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  1. Nokia x2 (rm-1013) flash done
  2. help h540
  3. help frp SM-G950F
  4. cant find license file
  5. need help HUA TEAM lg ms330 or lg k330 loader
  6. Nokia 6 (ta 1021 ) android 7.1.1 frp unlock done
  7. migration from asansam to HUA
  8. about direct unlock qlm phone
  9. i need to help
  10. Samsung J500F FRP Unlock done in One Click By HUA
  11. Huawei G8 RIO-L01 Factory File needed
  12. Hua team help...
  13. About hqt files and passwords?
  14. Coolpad t-mobile 3622a unlock done
  15. Samsung A510F FRP 2018 ?
  16. lg d290 dump xml pls
  17. ***********hua pro***************
  18. HUABOX Version 2.8.9 Released 1 Model - 1 Update - BIG Update - COOLPAD 3320A
  19. help error to start
  20. Coolpad 3320a unlock done now
  21. hua team help
  22. Important news
  23. Coolpad Qcns After unlock with HUA
  24. J510fn 7.1.1 frp
  25. Imei Repair asus Zc553kl ?
  26. Cat S30 imei repair?
  27. License problem in ASAMSAN Activation
  28. mi 6 special file writing error
  29. Help needded new to hua box
  30. LG H901 not detected
  31. how to flahe zte 981
  32. need activation every 1 years?
  33. please i need 1.0.9 setup
  34. HUABOX(HQT Ver 1.1.9)Released LG UPDATE
  35. need htc desire 816w a5-DUG HQT dump
  36. Huawei RIO-L01 DeadBoot Repair
  37. wrong password lg g4 bootloop file
  38. g532f FRP Remove Done Adb Mode
  39. World 1st Lg Vs987 Direct Imei Reapir Done
  40. LG F600L 9008 Dump Read Success
  41. any help to fix the problem plz
  42. Y625-u32 dead boot repair done tnx hua team
  43. Samsung N900T Direct unlock Done Tnx hua
  44. Hua box big update soooooooooooon
  45. Unlock Coolpad 3622A Done By HUA (MetroPCS)
  46. World First Unlock LG D280G in QDloader 9008
  47. hua dongle what procesor is reading??
  48. HUABOX(All in one 1.1.0)Released Xiaomi Update
  49. Hua team please care
  50. need this loader zte z981
  51. Bypass Pattern Code of ZTE G720C MsM8936!!!
  52. g ls675 stuck on Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  53. ERROR , HQT2 SnapDragon 430 [MSM8937
  54. need this combination
  55. How to covert asansam dongale to hua
  56. unlock ZTE Z730 Metro Pcs done with Hua Tool!!
  57. samsung c7000 screen lock
  58. Need mini firmware lg-h901 tmo dead boot repair
  59. samsuung special service tab im missing
  60. Create Recovery Firmware for LG Phones (Request)
  61. Lg h960 need mini dump
  62. How to Repair Boot/Unbrick Nokia 6 with HUA QUALCOMM TOOL(FILE + TEST POINT + LOADER)
  63. g531h reset screen lock frp on done
  64. j500F FRP On Cleare screen lock by hua
  65. Infinity/CM2 dongle Activated with HUA tool , SMART CARD FAILURE I(4)
  66. what is Important Note 1
  67. J330FN FRP unlock
  69. need dump y300-0100
  70. Off!!!!!!!!!the best time for buy hua dongle(just 69.99 usd)off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. direct unlock Wiko Rainbow Lite 4G First in the World
  72. ls996 boot repair
  73. LG F470L Dead boot Done Also Read Dump file solve Mcafe Lock Other All Jtag Box Faill
  74. need RIO-L01 RFNV
  75. Read Flash Alcatel 4060o 6.0.1 Cricket by HQT
  76. lg q6 frp lock
  77. LG Vs990 Xml dump neded for repair dead boot
  78. Good update , today unlock zte A460, thanks you HUA.
  79. FRP G532m haw to unlock
  80. helo hua team
  81. add *******r demand update
  82. HUABOX(HQT Ver 1.1.8)Released Add Direct Unlock With 9008 Mode(1ST WORLD)
  83. Hua Support remove FRP with TWRP ?
  84. Enable Languages GT-S7562 Done!!!
  85. 3622A Tmobile Coolpad UNLOCK SUPPORTED ?
  86. Motorola Moto X Xt1058 Direct Unlock Success
  87. need to unbrick LS775 Qualcomm 9008
  88. hua repair lg ls980 imei.............?
  89. Help to buy hua tool
  90. help! I need to read dump LG H815P
  91. Tecno k620 dump firmware failed
  92. The best box for Reset Screen Lock Samsung phones in world
  93. Support Android HS-USB QDLoader 9008 !!!(already solved)
  94. redmi 4x, does not read or remove pattern !!!
