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  1. Box problem
  2. When LG Tool Update coming for LG G3 LS990
  3. E987 Imei Null and restart problem
  4. need octoplus lg old instaler
  5. D100 firmware
  6. repair imei d605
  7. D821 write efs failed [Solved]
  8. Need different flash file of LG E615........
  9. to use usb over air
  10. C660h always on download mode
  11. Successfully Unlock LG G2 L-01F Docomo
  12. how to unlock lg-p655k pls help mee....
  13. lg G2 wifi repair
  14. Lg f100s flash done but not power on set dead
  15. lg x135 imei null
  16. lg c710h after factory set in octopus it become blue screen
  17. Ls995
  18. LG MS659 after unlock Service Disable [Solved]
  19. p970 reset screen lock failed
  20. lg ku5900 flash problem
  21. lg g3 [Solved]
  22. Octoplus LG v1.6.9 - world's first support for LG D620J and more!
  23. P920 Downgrade and CP Reset Solution !!!!
  24. firmware Error LG P705
  25. LG LS980 imei repair problem
  26. Lg f120l...!!
  27. E400 boot loop after unlock [Solved]
  28. lg ms500 unlock issue [Solved]
  29. lg d820 afet imie repair only 2g
  30. VS870 cant connect normal mode
  31. Lg500 unlock Done octoupus by Mobileguru
  32. MS323 from MetroPCS Help to make calls
  33. LG P505 dead trying to UNLOCK
  34. E977 IMEI null
  35. Please, help to unlock LS980.
  36. e615 need frimware [Solved]
  37. LG G Flex d959 unlock don
  38. My smart card wont update [Solved]
  39. Issue with lg d-959 flex after imei repair...
  40. Lg-lu620 flashing done with octopus box
  41. How to activate lg module? I have activation string
  42. P760 problem
  43. LG D315S HardReset Done!
  44. help me checking security fail [Solved]
  45. lg d800 unlock problem
  46. LG D500 Unlock & IMEI Repair Successfully Done..
  47. E431g Problem
  48. How to convert TOT to bin files? [Solved]
  49. how to reset screen lock e612
  50. d686 done by octoplus
  51. LG P659h not unlock no repair imei
  52. d800 phone is permanently locked and canot be unlocked
  53. lg l40 d160 after wrong knock phone want to insert pin code
  54. LG G2 F320k no registration on the network
  55. Lg Kp170 unlock Done But still locked
  56. Lg-D686 imei & baseband unknown pls help
  57. E451g error flashing
  58. nexus 5 and e970 need security and nvm file
  59. D802 flash where do i get TOT?
  60. d802t flash file
  61. LG gt540 successfully remove lock
  62. sim card upgrade [Solved]
  63. Unlock LG G2 L-01F Docomo
  64. F240K Imei Issue... [Solved]
  65. E975 imei repair problem [Solved]
  66. nexus 4 imei problem
  67. Flashing Failed Lg870 Help
  68. Help me OCTOPLUS TEAM about LG D821...
  69. LS980 successfully unlocked Octopus with usb
  70. P920 blank imei
  71. How to solve the problem [Solved]
  72. can't download file from LG support area
  73. help me unlock lg isai l22
  74. NTLG300gb possible for unlock ?
  75. lg E970 chinese firmware
  76. D802 revert SW
  77. unlock problem
  78. lg d851 imei repair not working solution here
  79. Nexus 4 hang on google solved with world best tool
  80. I NEED HELP WITH lG d820
  81. P778g Imei Null Can help me please ?
  82. NEED HELP with D820 for repair the imei
  83. E455F Flash error!
  84. how to enable vs980 diagmode for imei repair?
  85. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.6.8 - another world's 1st update!
