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  1. LG MS500 unlock!! MetroPCS
  2. lg p769 imei null
  3. p769 flashing error
  4. LG E960 / Nexus 4 IMEI fix
  5. RJ45 port of the octopus does not work
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  8. VS750 code not found....
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  11. LG E435 Convert TOT file to OCT file
  12. L-05D Docomo Hang On Logo Strange Problem [Solved]
  13. unlock network lg e460?
  14. lg p920 need downgread
  15. hi octopus team f320s repair 3g network
  16. d820 isignal problem after imei
  17. LG L9 p768 death after flash? [Solved]
  18. octoplus LG always update octopus card
  19. 3g 4g fix d820 not working
  20. LG-E980 how to Arabic
  21. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.5.3 - LG D320 world's first support!
  22. lg c333 died after flshing, please how to slove?
  23. lg e973 Writing system...Failed [Solved]
  24. Lg p525 dead after flash
  25. how can unlock lg G2
  26. Repair IMEI LG-P920 problem
  27. help me, unlock and active lg g2 ls980
  28. need file E988 10E ESA/INDONESIA [Solved]
  29. Lg D821 boot loader can not unlock with octopus box
  30. lg lu6200 dead after flash
  31. P713 flash convert
  32. lg p920 after 3 day imei null. [Solved]
  33. lg add on activation
  34. lg vs930 unlock successfully with octopus lg box
  35. Lg nexus 4 e960 imei 00000000 repaiar done 100%
  36. LG E410g firmware needed
  37. F180S coveter file error
  38. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.5.2 is out!
  39. I have LG GS 190 dead. How to repair?
  40. Lg vs870 unlock done but no servise
  41. su660 need help
  42. F240K kdz Format Files how to convert to octo files! [Solved]
  43. LGSU640 Repair NV Failed
  44. Lg P765 imei null
  45. How to Repair IMEI in LG G2 D802? [Solved]
  46. lg p970 flashing problem on octopus
  47. LG-MS770 unlock....!!!
  48. [E610] Screen Lock [Solved]
  49. d820 unlock
  50. optimus G imei null
  51. unlock lg-p999
  52. cu 920 unlock done
  53. p768 g error not conect when
  54. lg p920 need frimware [Solved]
  55. Lg ms769 unlock done
  56. e960 not repair imei [Solved]
  57. LG MS500 showing unlock but still lock [Solved]
  58. LG e960 it won't Flash
  59. D821 & D802 flash files
  60. LG D801 unlocked phone and imei number was null Please Help
  61. p768 need help for repair imei
  62. team plz add lg c297
  63. lg E400r not unlock
  64. P769 driver need
  65. D801 Writing Security Area FAILED [Solved]
  66. erorr "card not found" in Octopus
  67. LG D680 ''no service'' after repair IMEI
  68. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.5.1 - added LG LS720, VM720 and more!
  69. LG D821 plz support flashing
  70. LG GD350 Usb not recognised...can flash by rj45?
  71. How to unlock lg l-01e [Solved]
  72. lg d805 G2 android 4.4.2
  73. E455 dead after flash
  74. p920 flash error???
  75. LG Nexsus 5 d820 NVM Read +imei repair problem
  76. P999 after flash dead
  77. LG E400R Security Error after Unlock [Solved]
  78. LG VS930 reset after problem
  79. LG F200K Service Disable.
  80. ku3700 incomplete flashing
  81. Nexus 5 IMEI repair successful but cant connect to network
  82. e980 flash error
  83. e975 after flash imei null
  84. p970 need frimware [Solved]
  85. p920 just boots on lg and goes off
  86. LG C399 user code
  87. LG G flex D958 reset screen lock
  88. verizon lg vs980
  89. Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox [Solved]
  90. P715 Falshing!?
  91. firmware lg flex d955
  92. sir lg p970 flashing error how solve
  93. LG P765 Security Error [Solved]
  94. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.5.0 - world's 1st Optimus G/G Pro/Gx and Nexus 4 safe algo
  95. Lg p760 dead after flashing
  96. Can you add E975w flashfiles to support? [Solved]
  97. Lg gw-300
  98. d950 unlock problem
  99. Nexus 5 how do I know if the IMEI has been repaired?
  100. su 660 dead after repair [Solved]
  101. gt-540 pattern unlock
  102. LG P920 repair boot and fullflash succesfully thank you octopus team.
  103. LG S365 Still Blinking....
  104. LGP920AT-00-V30a-EUR-XXX-APR-04-2013+0_AP.oct
  105. [Help] E612F dead ...Error code: MPHZXZSACX
  106. P880 error Flashing
  107. My phone lg p725 3d max repaİr boot and fullflash succesfully thank you octopus box.
  108. p930 imei repair error
  109. LG KU-5400 Imie Repair Problem
  110. Plz Add LG840G
  111. Problem Card [Solved]
  112. i have E988 with IMEI null can be repaired?
