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  34. Help with H631 Custom recovery [Solved]
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  47. Success unlock LG K330
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  49. LS450 successfully unlocked
  50. IP is in black list question [Answered]
  51. Success Unlock LG TP260
  52. LG LS675 Reset FRP successfully done, thanks!
  53. D820 Reset FRP question [Answered]
  54. LG LS992 SW Version: LS992ZVF 7.0 unlock Not Supported [Answered]
  55. LG F350L Reset screen lock Success
  56. LG K332 hang on logo and after flash device is "dead" [Answered]
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  66. Cannot terminate an externally created thread [Answered]
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  69. lg g5 ls992 service disable
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  72. E425 successfully unlocked
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  80. Lg h631 tmobile unlock done
  81. LG LS777 7.0 v9 can unlock by Octoplus [Answered]
  82. LS665 Unlock done
  83. LG D950 Without data lose reset screen lock done
  84. LS992 LG G5 Sprint LS992ZVF is here [Answered]
  85. LG L44VL root request
  86. tp26010k root
  87. K428 tmb unlock done!!!!!!!! Thanks Octoplus
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  98. Octoplus Credits Consumption [Updated 09.03.2018]
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  103. How to reload limit SmartCard? [Answered]
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  113. LG-H815 flash after dead [Answered]
  114. need fw for lg g600l oct 2017 [Answered]
  115. LG H635C G4 Stylus stuck on white screen [Answered]
  116. Error Code Protection # 1474183274 question [Solved]
  117. LG-E610 Unlock successfully done with Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Tool
  118. M150AT Write Full flash question [Answered]
  119. LS450 ZV5 successfully unlocked
  120. MS330 Reset FRP successfully done
  121. plz i need unlock lg h918 [Answered]
  122. LG K210 Unlock Successfully Done
  123. D850 sometimes no service after unlock [Answered]
  124. K371 firmware request [Answered]
  125. LG MS550 MetroPcs on searching [Answered]
  126. How to Root LG G6 H872 Version 11G to unlock [Answered]
  127. lg h961 firmware is not available [Answered]
  128. LG K550 unlock done success 10000%%%
  129. Need Help LS777 Unlock [Answered]
  130. M150 successfully unlocked
  131. LG K550 unlock problem [Solved]
  132. TMB LG TP260 unlock done by Octopus again!!!
  133. K330 unlock successfully done again!!!
  134. Lg k330 tmb unlock done!!!others cant only octo
  135. Lgk550 unlock done..octo lg module rules!!!!!
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  137. Lg tp450 tmobile unlock done with root twrp
  138. M153 unlock successfully done
  139. Unlock LG STYLE 3 T-MOBILE Y MetroPCS TP450 Y MP450 7.0 Succes
  140. MS330 unlock question [Answered]
  141. Unlocking LG-LS993 problem [Answered]
  142. LG K330 error to unlock [Solved]
  143. H811 Unlock problem [Answered]
  144. Lg h901 7.0 frp success octoplus lg
  145. H918 unlock question [Answered]
  146. LG LS755 unlock done 100%
  147. LG TP260 unlock successfully done
  148. Can TMB/MPCS be flashed after Unlock operation? [Answered]
  149. K520K bricked after FRP [Answered]
  150. LG-H525N subsystem crash display blue screen [Answered]
  151. E460 keep rebooting at LG logo [Answered]
  152. K520 problem after flashing [Answered]
  153. K520DY Successfully flashed.
  154. LG V20 Read QCN successfully done (QCN file inside)
  155. LS450 after repairing network system error [Answered]
  156. F650l Repair Wi-Fi address question [Answered]
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  158. L-01e flashing problem [Answered]
  159. Firmware file for LS775 has wrong structure
  160. LG CE110 Sim lock Disabled Done by Flashing + Read Codes
  161. LG K520DY FRP removed successfully
  162. 2 problems with flashing k520dy [Answered]
  163. Unlock K330 Successfully Done
  164. V521 Reset FRP problem [Solved]
  165. LG-H343 Reset FRP successfully done
  166. LS676 securty error after repair network [Solved]
  167. Lg k428 network problem after unlock
  168. h830 unlock error [Answered]
  169. LG TP260 unlock successfully done
  170. LG SU660 boot repair OK
  171. LS-992 7.0 Unlock successfully done
  172. Lg K550 (Tmobile) Nougut Unlock..... after a little hard effort to root ;)
  173. LG H870 frp remove not done help [Answered]
  174. Please help to unlock K330 [Solved]
  175. Lg G5 H830 7.0 how to root. [Answered]
  176. MS323 Reset Screen Lock suceesfully done
  177. LS775zvb unlock done but no data no wifi after [Solved]
  178. Lg Q6 M700Tv does not turn on after FRP via test point [Solved]
  179. VS500 Reset Screen Lock successfully done
  180. LG-K550 (T-mobile) Nougat Unlock Successfully Done
  181. LG V30 H931 IMEI Repair Successfully Done
  182. LS675 Reset FRP done
  183. LS675 Reset FRP done
  184. LS997 ZVC Unlock [Answered]
  185. M400Y FRP remove problem [Answered]
  186. LG Tracfone
  187. LG H850A Reset FRP problem [Answered]
  188. LGT02 Can Unlock? [Answered]
  189. F600L Write Firmware problem [Answered]
  190. LG MS210 Unlock problem [Answered]
  191. NO 3G AFTER UNLOCK Lg leon Lte h345 T-MOBILE [Answered]
  192. M200N Reset FRP problem [Answered]
  193. ls676 zv9 firmware here:
  194. Please Help me to solve Octopus Isse [Answered]
  195. M320 Reset FRP question [Answered]
  196. m250k frp help
  197. MS631 unlock successfully done
  198. LG TP260 unlock successfully done
  199. LG LS755 invalid sim unlock done, problem solved
  200. Error when close or disconnect Octoplus Software [Answered]