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  1. LG gd510 restart problem
  2. f180l when screen lite off then only 3 lites
  3. D820 Serial Port Error
  4. ku990 arabic falsh? [Solved]
  5. lg gw300fd cant unlock
  6. LG G2 F320s permanently locked
  7. F180 L REPAIR Failed
  8. i ned help after fulflash failure
  9. lg d125 how can du flash
  10. Octoplus STOPPED READING NEXUS 4 & 5 [Solved]
  11. lg d855 permanently locked service disabled
  12. G3 Beat D722J successfully unlocked
  13. LG G3 D855 light blinking blue and green
  14. I need firmware for LG-P500 for Octopus [Solved]
  15. Please repost qcn for d801
  16. Octupus LG packing not contain p999 cable
  17. lg d820 not have flash file in support where to get?
  18. unlocking LG G3 Beat D722j
  19. Nexus 5 D820 Not Service
  20. LG LS990 could not get root access
  21. lg d160 unlock ok no service [Solved]
  22. lg d725 unlock ok
  23. LG G3 LS 990 IMEI REPAIR Problem
  24. new lg octopus box card not found
  25. Need p 765 necessary drivers;
  26. LG F220k service disable and no service
  27. put phone into normal mode???
  28. pls upload lg t585 and c297 full flash [Solved]
  29. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.8.2 - Repair Network for Dxxx devices added!
  30. lg e960 hang on logo
  31. help...writing firmware LG E440 stop
  32. LG G Pad 7.0 LTE (V410) Unlock Done! using model LG MS323
  33. Need new version for repair d855 network [Solved]
  34. Can do unlocl LG D685 ? [Solved]
  35. D855TR ime repair problem.
  36. Can i get some help to flash lg F160k?
  37. C399 flash error
  38. C195N flashed with C190 Firmware
  39. hi sony lg activated price
  40. P920 hangs on logo after flashing [Solved]
  41. LG F310L Unlock and Screen Lock reset
  42. octopus not activeted my samsungoctopusbox
  43. Help to repar IMEI Null LG MS769 [Solved]
  44. MS500 Turkish language?
  45. d855 android ver .5.0 ımeıl repaır please
  46. LG-E450 IMEI null after flash [Solved]
  47. Download problem [Solved]
  48. lg d800 g2 emergency calls only after unlock [Solved]
  49. Problem unlocking LG d851 [Solved]
  50. very slow download in support please help need external link LG-E450 [Solved]
  51. lg C333 white screen after flash
  52. LG d820
  53. which firmware is compitable for this phone [Solved]
  54. LG P659 Imei /null [Solved]
  55. How to Fix IMEI LG G3 D855TR [Solved]
  56. LG D722 won't call after unlock [Solved]
  57. Problem with Flashing LG-P875
  58. problema con lg optimus g e987
  59. f240s signal problem after reapair nvm
  60. Lg p760 stuck in writing system
  61. Bl40 dead sfter flashing
  62. LGL31L Not Supported.....
  63. Lg lu6200 screen lock [Solved]
  64. LG LU6200 Screen Lock
  65. Need qcn for LG D850 - G3 At&t please.
  66. lg g3 d855 imei repair help
  67. D802 REPAIR IMEI ERROR not read ESN!
  68. Problem in Unlocking LG G2 LS980ZVE ,
  69. need direct unlock d390n POLAND
  70. LG E975 unlock done
  71. Lg P760 Wifi problem
  72. F160L flash failed
  73. Verizon LG VS985
  74. Unlock LG L95G Tracfon
  75. d320f8 flash
  76. LG KG-290 Unlock successful - Octoplus/Octopus Box LG...
  77. LG G2-D802 Unlock successful - Octoplus/Octopus Box LG
  78. Lg ms323 "dump nand"
  79. please i need flash lg d290g (lg fino) [Solved]
  80. lg d855 repair failed [Solved]
  81. lg flashing time error on my pc
  82. Lg d851 unlock problem [Solved]
  83. f100s error after flash finalizing failed plz help
  84. LG D955 qnc file need
  85. LG d855 Imei repair
  86. Lg D280N errors! [Solved]
  87. LG E400r unlocking problm [Solved]
  88. Octoplus box LG card not found
  89. D820/D821 could not connect [Solved]
  90. Lg enact VS890
  91. Lg cu920 unlock job done with in 2 second
  92. LG KH1200 Dead after flash [Solved]
  93. Hello,help with p710 nvm file [Solved]
  94. E960 Repair IMEI [Solved]
  95. E610v imposible to reset phone
  96. cant flash kf700 [Solved]
  97. MS500z successfully unlocked
  98. Help me OCTOPLUS TEAM about LG D855... [Solved]
  99. D390N unlock
  100. repair imei d625 please!
