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  1. A6000 lenovo Read Pettren Done With Avengers
  2. iTel S12 7.0 Privacy Code Removed Successfully
  3. So No HELP for Oppo R11s
  4. Stylo DESTINY file reading done
  5. PREMIO p420 file reading done
  6. Qmobilr Infinty K Frp Reset Done One Click By King AVB
  7. Spd 6531 Read Password Done... in half no more spd update..
  8. help me team
  9. Qmobile M350 Frp Reset Done By King AVB
  10. Qmobile J2 Frp Reset Done One lick By King AVB
  11. Qmobile J2 Pattern Reset Done One Click By King AVB
  12. Qmobile I6 Matel 2017 Frp Reset done With Da File By King AVB
  13. Qmobile I5 Hang Logo Recover Done By King AVB
  14. Unlock Alcatel OT-7040N Done by Avenger
  15. Unlock alcatel 5045
  16. Mobo H9 Spd 6531 Read Password Done On Single Click By Avenger Box
  17. ZTE Z855 FRP done by avengerbox
  18. where we can find download database file in support?
  19. huawei mate 10 lite imei solution
  20. Avengers Box Android MTK Module v0.5.8 duplicate
  21. want to download all setups main mtk and other but cant in main site
  22. oppo a83 frp need help
  23. Enumerate COM port fail! Avenger Generic MTK
  25. HUAWEI MYA-L41 Y6 (2017) FRP Remove With Avengers dongle
  26. Alcatel Pixi Unite 4G ( A466BG ) Network locked
  27. Avengers Box Android MTK Module v0.5.8 Released - [29/11/2018]
  28. Phone dead tecno cx mt6755 please help
  29. Succsessfully flash,frp remove gionee p5 mini with avanger box
  30. Huawei:TAG-L22
  31. Honor 7x BND-L21 FRP Help
  32. Succsessfully lava z50 recovered ,frp remove with avanger box
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  34. Gionee x1_7_0_sww1631gi_0201_t5467(2018_11_20_23_40) read flash easy done
  35. x1 FRP Reset Done.
