pics.
  167. how to flash D686
  168. how to connect LG D280n [Solved]
  169. E960 repair imei - whats wrong?
  170. LS980 - Bootloader currupted : QDLoader 9008
  171. F240L stuck on logo and restart [Solved]
  172. Ku-5400 screen lock remove successfully
  173. lg VS990 unlock or root HELP
  174. D820 IMEI repair [Solved]
  175. d855 imeirepair issue
  176. LG D855 IMEI numbers has been deleted help me plz [Solved]
  177. How Connect D851
  178. Lg Gs170 unlock done but searching
  179. LG LS990 Busy Port Error
  180. Samsung activation
  181. LG C195N Unlock Done With In 30 Second.
  182. LG F160L Security Error.. need help!!
  183. QCN file Thread
  184. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.7.1 - world's 1st and exclusive update!
  185. plz help me with lg d802 firmware
  186. LG C660r still on starting logo
  187. LG - LS980 Require QCN Dump
  188. Lg p999 no network after unlock
  189. lg e440 security error
  190. can't activate lg module
  191. Help to reset LG P970 google account [Solved]
  192. Lg510 (cdma) restart problem
  193. Help me file flash LG D415
  194. LG C360 lang description
  195. Lg e425 need frimware
  196. LG E455 Stuck logo flashing error
  197. impossibile repair boot l9 p760 with any ver. octoplus
  198. LG F320s flash file need urgent
  199. p710 unlock done
  200. LG P935 restart