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tikourine 02-06-2019 20:39

first day with king of huwaei
Looking for a device in upgrade mode
No devices detected in upgrade mode
Device found: 54f6cd95

2/6/2019 11:02:58 AM Starting to write device in FASTBOOT mode...

Looking for a device in fastboot mode
Device found: 54f6cd95

SN:read fail
Build number: SCL-L01C432B150
Model: msm8909
Battery state: 4170mv

Extracting partition RPM...
Writing RPM partition
RPM partition UPDATE :FAIL Command not allowed
Cannot get FBlock info from device
Trying to unlock device...
Writing RPM partition
RPM partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition TZ...
Writing TZ partition
TZ partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition SBL1...
Writing SBL1 partition
SBL1 partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition MODEM...
Writing MODEM partition
MODEM partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition MODEMST1...
Writing MODEMST1 partition
MODEMST1 partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition MODEMST2...
Writing MODEMST2 partition
MODEMST2 partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition FSG...
Writing FSG partition
FSG partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition LOGO...
Writing LOGO partition
LOGO partition UPDATE :FAIL partition table doesn't exist

Extracting partition ABOOT...
Writing ABOOT partition
ABOOT partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition RECOVERY...
Writing RECOVERY partition

Extracting partition ERECOVERY...
Writing ERECOVERY partition

Extracting partition SYSTEM...
Writing SYSTEM partition
sending sparse file 264241152 bytes
send sparse file OK
sending sparse file 264241152 bytes
send sparse file OK
sending sparse file 264241152 bytes
send sparse file OK
sending sparse file 264241152 bytes
send sparse file OK
sending sparse file 264241152 bytes
send sparse file OK
sending sparse file 264241152 bytes
send sparse file OK
sending sparse file 226948400 bytes
send sparse file OK
SYSTEM partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition USERDATA...
Erasing USERDATA partition
Partition USERDATA erased
Writing USERDATA partition

Extracting partition CACHE...
Erasing CACHE partition
Partition CACHE erased
Writing CACHE partition
CACHE partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition CUST...
Erasing CUST partition
Partition CUST erased
Writing CUST partition
CUST partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition PERSIST...
Writing PERSIST partition
PERSIST partition UPDATE ...OK

Extracting partition BOOT...
Writing BOOT partition
BOOT partition UPDATE ...OK

Software written
2/6/2019 11:10:00 AM Writing device finished - INCOMPLETE

Waiting for fastboot device...
Device found: 54f6cd95

Writing rescue_recovery partition
rescue_recovery partition UPDATE ...OK

Getting information from the device...ERROR
Looking for device in upgrade mode...
COM37: Android Adapter PCUI (COM37)

2/6/2019 11:14:32 AM Starting to write device in UPGRADE mode...
File to update: SCL-L01_C432B181_Firmware_Ireland_Portugal_United_King dom_Romania_Vodafone_Limited_Android5.1.1_EMUI3.1. APP
Validating file...
Looking for attached port...
Preparing to write...
Writing partition: MD5RSA...OK
Writing partition: CRC...OK
Writing partition: OEMSBL_VERLIST...OK
Writing partition: AMSS_VERLIST...OK
Writing partition: GPT...OK
Writing partition: RPM...OK
Writing partition: TZ...OK
Writing partition: SBL1...OK
Writing partition: MODEM...OK
Writing partition: OEMSBL_VER...OK
Writing partition: AMSS_VER...OK
Writing partition: MODEMST1...OK
Writing partition: MODEMST2...OK
Writing partition: FSG...OK
Writing partition: LOGO...OK
Writing partition: ABOOT...OK
Writing partition: RECOVERY...OK
Writing partition: ERECOVERY...OK
Writing partition: SYSTEM...OK
Writing partition: USERDATA...OK
Writing partition: CACHE...OK
Writing partition: CUST...OK
Writing partition: PERSIST...OK
Writing partition: BOOT...OK
Software written
2/6/2019 11:36:00 AM Writing device finished OK

now the phone cant accept the latest version of update app please help me

Namelocked 02-07-2019 13:22

Maybe there is update that is inbetween those versions then that is necessary as well?

tikourine 02-07-2019 15:07

Now the phone in board firmware no play store and no conection with wirless and no sms how can i out the phone from this situation to the last version please help great team

bro tikourine

Namelocked 02-07-2019 15:55

If phone was flashed with board software then its supposed to not function correctly, you need now to apply full stock rom firmware for your mobile to make it work.

tikourine 02-07-2019 16:11

please can you give me the name of it on your support area please or athor link caus i flashed the rom on huwaei support but still same problem

thx bro

Namelocked 02-07-2019 16:18

We can not advice on full stock rom. I can only let you know what next step is. Keep in mind that after full stock rom flash failure may need to flash board firmware again before you try another full stock rom.

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