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  1. Octopus says card not found
  2. D851 IMEI repair error
  3. c199 lg dual sim after flash scramble display help
  4. LG E455G Error code: ZXLCALSZXC
  5. LG G3 doesnt detect in download mode while unlocking [Solved]
  6. lg p930 flashing help
  7. lg e739 flashing problem
  8. E980-E986-E988 NVM or QCN File..
  9. LG GR500 Unlock Done ... :)
  10. LG -SU370 firmweya update error
  11. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.7.9 - LG D722J world's 1st support and more!
  12. D380f8 afther imei changue signal variable
  13. lg a390 file corrupt
  14. salam to all octopus user
  15. D855 permanently locked!
  16. LGMS500 Unlock done......
  17. LG D415 unlock by octopus box
  18. how can flash lg D801
  19. Lg Ms500z unlock failed [Solved]
  20. Error with write full backup t585
  21. need GS505-FOR-UNLOCK
  22. LG Optimus F60 LG MS375 Unlock? [Solved]
  23. Username and password for Factory Unlock
  24. LG Nexus 5 D821 cant not unlock
  25. lg d855 or repair imei
  26. LG G2 D800 unlock problem [Solved]
  27. Dead OctopusBox
  28. LG A390 Fail to Re-Write imei
  29. LG E612 problem on flashing
  30. d390 only gsm after unlock and repair [Solved]
  31. need unlock the LG US990 "Invalid card"
  32. I NEED LG d684 unlock
  33. Lg D820
  34. how to repair imei D410?
  35. I Forgot my User/Pass Octopus Box
  36. LG G2 L-01F(Docomo)Unlock Done
  37. need LS995 QCN files, can you update?
  38. Unlock MetroPCS LGMS450
  39. How to Flash LG L5 Optimus E610, E610v with Octupos box
  40. P659 unlock done
  41. Lg E455 Flashing Problem
  42. d170 pattern problem
  43. urjently needed for lg d821 mtp driver.....
  44. LS990 Sim Lock Successful but only on edge
  45. I need to know if my card is blocked
  46. Can't access to octopus support by octopus software
  47. Updates are getting big
  48. world 1st LG-D838 imei repair
  49. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.7.8 - non-stop world's 1st updates!
  50. problem with number 0 in lg-e400 [Solved]
  51. lg ke500 flashing pbm [Solved]
  52. help...hart reset LG D170 [Solved]
  53. LG D-415, USB Modem and Port Failed on Win x64 [Solved]
  54. i need help whit lg ms323
  55. ms500 service disabled [Solved]
  56. can't reflash F200K
  57. Success logs!!
  58. C399 flashing problem
  59. LG-D801 firmware need
  60. needed firmware lg-d170
  61. Lg L23 test mode
  62. p708g dead during imxx repair
  63. LG Nexsus 5 d821 Lollipop 5.0 repair done
  64. F200s flashing problem
  65. lg e440 checking security failed!
  66. lg a290
  67. LG F160L Security Error Den Reboot Done W/ Octopus
  68. You need to login! To login, please use Octopus Box Suite [Solved]
  69. Lg d851 imei repair error . See log please
  70. please lg p714 nvm impaired!!
  71. Lg F200L firmware error
  72. Ls870
  73. Problem write flash lg c297
  74. need unlock the LG US990 "Invalid card"
  75. lg c399 cannot flash
  76. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.7.7 - non-stop world's 1st updates!
  77. very big problem: after unlock D280N imei null
  78. octopus lg box is compatible with win 7 profesional? icant intall it [Solved]
  79. D320N (L70) - Factory Reset Status 2 [Solved]
  80. Emergency Call only after Repair IMEI D801 [Solved]
  81. LG D120 unlock done
  82. S310 [Solved]
  83. LG P760 Flash problem
  84. Reset GD880 phone code via flashing!
  85. LG MS500Z Unlock no service [Solved]
  86. e971 nvm
  87. the LG D801 no network after change 801.qcn is bad.