  36. Oppo A73 Direct Unlock Done By Avengers Box
  37. QMobile Q Infinity E Remove FRP Successfully Done By Multi King Avengers
  38. Doro PhoneEasy 612 Unlock Network Successfully Done By Multi King Avengers
  39. DUA-L22 imei repier
  40. oppo f5 boot problem
  41. Huawei Y5II CUN-L01 Unlock Network Successfully Done By Multi King Avengers
  42. Sucsessfully remove frp lava z60e with avanger box
  43. oppo a82 problem
  44. Nokia 1 TA1047 frp done 1 click
  45. oppo model not confim
  46. ulefone MIX 2 frp problem
  47. NUU N5001L invalid sim Unlock Done By Avengers Box
  48. MicromaxDevice: A069\security_backup done.
  49. Huawei G730-U10 Connecting Error New Update
  50. Oppo A83 CPH1729 format error
  51. Alcatel 5033X Unlocking Problem
  52. QMobile Noir Z12 Remove Password Without Data Loss Done By Mult King Avengers
  53. Vivo Y53 Remove Pin Lock Without Any Problem Just Click Done By Mult King Avengers
  54. Oppo A83 2018 error
  55. Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4009X Unlock Network Successfully Done By Mult King Avengers
  56. I want to know about Avenger box activation policy
  57. avenger qualcomm module error this messasage solution please
  58. Avengers Box Android MTK Module v0.5.7 Update Released - [03/11/2018]
  59. karbonn smart 4g preloder repair fine
  60. samsung j2 FRP OFF... Done
  61. samsung b310e read password done by avengers pro dongle
  62. Lyf ls4004 frp done by avengers dongel
  63. Lava Z60E please fix this bug in next version :)
  64. Need help OPPO AX5
  65. Q Infinity D frp done
  66. samsung clone gt-n9000/i9500 flash file
  67. oppo a83 2018 error resetting frp etc
  68. Please fix this bug in next version :)
  69. frp alcatel 5051x done
  70. World First Telenor Infintey-A2 Factorey File Read Done BY Done Avanger Box
  71. vivi y69(1714) boot info,fm format,frp failed
  72. how i can read mtk scatter full flash file via avengers box
  73. Invens City X1 Reset F.R.p & Read Factory Firmware DOne
  74. lt700 pro imie repair failed any solution
  75. huawei g730-u10 flash file
  76. mmx a190 ded recover easy
  77. mmx a 106 hang logo recover easy
  78. oppo a33f read pattern done with avengers
  79. alcatel 5033x unlock
  80. Oppo F7 CPH1819 format fail
  81. oppo f1s read pattern done
  82. Avenger box spd exe not work on any phone
  83. Nuu N5001L Unlock Done
  84. mmx q463 FRP Reset Done easy
  85. Coolpad Flo 7560t unlock done with great avengers box
  86. Huawei Honor 8 FRD L09 Frp Reset Done With Avengers
  87. Wiko Rainbow lite__{Security Repair}__successfully done *SPMeta*
  88. Lava iris-810 Remove Pattern Just One Click Successfully Done,
  89. cam-l21 frp don
  90. Infinix X557 FRP Reset Just One Click Just One Click Successfully Done
  91. OPPO F5 CPH-1723 Reset Pin Password & Reset FRP Successfully Done,
  92. MT6737M_EMMC_Micromax_Micromax C1_7_0_alps-mp READ FIRMWARE EASY AND FAST
  93. Karbonn aura plush frp done
  94. Gionee p3s frp remove one click
  95. alcatel m3g full dad after flash
  96. Infinix X557 FRP Reset Just One Click Successfully Done
  97. ximoi note 3 password,mi account remove and firmware backup done
  98. mobiwire sakari after formate dead can you guide is it recoverable?
  99. oppo networkb unlock
  100. P20 Pro FRP Unlock Guide
  101. Huawei Cun-L21 Read Pattern Sucees Very Fast mode By Avenger
  102. samsung j700h clone imei repair done....
  103. oppo f1s pattern/passward remove done...
  104. Oppo a71 frp removed success by avenger mtk 0.5.5
  105. Oppo A3s Pattern lock remove
  106. Tecno k7 frp remove done
  107. Need HELP Alcatel 5059T
  108. Lenovo s660 slow working easy solve only one click
  109. Lyf water frp remove 5 second only
  110. Can't access to support
  111. Avengers Box Android MTK Module v0.5.5 Update Released - [28/09/2018]
  112. alcatel 1016g successfully unlocked with avengrs
  113. zte g n281 successfully unlocked by avengers
  114. intex aqua lions 3 READ FAST NON STOP ONLY 5.42 SECONDS
  115. oppo a71 imei repair..have a look
  116. Mobiwire Pictor Successfully unlocked with avengers
  117. oppoo a71 imei
  118. gionee m5 lite security repair easy solve
  119. cant download this update.
  120. Oppo F9 Pro mtk6771 boot failed with custom da & auth
  122. How to Make Backup MTK Scatter Using Avenger MTK [ANSWERED]
  123. lenovo A7000-a FRP done by avenegrs box (TEST REPOT)
  124. Success full post by sandeep (gupta mobile raxaul)
  125. OPPO:A83-Reset to factory default.All done.
  126. Avengers Box Qualcomm Module v0.12.5 Update Released - [13/09/2018]
  127. tecno-i3- FRP Reset Done.
  128. infinix-5515- MT6739-FRP Reset Done.
  129. f103-gionee FRP Reset Done.
