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  1. XIAOMI-Mi 6X Wayne Flash Done By ANDROID_UFS_1059_R_Test
  2. lenovo a7020a48 frp done
  3. injoo fire 4 frp remove donne
  4. Meizu M2 not connect, tried for FRP
  5. Karbonn platinum p9 frp removed success by ufst r beta test
  6. Oppo A83 (CPH1827)OFP File Extract & Flash & Password & FRP Lock Removed Done BY UFST
  7. Moto e3 power frp removed success by ufst r beta test
  8. please update reseler list
  9. Where is the new Update?
  10. lava z80e frp remove in single click via ufst
  11. Lenovo a7000-a frp removed success by ufst r beta test
  12. ufst support very good
  13. Lenovo k3 note frp removed success by ufst beta test
  14. geonee x1 frp done
  15. Vivo 1810 FRP and Patern remove
  16. Upcoming update soon UFST user can get
  17. Thrill Boost 2 FRP done in sec.
  18. test in old oppo working fine after long sleep
  19. Techno in6 frp remove in single click by ufst
  20. Vivo Y17 (1902) Pattern & FRP Lock Removed Done BY Android UFST
  21. Infinix Hot 7 Pro X625C ( Latest Security 9.0 ) FRP Lock Removed Done BY Android UFST
  22. huawei logo y520-u22
  23. Need ufst
  24. g630-u10
  25. tecno in 3 frp done
  26. Zenfone 3max frp user lock successful remove by ufst
  27. Vivo y66 dead other shopkeeper alive by ufst
  28. acer b3-a10
  29. mobisatar c2 frp done
  30. Ufst very very good suport
  31. stage error: Server reported error: No more upgrade logs. Please contact your reselle
  32. mobistar c1 lite frp done
  33. s10+ i need rom
  34. can add frp new huawei Mtk?