  101. LG-F160LV flash
  102. lg p990 flashing problem
  103. LG F400S need unlock
  104. HELP OCTOPLUS TEAM D855 network problem
  105. Please Help LG-D801, will not work after IMEI repair
  106. LG A341 unlock done (Rogers, Canada)
  107. LG T320g unlock done octopus
  108. Lge cdma modem driver [Solved]
  109. HOW TO UNLOCK LG-A340 with octoplus box
  110. lg ms395 unlock... [Solved]
  111. LG E400F Distorted Colors [Solved]
  112. P710 flashed with P700 firmware
  113. help The number of updates has exceeded the maximum value [Solved]
  114. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.8.1 - another world's 1st update!
  115. help where is the problem am trying to flash ms 500
  116. LG P760 Won't connect
  117. problem p760
  118. I cant unlock MS395 [Solved]
  119. d855 with lollipop does not connect to pc [Solved]
  120. Lg C410 unlock not possible
  121. f100s dead after uncompleted flashing
  122. activation lg octopus box
  123. Lg e975 phone lock reset done
  124. help me OCTOPLUS TEAM about lg d820...
  125. LG GM360 unlock done
  126. Need help with LS980
  127. gd900 need frimware [Solved]
  128. octopus box card error
  129. E465g Flash error, can help me plz ?
  130. How to goes into the Support Area
  131. samsung activation
  132. D802 error
  133. G2x LGP999 Write Firmware Success!!! Octoplus Box "The Perfect Melody" -- Done
  134. G3 mini lg d723 imei repair?
  135. lg su660 patron lock
  136. LG MS395 can't connect
  137. Does Octoplus support Remote IMEI repair
  138. Lg P769 boot repair problem
  139. LG KU5900 too many pattern DONE With Great Octopus.
  140. octoplus lg 1.7.7 d820 imei repair done.. without any 3g 4g repair
  141. D803 Repair Issue
  142. Lg D410 flahing not supported [Solved]
  143. d631 not being detected [Solved]
  144. i need rawprogram0 file for f260s can give me plz
  145. LG P990 cannot repair [Solved]
  146. LG P768 Problem
  147. Lg e970 imei 0000000 change possible repaire?
  148. How To Unlock LG MS770
  149. LG MS323 metro pc Unlock done
  150. LG F180k imie is null
  151. lg cg180 unlock problem
  152. d855 network help
  153. lg c395 downloadmode failed [Solved]
  154. LS & VM720 need help
  155. octopus team ls995 imei repair error Internal error! Error code: Z1AL3CAS2Q [Solved]
  156. Problem with P880G
  157. LG E445 hang on logo
  158. D851 unlocking error help
  159. Lg G3 D855 Repair Imei....
  160. g3 5.0 usb problem
  161. P880 unknown baseband no imei
  162. Can't Unlock LG-P880g
  163. LG GS170 Firmware Wanted Please
  164. lg d855 unlock
  165. Lg d620 problem
  166. Lg e400 restarting [Solved]
  167. LG LS980 failed to root
  168. LG E467f flash erro
  169. Lg-p765 need dead boot procedure [Solved]
  170. lg kg110 imei 00000 when i try to repaire it is faile [Solved]
  171. problem connecting D820 [Solved]
  172. LG-MS500 Null imei
  173. LG MS323 unlock done with octopus box:))))
  174. LG-VS870 unlock done but no service..
  175. lg f240 flash problem
  176. LG MS395 how to unlock,seem not supported [Solved]
  177. Lg a 230 flashing done by octopus lg box
  178. gx500 need frimware [Solved]
  179. e612 pattern need help
  180. please fix this error or how?
  181. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.1.8.0 - LG MS395 world's 1st support and more!
  182. lg lu6200 flashing done with octoplus box
  183. lg ku5400 help
  184. D315 need help [Solved]
  185. Lg ms323 Succesfull Unlock done
  186. i cant reset LG E610
  187. t580 user lock
  188. Happy new year
  189. D722 imei repair error. [Solved]
  190. lg d105 how to remove user code help
  191. LG d958 problem [Solved]
  192. lg 1500
  193. unlock LS660
  194. lg d800 help
  195. LG F180k can not work with Octopus
  196. lg g3 after imei repair network problem.?
  197. lg ls995 4.4.2 unlock
  198. Hi does octopus box support lgls885 from sprint
  199. Repair imei E980H, help [Solved]
  200. LG F160LV Repair Imei OK