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  12. Hello Team, please add [Answered]
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  30. LM-X210CM UNLOCK Successfully
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  32. 🐙 Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v.2.8.9 is out! 🐙
  33. H930 "dead" after reseting FRP [Answered]
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  35. LG Nexus 5x H798 reboot [Answered]
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  40. octoplus support sp200 for unlock
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  42. Report K121 successfully unlocked
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  47. KS360 security code done
  48. MetroPCS Repair IMEI question [Answered]
  49. M700DSK IMEI problem [Answered]
  50. H901 after flash "dead" [Answered]
  51. H830 Unlocking problem [Answered]
  52. LG G6 H870 question [Answered]
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  54. H631 successfully unlocked
  55. LG-H735 Resetting screen lock successfully completed!
  56. LG-M250Y IMEI successfully fixed!
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  66. LM-X410TK Supported [Answered]
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  73. LG F570S please call me [Answered]
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  79. LG MS323 metro pcs unlock done by octoplus
  80. M400DY Reset FRP successful
  81. Lg g6 (h870) fw of jan/18 imei repaired success
  82. LG H830 after update only recovery [Answered]
  83. D855 Stuck at Fastboot error, successfully restored
  84. LG H815, (Last Fw version V20m), FRP REMOVED WITH SUCCESS
  85. LG Optimus L-05E Docomo [Answered]
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  90. Moving license ? [Answered]
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  96. Please fix cancel button [Answered]
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  98. ls755 emergency calls still after unlocked [Answered]
  99. LG D855 Kill Switch probilem [Answered]
  100. How to flash or convert "full" file format after[Answered]
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  102. Request root TP450 10E [Solved]
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  105. LG LM-X210Cm after unlock need code
  106. H901v30 unlock done
  107. LG LS676 Downgrade for unlock done by OCTOPLUS BOX LG. 100%DONE
  108. M151 FRP Failed [Answered]
  109. Help unknown baseband Lg vs425 / k120 [Answered]
  110. Forgotten password [Answered]
  111. Unlock lg q7 lmq610em [Answered]
  112. Lg rs988 rac lock file
  113. Unlock the LG V350A ThinQ V35 AT&T [Answered]
  114. LG H830 20a How to Unlock? [Answered]
  115. help tp260 not unlock discount 100 credits [Answered]
  116. h443 dead after flash [Answered]
  117. LG H872 20a rooted - unlock failed. 20a not supported[ Solved]
  118. ls992 convert to vs987? [Answered]
  119. LG LS755 network unlock done by octoplus LG
  120. Has anyone flashed LS99820a_to_AS99820b_for_unlock.oct TO LS998 in 21a?[ Solved]
  121. LG D851 Dissable Kill Switch Server problem help [Solved]
  122. LMX210MA frp failed pls check [Answered]
  123. G920P march 2018 FRP reset UFS method/Without data loss
  124. K520K no service [Answered]
  125. LG M320 Reset FRP successfully Done
  126. LG LS777 ZVD unlock possible [Answered]
  127. LG Q6 M700 FRO Lock Remove successfully with octoplus LG Box
  128. LG P659 Service Disable [Answered]
  129. LG H830 Nerwork Lock question? [Answered]
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  131. LG LS755 ZV9 unlock done and apn working
  132. Team Octoplus, I need your input! [Answered]
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  134. LG H830 Reset FRP success
  135. Update card question [Answered]
  136. LG LS997 Unlock question [Answered]
  137. MP450 Step 1.c...Failed [Answered]
  138. Lg G Flex 2 F510L Remove Screen Lock Just Done By Octoplus Box LG
  139. LS777 unlock question [Answered]
  140. LS676 Reset FRP successfully done
  141. LS676 Write Firmware done
  142. K120 Reset FRP successfully done
  143. LG G6 H872 Reset FRP question [Answered]
  144. Root H830 v20l Downgrade possible? [Answered]
  145. LG H811 T-Mobile unlock failed [Answered]
  146. Skip Read/Write QCN during the Unlock/Reset Security Greyed Out [Answered]
  147. LG M257 FRP and net unlock done
  148. LS675 unlock successfully done
  149. H910 unlock done
  150. H901 7.0 unlock successfully done
  151. LG MP450 (stylo3 METROPCS) FRP Removal Done. by Octoplus LG
  152. LG MS330 Reset Screen Lock successfully done without data lost
  153. MS769 unlock successfully done
  154. Unlock LG LS993 Successful but not data [Solved]
  155. LS676 Write Firmware and Disable Hands Free Activation Successfully Done
  156. Boost Mobile LG SP320 no data problem [Answered]
  157. X210MA Unlock problem [Answered]
  158. LG-H440 IMEI Repair Done
  159. Please help to unlock MP260
  160. F800l Reset FRP question [Answered]
  161. D855 flashing problem [Answered]
  162. LS755 no access point option fix done
  163. I need to refill my account [Answered]
  164. LG-H901 stuck at Download mode, flawlessly solved
  165. Unlock LG C441 succesfully done
  166. How to reset FRP LG L43AL TracFone? [Answered]
  167. LG-M250E probleme :hang on starup log solved with rest frp
  168. LG D850 Deactivate Kill Switch hanging [Solved]
  169. LG G5 H830 Reset FRP successfully done
  170. LG M250 Reset FRP successfully done
  171. M250N Reset FRP question [Answered]
  172. LG P920 failed to reset screen lock [Answered]
  173. LS992ZVD unlock problem [Answered]
  174. H960A only LG logo after flash [Answered]
  175. K430dsE Repair EEPROM problem [Solved]
  176. H901 unlock Step 1.c...Failed [Answered]
  177. LGMK120LAT-00-V10k flash file need [Answered]
  178. LGMS500 Unlock Successfully Done
  179. F180 Gmail lock Successfully Bypassed By Octoplus Box
  180. H932 Testpoint FRP
  181. H870 Repair IMEI successfully done
  182. LG-D855TR flashing without wipe data
  183. LS992 unlock question [Answered]
  184. X240 repair problem [Answered]
  185. LM-X210CM Unlock Successfully Done
  186. MS210 unlock successfully done
  187. LG VS988 (VS98820a) Reset FRP question [Answered]
  188. TP260 unlock problem [Answered]
  189. M150 unlock successful, but still ask unlock code [Answered]
  190. LG-H220 Unlock Successfully Done
  191. H812 hang on logo [Answered]
  192. How to unlock LG L157BL? [Answered]
  193. D850 deactivate kill switch question [Solved]
  194. H850 not detected [Answered]
  195. Nexus 5X H790 Reset FRP Successfully Done
  196. How to unlock X Power [Answered]
  197. LG LS755 unlocked with Octoplus
  198. LG K4 M151/Sim Lock successfully removed
  199. X240F Reset FRP Successfully done
  200. LG Stylo 3 M400F unlocked by Octopus