  35. leagoo Z6 firmware
  36. Ufst update
  37. about ufst update
  38. frp not removed
  39. Xolo era 4g frp reset done
  40. Lava Iris 51 SPD7731e 1 click frp done
  41. Fatal LOGIN Error, Need Repair Box, Contact Distributor
  42. Moto xt 1760 frp reset done
  43. Intext INFIE 77 SPD9850K Frp remove 1 click
  44. Tecno IN5 Meta Mode Wipe Done
  45. Lenovo Z2Plus Remove FRP Done With UFST
  46. one plua a5010 unlock done
  47. Micromax hs2 contact not show done via flashing
  48. Moto xt-1643 hang on logo done via ufst
  49. ufst
  50. nokia 5.1 frp done
  51. Oppo F9 CPH1823 Extract OFP,Full Flash and FRP Remove Done
  52. ufst dead
  53. itel s11pro s11 pro privacy lock problem not support
  54. Moto xt 1721 frp unlock done
  55. I need ufst box ...?
  56. Lava z50 frp unlock
  57. X606 DEAD By wrong FIRMWARE now PRELOADER WRITE failed but other partitions FLASH OK
  58. Nokia 5.1 plus flashing done
  59. Mi 5a flash done
  60. Allview A10 Lite Reset FRP OK
  61. Vivo Y69 Frp Reset Done by UFST box
  62. Vivo y69 Frp Reset Done by Ufst box
  63. Techno ia5 frp done
  64. moto xt-1762 frp remove done in single click
  65. intex aqua spreme plus flashing done
  66. Geonee f205 frp unlock done
  67. auss x00pd frp remove in single click
  69. Infinix x572 frp done
  70. Lyf ls-5016 8gb flashing, lyf ls-5010 and moto xt1760 frp done
  71. Smsung s8+ G955F - problem with stock firmware flashing
  72. Moto xt1721 frp done
  73. techno in5 frp remove done
  74. Gionee m6 launch in nizeria flash sucess by ufst
  75. LG G6 - H*&) FRP failed :(
  76. i need ANDROID_UFS_1058___A4.7z
  77. Xolo era 3x flashdone
  78. Lava z61 1gb flas done
  79. micromax e4815 frp done
  80. ufst problem
  81. Itel a44 flasing done
  82. frp reset error
  83. I want buy this box,but i dont know the diffrence.
  84. gionee s6 pro hang on logo flashing done via ufsssst
  85. lenevo zuk z1 frp remove done
  86. cun-u29c578b127
  87. Tecno in 2 unlock in 1 click
  88. moto xt-1721 frp remove done
  89. lyf ls-5009 frp reset done
  90. lava z60e frp remove done in single click
  91. lyf ls-5016 hang on logo flashing done
  92. panasonic eleuga ray 550 frp done in single click
  93. XIAOMI REDMI 5A dead after remove account !!!
  94. moto xt-1022 hang on logo done
  95. moto xt-1706 frp done in single click
  96. vivo y81 frp unlock done with ufst
  97. Remove FRP CAT S30 !!!
  98. comio c2 unlock in 1 click
  99. lava z61 frp unlock done with ufst
  100. lava z81 frp remove done
  101. sir sha where are you
  102. after change da and preloder file a45 flashing done
  103. Can add lg K40
  104. Micromax hs1 flash sucessfully
  105. gionee a1s frp lock remove in single click
  106. camon i air 2+(id3k) frp unlock done with ufst
  107. Gionee F205 FRP Reset Done With UFST One Click
  108. lenovo a6020a40 frp unlock done
  109. lava z61 frp done just 1 click
  110. Help with s320vl
  111. need installer for ufst wed bb5 etc
  112. Karbonn aura note 2 frp done in single click
  113. Techno in1 pro frp done in single click
  114. lava z61 2gb frp done
  115. MEIZU not 8 frp 1000%
  116. tecno cf7k flashing failed
  117. Lava z91 frp remove in single click
  118. asus zb501kl frp done,,
  119. nokia 3.1 frp remove in single click
  120. Question to Mr. Sha
  121. Infocus if-9031(vision 3) frp done
  122. lenevo tab tb-7304f flash done
  123. lenevo l18021 frp done
  124. first in the world Mobiistar X1 Notch FRP reset done
  125. MT6580_alps_J10 Plus_Android6.1_C9_80L_WE_3GW_B15_EMMC_32_4_DDR2_Q HD_DCHS_CCX_J10_Plu
  126. Asus Z00LD-ZE550KL firehose necessary
  127. Can't open internet URL. InternetOpenURL failed!
  128. lenevo a7007-a
  129. Lenevo phablet pb2-650m job done
  130. Moto xt-1804 hang on logo flash sucessfully
  131. Gionee f205 frp remove done
  132. Need EDL authentication method
  133. update pls
  134. Samsung SM-j510fn frp not success
  135. ufst
  136. how remove frp s6 edge g925f
  137. can add pixel phones?
  138. TECNO-ID5A (Camon i 2 LTE DS) {Reset FRP}
  139. ufst box tecno cb7 not support flash id
  140. Xiaomi Mi A2 (M1804D2SI) Android 9 FRP Unlock Done...
  141. Samsung sm-g920 cannot fully flash
  142. infinix x606 working factory sign firmware
  143. where is read info option
  144. searching for server2 stuck
  145. samsung j701f flashing error
  146. ONEPLUS 6T AND:9 [SDM845] BRUSH FRP Done
  147. oppo a83 after user data formate only recovery mode and restart please help me
  148. X604 flashing failed see error inside
  149. Sara help
  150. how repair imei samsung g570f
  151. help root j600f ver 8.0
  153. Mi8 without authorization account possible flash??
  154. techno i3 pro frp lock done
  155. why i can not see usb port and i can not connect?
  156. VIVO Y28 PD1403W MT6582 BRUSH HANG ON LOGO Done
  157. ONEPLUS 6T AND:9 [SDM845] BRUSH FRP Done
  158. ufst a4 link plese
  159. Micromax q4310 frp removed success by ufst a4
  160. oppo f11 pro network unlock
  161. LYF F30C [MSM8905] BRUSH HANG ON LOGO Done
  163. VIVO Y15 PD1304CW MT6582 BRUSH HANG ON LOGO Done
  164. ONEPLUS 6T [SDM845] BRUSH FRP Done
  166. TECNO-I3 MT6735 BRUSH FRP Done
  167. Looking for kestrel_G535-L11V100R001C440B123 firmware
  168. VIVO-V5 pattern and FRP reset successfully
  169. VIVO-Y71 (Y71 LTE DS PD1731F) FRP reset Done by Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  170. MOBIISTAR-C1 reset FRP successfully
  171. Asus X00GD-ZC521TL (ZenFone 3S Max LTE DS)Reset FRP Done Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  174. VIVO-Y85 (Y85 LTE DS PD1803F)Write Firmware Done By Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  175. XIAOMI-Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred (Note 5 Pro LTE DS)FRP Reset Done By Android UFST
  176. OPPO-F5 (F5 LTE DS CPH1723) Format Done By Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  177. Asus X01BD-ZB630KL (ZenFone Max Pro M2 LTE DS)FRP reset Done By Android UFST[SUCCESS]
  178. OPPO-X9009 (F1 Plus LTE DS)Write Firmware Done by Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  179. ONEPLUS-OnePlus 5T (Dumpling LTE DS)FRP Reset Done In a few Seconds By Android UFST
  180. VIVO-V5S (V5S LTE DS PD1612DF)Format+FRP Done By Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  181. MicroMax E353 (Canvas Mega 3G DS) Format+FRP Done by Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  182. Vivo Y83 Write Firmware Successfully By Android UFST[SUCCESS REPORT]
  183. KIW-L21 _{Boot Repair }_Successfully done..
  184. Open the hardware successfully
  185. problem pattern oppo a3s
  186. LG K8 X240 _{Factory Reset Protection}_Successfully removed..
  187. oppo f7 and f9 pro password solution
  188. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Successfully Flashing Done...
  189. Lg K425 K10 atnt lock unlock done
  190. ufst latest success
  191. who is working on update ufst Android
  192. We need boxes and dongles available in the market.
  193. oppo a71 qualcomm format
  194. how to calculated DCT2, DCT3, DCT4) with ufst step by step
  195. Tecno IN5 Remove FRP Done With UFST By Momin Telecom
  196. Tecno in2 FRP Remove Done with ufst by Momin Telecom
  197. Nokia 3.1 plus ta-1118 frp done by ufst
  198. sha sir please add eurostar-3slite model add next update please
  199. want to use z3x bos as ufs3 dongel?
  200. h30-u10