  88. P880 flashing proplem with last version
  89. LG G2 mini D620R , "This phone is permanently locked and can not be unlocked."
  90. LG D725 g3 mini vigor can't unlock [Solved]
  91. e400f need good firmware
  92. LG D851 Unlock failed [Solved]
  93. Lg-F180k Network Service Diabled Problem [Solved]
  94. MS769 Boot repair but does not write Firmware.
  95. Need flash file of LG D-821 Nexus......
  96. Lg d605 root faİled help mee octupus team
  97. LG KF600w can crossing flash firmware
  98. Lg-D821 Need help(want revert back to stock)
  99. i want knw details about octoplus
  100. LG D385 unlock and change imei erro.
  101. E610 Dead during flash
  102. d821 rooting problem
  103. LG U890 Unlock Problem
  104. repair imei p970
  105. Lg p999 internet access problem
  106. LG P769 unlock done by Octoplus
  107. p500 tried to write imei-error-help
  108. d820 eror repair imei (Android version: 5.0) [Solved]
  109. Card Update problem
  110. Problem to unlock D805 [Solved]
  111. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.7.6
  112. KU5400 flash problem
  113. LG F200S After flash 3g network not working
  114. F180s flash falied now cant enter download mode.
  115. LG LS980 multiple computers will not recognize when in download mode [Solved]
  116. ms500 4g problem
  117. problem to unlock lg-ls720
  118. lg e960 baseband problem
  119. help i no see firmware t585 in support
  120. L-01E unlocking problem, pls help team [Solved]
  121. help|lg g3 how to reset google
  122. lg d320 unlock done
  123. Lg e615 hanging sometime or auto off [Solved]
  124. lg p700 hang in logo cant flash
  125. hello octopus team
  126. Lg C395 AT&T Unlock Successfully
  127. Lg f240s flashing failed
  128. E400 after unlock show lg logo & resart [Solved]
  129. P505ch black display after unlock done
  130. How to enter Unlock Code on LG LS660 from sprint
  131. lg p500 flashing eror
  132. lg D821 not root android too
  133. Lg d820 nexus5 sucsess write imei
  134. Strange problem Lg E612
  135. help how to flash D821
  136. D821 Nexus 5 Switching to Serial Port... FAILED !
  137. lg G3 drivers download problem [Solved]
  138. urgent help, I can not repair imei Lg D855P [Solved]
  139. p500 strange peoblem [Solved]
  140. D855 3G problem after repair imei
  141. D820 Break After Write Security - please help [Solved]
  142. D315 imei "null"
  143. LG D850 imei fix and unlock sucessful but getting device not allowed when callling
  144. lg ms659 error firware
  145. Lg 920 problem in keyboard Arabic
  146. LS 980 Unlock Problem
  147. c3300 unlocking error [Solved]
  148. LG F160LV flashed with F160L octopus file success
  149. P970h error [Solved]
  150. Help with LG-E980
  151. lg e400 hang need help
  152. Error flash C195
  153. lg e615 pattern lock
  154. lg p895 dead boot repair plz
  155. possible downgrade lg p710? [Solved]
  156. About LG L22 imei change error! [Solved]
  157. D680 Downgrade question
  158. lg-p769 need imei repair
  159. LG D415, D800 and D959 (Flex) no working
  160. Lg d280n [Solved]
  161. 1.7.5 ls990 write qcn bug report...
  162. gt550 permanent lock
  163. LG F200L firmware write problem!!
  164. Lg D722-how to connect [Solved]
  165. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.7.5 - non-stop world's 1st updates!
  166. help...LG GW300 failed
  167. Lg g3 d851 [Solved]
  168. Need Help About Gw620r
  169. lg d820 no com port on android 5.0
  170. Lg P715 after flash back camera not working?
  171. P700 dead
  172. E465 failed
  173. lg-d838 pattern lock help please
  174. P765 Repair Boot Done but still dead
  175. P880 imei repair problem
  176. optimus g e-975 permanently block repair step by step
  177. Lg d160
  178. D855 g3 4g problem repair imei [Solved]
  179. Looking for older software version
  180. LG ku990 flashing problem
  181. lg d724 imei repair
  182. lg E610 dead [Solved]
  183. lG LS980 UNLOCK DONE
  184. Octopus , is this possible ?
  185. Help with LG p705g [Solved]
  186. LG D820 "no service"
  187. lg sprint ln-240 phone lock problem
  188. F350L lock
  189. Please help octoplus team, in downloading in bootloader
  190. New Update problem.
  191. Lg octoplus team verry strange prob any solution [Solved]
  192. D858 G3 dualsim imei repair possible?
  193. imei null an and no baseband after repair nvm D805 o D806
  194. Help repair imei lg-e450f [Solved]
  195. LG F6 Model #MS500 how to unlock
  196. lg d801 no network
  197. unlock and repair imei lg d625 help!
  198. Can i unlock lg-d725 by selecting d850?????
  199. how to connect f200l octopus
  200. c297 failed to flash