  113. LG C660 Flash error [Solved]
  114. Lg-sh240 usb driver i need
  116. LG-P760_ Writing firmware done!
  117. E975 imei null after unlock
  118. E510 always emergency mode [Solved]
  119. P520 problem after flashing
  120. any trick to write d955 firmware
  121. Lg P970h Unlock Fail [Solved]
  122. imei null after flashing lg p760
  123. Help i am new!!! Need help unlocking lg optimus f3
  124. lg su760 usb cable ?
  125. lg g2 d802 not entering download mode,, after OTA
  126. lg e970 after update no imei [Solved]
  127. E450f unlock problem
  128. LG F180L Stuck on Fastboot after flash
  129. sh 240 unlock done
  130. Lg w5220c
  131. LG E610 repair and unlocked succesfully octopus box...
  132. SU660 Last version
  133. Lg kp170 no unlock [Solved].
  134. lg c310 flash done by Octopus LG
  135. e455F wont conect to wifi
  136. Firmware F240k
  137. LG-D686 _ Writing firmware done!
  138. My post deleted
  139. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.4.9 - world's 1st LG Flex support!
  140. LG KU 5900 factory reset Done via octopus
  141. LG P920 touchscreen not working
  142. please, do charging circuit diagram lg E430?
  143. T375 can't flash.Help
  144. Lg-p880 imei null
  145. gb230 dont detect
  146. Successfully Unlocked G2
  147. thanx octopus team
  148. Reset screen lock Lg E410g, good!!!!!
  149. F240s unlock failed using octopuslg 1.4.1 [Solved]
  150. LG CU920 unlocking done by Octopus
  151. u990 unavailable media file [Solved]
  152. E510 always in download mode
  153. g p760 repair ok but, not write firmware
  154. plz help octopus team lg a390
  155. Lg nexus 4 e960 internal storage problem
  156. f180k imei repair error [Solved]
  157. Lg Nexus 4 E960 android 4.4.2 downgrade problem [Solved]
  158. need gmail reset e420
  159. lp920 3D Android 4.0.4 v30 flah fimware write succesfully.thank you octopus team
  160. E420 ned persian (فارسی - ایران) frimware [Solved]
  161. P705 imei null ,repair NVM failed? [Solved]
  162. p765 imei null-help me to rebuild
  163. LGMS769 no service after unlock
  164. Need EEprom for C333 Urgent plz
  165. LG CU920 unlocking done
  166. LG A290 Stuck In LG Logo, Need Help :'(
  167. Firmware problem
  168. SU660 repair problem
  169. LG-T395 IMEI repair Done!!
  170. Lg c195 despes of flash it does not work
  171. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.4.8 - LG D300f/g Fireweb world's 1st support!
  172. D800 problem
  173. Ku990 unlock done
  174. lg-p925 not possible to connect
  175. LG c333 hang after flash
  176. Lg su370 too many pattern attempts done by flashing
  177. Octopus card blocked pls help!!
  178. LG D800 Backup Security Need!!!!
  179. How to write Firmware on Lg F100s Please Help Octopus Team [Solved]
  180. P920 imei gone after reboot
  181. LG-P920 Writing firmware done!
  182. plz arabic lg e510 [Solved]
  183. sending loader error p925 octopus box
  184. please need repair imei lg c395 i have octopus
  185. L-02D can not unlok!!!why [Solved]
  186. Problem with octopus box, please help to solve it. [Solved]
  187. LG E900h Hang On Logo
  188. How convert formula KDZ for Octoplus-Box
  189. kc550 & ke970 need help [Solved]
  190. LG p765 Failed Dead Boot repair By octopus
  191. lg p990
  192. Successfully flash lg LU6200 Thnx a lot of Octopus team
  193. LG C660 Flashing Problem !
  194. lg c305 dead
  195. Lg d959 lg g flex
  196. Octoplus/Octopus Box LG v1.4.7 - added some new useful features!
  197. LG GR500 imei is "000000000000000"
  198. help LG P765 dead boot done can't write flash
  199. P760 IMEI repair problems [Solved]
  200. kc910 dwonlode mode key