  130. ZTE Z851m root needed!!!
  131. Need Help Alcatel 2038X
  132. World s first vfd320 oreo8.1.0 done
  133. Hisense U971 0000000 repair
  134. Alcatel 6055K after write backup rom phone dead
  135. Oppo A83 CPH 1729 Reset Pin Password & Reset FRP Successfully Done,
  136. Infinix X559C Reset FRP Just One Click Successfully Done
  137. Huawei Y5 MYA-L22 Reset FRP Just One Click Successfully Done
  138. Qmobile Evok Power Reset FRP Just One Click Successfully Done,
  139. LYF LS-5017 FRP Reset Done.
  140. Oppo A83 2018 (CPH1729) Supported in Avenger :)
  141. oppo R11st supported ?
  142. Huawei Y3 (2017) CRO-L22 Frp Remove Done Avengers Box
  143. y520-u22 only vibrate after format need solution
  144. Lenovo Phab 2 Plus PB2-670M Remove FRP Successfully Done By Multi King Avengers
  145. Mobicell Rebal FRP Reset done by Avengers
  146. Generate reset frp package
  147. Rokea r4 baseband unknown imei null done avengers
  148. wiko k300 frp unlock world first
  149. Redmi Note 5A Flashing done with avenger
  150. Tecno i5 frp not done
  151. Avengers Box Android MTK v0.5.4 Update Released - [29/08/2018]
  152. Alcatel one touch 1016g network unlock done
  153. World Ist Alcatel A3A Plus 5058i MTK 6739 FRP Lock Remove With Only Avengers Box
  154. Qmobile Evok Power Backup read by By AVB
  155. huawei cun-l22 reboot and vibrate
  156. Nokia 2 FRp Reset Done by Avenger Box
  157. Huawei Y3 (2017) CRO-U00 Remove FRP By Password Successfully Done Multi King Avengers
  158. Warning, error create backup directory, exe have admin rights?
  159. symphony R100 format userdata
  160. oppo cph 1701 network lock possible ?
  161. oppo a71 cph1801 read info,reset not done
  162. Mi account remove
  163. About purchase avengers
  164. cuando van a sacar actualizacion avenger dongle
  165. avanger dongle otp update file
  166. Sony c6 clone firmware
  167. Vivo y69 demo unlock
  168. s9 plus clone mt6580 help
  169. Oppo A33f Pattern lock read by avg King
  170. oppo a83 format error
  171. Huawei Y530 U051 Gmail lock remove without volume keys By Avb QUM
  172. World 1st VIVO Y83 pattern unlock Done With King Avenger Box
  173. Huawei G610-U20 vibrat only - [5069]Flashing fail
  174. Qmobile Lt100 spd 9832 cpu done bay avengers
  175. ximoi note 5 pro read information error
  176. Avengers Box Qualcomm Module v0.12.4 Update Released - [18/08/2018]
  177. lenovo a7010a48 read firmware done 100%
  178. Smilyphone unlocked, one click Avengers
  179. vivo Y69 Boot Fail Problem
  180. tecno camon cx frp reset successful
  181. vivo v9 /1727 imei repair
  182. micromax q4202 lock remove
  183. Ten Or D frp done avenger box.............
  184. Doro PhoneEasy 612 Unlock Done
  185. vivo v9 read firmware done but formart error
  186. Avenger mtk 0.5.3 stopped working
  187. Qmobile Lt500 privacy Lock remove one click by avb
  188. thecno in5 after phone stuck in logo
  189. Nokia 3 TA-1047 Frp Unlock Done AVB
  190. Mt6737m
  191. nokia ta-1066 frp remove 8.1.0 and firmware
  192. same phone , same firmware but flash Error
  193. oppo f7(cph1819) pattren lock how to solve
  194. need help vivo 1606 not supported avanger box
  195. doro phoneeasy 508 unlock
  196. Dongle avengers
  197. Nokia 1 TA-1047 FRP Unlock Done by Avanger Box
  198. MTK6739 tecno in2 wipe done..
  199. MTK6765 CPU adding request..
  200. Hisense F20 Imei Repair