  86. LG D500 firmware convert ?
  87. lg ls980 unlock usa
  88. LG SU760 flashing error?
  89. Can't flash e450f
  90. Lg-d631
  91. LG G Vista Verizon unlock? LG-VS880
  92. Problem unlocking LG TAB L-06C
  93. Need urgent help with D802 [Solved]
  94. SU660 restart problem after revert back to stock [Solved]
  95. gt500 dead Error of sending cmd 0105
  96. Lg E900F Unlock Done
  97. LG D686 Flash Failed
  98. LG P768e strange problem..need help
  99. p875 firmware
  100. lg lu 6200
  101. LG Optimus LTE L-01D root
  102. nexus 4 e 960 16 gb bricked help
  103. Unlocked Done Lg D415
  104. D505 cant unlock
  105. LG Nexus 5 D820 ime repair error
  106. need help with P999
  107. LG C399 full flash error code be4
  108. LG E960 not enable drivers android
  109. d505 cannot unlock [Solved]
  110. p920 problem after flash 4.0.4
  111. Lg e460 flashing
  112. need lg c297 firmware
  113. Lg D686 plz upload new flash file the one in support area have problem
  114. lg p920 flash failed
  115. How I can find octoplus for LG
  116. LG F160L cant flash with octopus
  117. Need flashing D802 G2 with octoplus...
  118. LG P990 cannt flash after repair [Solved]
  119. Lg km570 dead.....
  120. lg p765 after repair not flash
  121. IMEI repair on D850 plzz send me special software [Solved]
  122. VS870 unlock Problem
  123. LG p716 - Flash done, but don't work
  124. How to Connect LG-GU297
  125. LG F100S "Incompatible model ID!" Help me
  126. Google Acount - Octopus Team
  127. LS980 Question
  128. Help Lg E400 Restart Problem
  129. please help me my octopus won't update [Solved]
  130. Lg Su660 no service
  131. "Sharing Firmware LG ..." Thread
  132. Firmware for p716 [Solved]
  133. LG E440 Security error but when trying to flash see screen log
  134. repair imie lg d625 (lg g2 mini)
  135. LG GW382f Unlocked Successfully
  136. Lg f200k service disabled problem
  137. lg lu 6200
  138. i need test software to test lg su880 flashing can team give me
  139. SU760 flash problem
  140. LG GT-540 killed My phone Octopus-box
  141. Lg e615f both imei repair sucess
  142. need help for unlock lg p925
  143. D680 Unlockin problem
  144. cannot update lg su-760 [Solved]
  145. KM 900 cant even read [Solved]
  146. arabic firmware needed for E610v
  147. oct team please p920 boot reapır faıled please
  148. F200k hangs and restarts @ LG logo
  149. LG D821 baseband unknown????
  150. P990 hang logo!? [Solved]
  151. LG U880 blinking after flash
  152. help to unlolock lg 40g
  153. LG F120k pattern lock how to remove
  154. Connection problems on LG G3? - here is the solution.
  155. d851 imei repair HELP [Solved]
  156. plzz help me f240l flash faleid [Solved]
  157. d803 unlock problemm
  158. f240s firmware
  159. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.6.7 - LG D165 world's 1st support!
  160. LG L23 not connect do unlock
  161. i cant find pc connection in D855. i want to repair imei on it [Solved]
  162. lg e975 flashing problem
  163. D850 IMEI Repair Write NVM Failed
  164. Lg E739 Pattern lock solution in 30sec. only.
  165. LG P500h unlocking done by octopus
  166. D618 Falshing!?
  167. Lg p970 hang on lg logo done
  168. E465g Flash error Help please
  169. problem repair IMEI F240K
  170. Ks360
  171. how to unlock lg p500h
  172. D958 unlock problem.
  173. Lg G3 F400S Google Account ?
  174. Help me OCTOPLUS TEAM about lg d821...
  175. How to identufy if lg d802 is 16g or 32gb?
  176. help me sir
  177. LG LS970 help
  178. cannot update lg p925
  179. Please i need repair imxx D385
  180. LG D801 - Could not detect mode
  181. need sec file for lg f180k"
  182. LG Nexus 4 E960 Hang Problem
  183. d851 help imei repair
  184. card can't update help octo Team
  185. D855 G3 *Strange Problem*
  186. LG P895 Null IMEI
  187. I nedd help lg u310
  188. D851 Lg G3
  189. D320N firmware
  190. e960 flashing fail [Solved]
  191. d851 imei repair help [Solved]
  192. LG-D320n Successfully Unlocked
  193. Error flash c365
  194. Lg ls980 unlock problem [Solved]
  195. Badly need apx driver for lg su-660
  196. p350 flashing error
  197. verizon lg lucid 3
  198. help my box [Solved]
  199. P970h factory reset not work
  200. Help me Nexus 4 E960