  96. how to repair dead boot
  97. need assist
  98. Innjoo tab F4s frp remove done
  99. HUA BOX VERSION 2.8.7 Released Add Method For Reset Screen Locks new Samsung Phones
  100. help please write qcn error zte a460
  101. coolpad 3622a Unlock app SOLVED.....many TNX to ALL, specialy to HUA box
  102. hua dongle fastboot flash bootloader lock work or not
  103. how to unlock zte 981
  104. Amazon sd4930ur
  105. Repair boot oneplus and zte nubia(soon)
  106. all special files -direct link
  107. activation server fail(fixed now)
  108. The Best box in the world For Unlock Generic Qualcomm Phones
  109. Do I need XML for Alcatel 5054O cricket?
  110. CoolPad 3622A unlock Done
  111. Need Dump file for KIW-L21 Honor 5x
  112. HUABOX(Hmi VER 1.0.9)RELEASED First Update of the 2018 year(1ST WORLD)
  113. samsung s7 edge dead boot
  114. $$$$$$$$$$$$The best time for buy ASANSAM TO HUA CONVERATION(45% OFF) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  115. ############Please read here before buy###############
  116. coolpad 3322A metro-pcs unlock?
  117. xml file for lg ls996
  118. moto xt1254 imei repair team help..............
  119. Y625 pattern removed whitout loss data whit SCL method.thanks HUA
  120. mi redmi 4x hell
  121. Solve the problem SMART CARD NOT FOUND
  122. HUABOX(HQT VER 1.1.7)RELEASED Last Update of the 2017 year
  123. xiaomi mi mix loader problem
  124. huawei s7-721u Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 FIX BY HQT
  125. samsung sm c7000 frp lock. v7 plz help.
  126. G4 bootloop file password need
  127. huawei u8650 cant unlock
  128. g570m reset screen lock
  129. bro i need test point bq u plus plz
  130. Unlock Coolpad 3320A Help Hua Team
  131. Samsung S5 G900A 6.0.1 Direct unlock Success
  132. ★=★=★ hqt lg list models ★=★=★
  133. How To put Huawei G526 in deep Flash Mode?
  134. The last hua box update in 2017 year
  135. G930A ULOCK DONE put simcard still lock
  136. Xioami 4G complete Dead Recover Other All Tools Faild
  137. HUABOX ALL IN ONE 1.0.9 Released add Reset Screen Locks 9008 and Merry Christmas
  138. wowwww reset frp asus 024 00 times
  139. huawei nexus 6p how to remove frp
  140. HUA set-up/installation problem, pls check
  141. qmoblie z8 file hua box link plz..........
  142. Need QCN Coolpad 3320A
  143. lenovo Z2pro fail to format or read patern
  144. Sopport Unlock Coolpad 3320A
  145. frp vodafone 510 smart e8
  146. Coolpad 3636A can be done with this procedure?
  147. Adb frp samsung
  148. Great... Other Xperia Xa Ultra Frp Unlocked
  149. Need hua team download area ???
  150. Vivo v7 plus connection problam(problam solved by selecting loader)
  151. Buy asansam to hua converation in christmas
  152. direct link.
  153. hua does not load manual loader
  154. Please Support Help Me On Hua Box Error Always(FIXED NOW)
  155. How reset anti-lock mi account MI5S PLUS
  156. buy the hua box where
  157. doubt about hua box
  158. Team please help
  159. Hua Box(Hmi Ver 1.0.7)Released Add New Xioami Phone Models
  160. where is temp data located !
  161. LG G4 H818N boot repair problems
  162. samsung imei repair
  163. Follow HUA TEAM on Instagram
  164. best buy in christmas...
  165. Clarification about hua hde tool/flasher
  166. lg v10 network unknown
  167. Big christmas update for hqt(soon)
  168. LG VS500pp Repair IMEI Success by Hua Dongle
  169. Lenovo VIBE P1a42 FRP Success Hua-Dongle
  170. Samsung G928W8 7.0 Direct FRP Success
  171. samsung i547 direct unlck done
  172. LG D280n dump need
  174. Is is possible to unlock zte z959 using uua dongle
  175. How to select manual loader for hqt tool?
  176. how to repaire boot LG ls996
  177. ***************Hua team online support gorup on telegram for all gsm users***********
  178. Help me team i have lg ls991 dead boot
  179. Need normal link for download all files. Support download need. what it is?
  180. HUA BOX(HQT Ver 1.1.5)Released Add Boot Repair For Some LG Phones
  181. HQT Full Dump LG D150G Done!!!
  182. scc u21 Bricked
  183. Coolpad Rogue 3320A Unlock Done
  184. Dongle No Found!!(thank you very much! Solved..)
  185. moto xt1663 dl image failed plz help
  186. Hua dongle smart card not found
  187. Motorola XT1672 - How to make FRP remove?
  188. HISILICON reset screen lock
  189. help hua
  190. flash emg install DRk J510mn
  191. SM-J710 frp supported?
  192. J3320A Tmobile Unlock Support??
  193. Lgms330 dead bricked on qualcomm 9008 mode
  194. g532f screen lock done(user report on channel)
  195. s5 reset screen lock done(user report on channel)
  196. Wifi Fix Lenovo A3000 done(user report on channel)
  197. repair boot lg h815p done(user report on channel)
  198. LG H818P write dump done(user report on telegram channel)
  199. y625 imei repair done(user report on telegram channel)
  200. Xiaomi 3s write dump done by hmi(user report on channel)